Anyone have success with first IUI?


Just wondering if anyone has had success on their first IUI? I’ve heard that it usually takes 3 times but surely someone has been lucky enough to get a :bfp: on their first attempt, right? Please say yes! I’m going in for my first IUI in December and I pray that I am lucky enough to get :preg: on the first attempt. Not sure I can take much more disappointment :frowning:


Yes it happens. Each iui has about 20% chance of success. I’ve seen several beginners luck iui in the 3 months or so that I’ve been on this site. Im in my 2ww for my first iui. And I sure hope I have beginners luck!! I think the reason it takes 3-6 attempts is trial and error with meds and timing since every woman is different. But if you get lucky and get the meds and timing right on the first try then your chances are good. GL!! :babydust: :bsv:


I got PG with my first IUI. It was a fresh donor cycle and the numbers weren’t “awesome” but somehow it worked! My boy is now nine!

We’re trying for number two now… another dIUI again only this time frozen.

Waiting for AF to show up!!! Not as bad as the 2ww but still anxious. sigh


I’ve seen dozens of 1st time success stories on here, best of beginner’s luck to both of you!!


my first iui worked! she just turned 3… when i tried for #2 it was the 3rd time that worked. she will be 1 next month.

good luck to you all!


Thanks for all the responses ladies! I would love to have beginners luck and get :preg: the first time. I’m just waiting for :af: to make her appearance so I can start taking my Clomid and get this show on the road!!! :bsv: to all of you and please keep me posted on your journey as well!


Our first time IUI success is 2 and a half now. I also have a 5 day old 2nd IUI success fast asleep right now as well.


Yes, sure did! Sadly we lost our triplets, but it wasn’t anything to do with the iui. Just nature.


First IUI is a success so far. Trigger shot was 10/30 IUI on 10/31 15 dpiui beta 288. Good luck to you. On my first medicated cycle my lining didn’t do well with clomid so we didn’t bother trying an IUI. This cycle we used Letrozole days 3-7 and Gonal-F 75 mil. Days 8-12 then triggered on day 13.


My first :bfp: came after my 3rd IUI. He is now 3 1/2 years old. My second :bfp: came after my 1st IUI. I did the same procedure that worked with the first pregnanc so I’m guessing thats why it worked so quickly.
Try not to get too discouraged if it doesn’t happen the 1st month. Sometimes it takes RE a month or two to learn what meds you will respond to and at what doses. GL!


We had a BFP on a first frozen donor IUI! I thought it was a bust b/c my follies were measuring small and my lining was thin… but it turned out positive!!!


Hi There,

I did!! We just had our 1st IUI on 11/07/11. I tested :bfn: until Thanksgiving Day which was 16 DPIUI!!! Sending lots of :babydust: :babydust: and beginner’s luck your way…oh and we only had THREE million swimmers post wash!! I was shocked :clap:



Congrats on all the BFPs!!! Thanks for all of the hope. I will be having my first IUI after my first round of clomid. The iui will probably be the end of this week/next weekend. :babydust: and :bsv: to all!!!


What CD are you on? I just started CD 1 today. I am so anxious but trying not to be. It’s so hard to be patient isn’t it? lol


I am on CD9. Last day of clomid! I haven’t had any side effects yet and I’m shocked! I’m excited that we’re finally doing something. I’m preparing myself for this to not work but being as optimistic as possible. I do feel like I will never see a BFP but noone actually does until they’re pregnant, right?! Are you doing Cd5-9 for your clomid? Is this your first time? Baby dust!!!


Yes, I will be on CD 5-9. I start taking mine Dec. 1-5 then I go in to my RE for an ultrasound. This is my first time. I am also trying to be as optimistic as possible. Will you be going in for an ultrasound? Also, if you don’t mind me asking…how long are your cycles? Mine are usually between 25-28 days. My last one was 24. My RE has me going in for my ultrasound on CD 13 (which will be Dec. 9th). I’m just worried that since my cycles are so short I will ovulate before he has me come in for the IUI. Am I wrong in thinking since my cycles run 25-28 days that I would ovulate sooner??? I’m so confused :frowning:


Yup, first IUI was successful and we had twins :slight_smile:


Ow wow, congrats on the babies!!! So happy for you. I’d LOVE to have twins


Our First IUI worked:woohoo: We used 100mg clomid, prenatals and 81mg aspirin as well as pregnyl trigger shot and crinone 8% gel.There is hope ladies !! :pray: for all of you still ttc, to get your :bfp: !

A little about us
Me-22 (Pcos)
Him-24(absolutely fine)
FurBabies 3

Cycle day 3 bloodwork results

Ultrasound Results
LF-< 10mm 10+
RF-< 10mm 10+
Endo: Endo Thickness-3.46

Cycle day 9 bloodwork results
Ultrasound Results
LF- F1(13.98 mm) + lots of little guys
RF-lots of little follicles they did not measure
Endo: Endo Thickness-5.44

Cycle day11
bloodwork results

Ultrasound Results
LF- F1(18.74 mm)
Endo: Endo Thickness-7.1
Trigger shot Sunday and then First IUI scheduled for Monday :pray:
10/8/12-first iui today at 10am 130 million sperm post wast
Praying and Hoping for our first :pray: :bfp:
10/22-After 2 years of trying we finally got our:bfp: we did one iui cycle feeling extremely blessed!:clap:

10/22-BFP! HCG BETA, Quantitative blood test .-72
10/24-HCG Beta,144.7 :woohoo: Thank you god
10/31-3rd beta-3133.9
Saw my little baby today for the first time on ultrasound ! He/She is the most beautiful little black dot (lol) I have ever seen!!
Best Halloween ever! :clap:


We have our first miracle through our 1st IUI. She is 2 years now!!! We’re trying for no.2 but it didn’t work on the first IUI. Doing the second round, hopefully it would work this time. We only had 1 good egg when we conceived our DD!