Anyone have success without accupuncture?


It seems like so many ladies on here are doing accupuncture, and a lot of the success stories mention accupuncture really helped. We are self pay and our budget is tight already, so I cannot afford to do accupuncture. Are there people out there who had a successful IVF without doing accupuncture?


No accupuncture for me. Is it suppose to help w/ blood-flow to the uterus? If so, have always been told my blood-flow is fine - - so, if that’s an issue, may be worth the added cost.


Hey MissMuss,

We did acu for our for IVF and had success. Then I did it for my FET, and it didn’t work. For the 2nd IVF, I DIDN’T do acu as we were feeling broke, and it still worked. In fact, I’d say it worked best when we didn’t do acupuncture as we had all 3 embies implant this time (2 didn’t make it, though, so we’re down to a singleton).

I found it really relaxing, but I found other ways to relax during this process instead (meditation, etc.).

I’d second what EmeGrace said - it may help w/ blood flow to the uterus, but I wouldn’t worry about it if your blood flow is fine. Save your money for the baby!



Most IVF successes are without acupuncture.

Perhaps it makes the patient feel better, but multiple studies have found it does not improve IVF success rates.


I didn’t do acupuncture either. I started it and kind of liked my first session but during the second session the fear of needles got the best of me and I was totally panicking instead of relaxing so I quit. My doctor did do a check of blood flow to the uterus and said that if it is bad, then he would require me to do acupuncture prior to ET but if it is good, he didn’t see any benefit in it other than help one relax. I didn’t have issue with blood flow and it was far from relaxing to me.


Hi, I didnt have any accupuncture. We live in Great Britain and our first round was on the NHS. We wouldnt have been able to afford anything else. I did take pregnacare multi vits tho!

If theres any thing else ya wanna know, give me a shout! good luck! :flower:


I did accupuncture, and felt like it was a waste of money and time. I don’t think my success had anything to do with accupuncture. :slight_smile:

save your money. :slight_smile:

Good luck!! :cheer:


We did Accupuncture our 1st IVF cycle and was a BFN. Second time we were broke so didnt do accu. and I am now 10 weeks preggo!!!


Thank you all for your responses! It makes me feel much better to hear them. I am not aware of any blood-flow issues, so hopefully that is not an issue for me.

I read all about ladies who have done accupuncture and had success, but people generally don’t mention that they [U]didn’t[/U] do it, so this is very helpful.


my first cycle i did accupuncture and it didn’t take. my second cycle (first FET) i didn’t do accupuncture, and I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with twins! YAY!