Anyone have no obvious symptoms but still had endo?


I am looking to hear from those of you who showed no signs of endo but ended up having it. My doctors are not pushing for a lap at this time because I do not have the symptoms of it. I am thinking if the IUI’s do not work for us, they will end of having me to a lap at some point. Anyone that ended up having endo, and now can see that they did have some symptoms all along?


I had a lap over the summer. I had no symptoms of endo but we wanted to cover all our bases. I was positive my RE wouldn’t find anything but lo and behold he found stage 3 endo! I couldn’t believe it. I had NO symptoms of it. In hindsight I do have some lower back pain at times but that’s it (and who’s to say that’s related to the endo). So it’s very possible to have endo without symptoms. Sometimes the IF itself is the symptom. Good luck.


I had no real signs of endo but was not getting preg so we decided to go ahead with the lap and they found stage 3 endo, a pretty large cyst on my right side and even had to remove my right fallopean tube. That was about 3 weeks ago. Now i am on some meds for 2 months and then back in the game. Good Luck!


If you do some research on Endo you will find that it is very common for some women with it to have few or no symptoms. My Dr. said it was one of the hardest things about the disease, some people do not suffer so it may never be found, but some may be unable to function because of pain and other symptoms. It is so different in different people.

Personally, I think that the LAP is completely worth it, if for nothing else to rule out a few things such as Endo or cysts. And if something is found they may be able to remove or fix it. The recovery time is not long, I had one on a Friday morning and was able to walk through the grocery with my mother the next day.

Best of luck!!


Thanks ladies! We are doing an IUI next week, but I think I will talk to the doc about doing a lap next month or something. I they are convinced it is a progesterone problem. I started the pill at age 22 (very regular cycles up till then, easy periods). I was on the pill for 5 years. When I went on a lower hormone dosage I would have a bit of spotting a week before my period. Otherwise things were normal on the pill. I stopped the pill a year and a half ago. I had three reg periods after stopping, and then on the fourth month starting spotting a week early. This continued and spotting got worse for a year until I started taking Prometrium. That stopped all spotting which is why they think it was all hormone related. At the end of my period this month, I had some chocolate syrup looking discharge. I have heard of that with endo. Could I have developed endo while on the pill? Any thoughts would be great :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=hope13]At the end of my period this month, I had some chocolate syrup looking discharge. I have heard of that with endo. Could I have developed endo while on the pill? Any thoughts would be great :)[/QUOTE]

I have had that discharge as well. I actually was on the highest dosage of birth control my Dr. could give, and I was able in less than 6 months to go from being cleared (via LAP) to stage III/IV again, with cysts. So it is possible to continue to grow Endo while on the pill!

Do you mind me asking why you have decided to try IUI before the LAP?

Best of luck!


Julia–The doctors do not seem to think that I have it. They believe it is due to a hormonal problem (projesterone stopped any spotting once I started taking it). I am going to do the IUI this month, but talked with them again about the possibility of endo. I hate to go through the surgery for nothing, but also hate to continue on this journey of not knowing what is wrong!


I had stage 4 endo and NEVER knew it until we had a hard time trying to have a baby. I had no symptoms at all!! After the surgery, I could not believe all that endo all over my ovaries. One ovary was so infected by it, it never really produced any more eggs…plus during my IVF cycles, I only would produce 2 or 3 half way decent eggs.

Definately go for the lap. It can only help you is how I feel.


I had stage IV endo without knowing it. The only symptom that I had was infertility. Also, I was on BCP for years so it can certainly develop while on the pill. My OB did an ultrasound and saw endometriomas on my ovaries, which led to the lap surgery. Also, after I had been off BCP for a while I did start spotting between periods.


This is an older thread, but I just wanted to add I had NO idea I could have endometriosis. My hysterosalpingogram (how do you spell it?) showed I had some blockages, but even my doctor thought they were probably related to an infection. Lo and behold – Stage 3 Endometriosis. So you never know – its worth it to do the Lap!