Anyone hypothyroid and pregnant?


Hi everyone
I’m 4 weeks :preg:and I have always been hypothyroid. I take 100 mcg of synthroid a day and my levels were perfect a couple months ago. My RE prescribed my 3rd beta and I asked him to also test my tsh (pretty sad that I had to initiate it). Anyway, my level is about 5x what it was a couple months ago! I’m so worried b/c I read that hypothyroid women are more at risk for miscarriage. Are there any other women dealing w/ this issue??


I am 18 weeks pregnant and hypothyroid. I had multiple losses before they figured it was my thyroid to blame. I was getting my TSH an T4 checked every 4 weeks until it was normalized then every 6-8 weeks after that. Pregnancy really messes with your thyroid levels. I am seeing an endocrinologist that is working with my OB. See if they will write you a referral if you need one or talk to the OB or your doctor about seeing an endocrinologist (not re) during your pregnancy.

I was perfect before I got pregnant and now we are still adjusting my meds so its really important to be monitored.

Good luck! Hope you have a safe and healthy pregnancy!,


Thanks for your response and congrats on your current pregnancy! So as long as my doctors are monitoring it and adjusting my meds, I should be ok? I’m just so worried. Obviously I’m already deemed ‘high risk’ from the ivf and I’m still so early- I didnt need this extra wrinkle!!


I have hyper thyroid which my endocrinologist thinks caused my m/c in February. Once I got pregnant again I too was tested about every 4 weeks and went from hyper to hypo and was put on Synthroid. Then my levels changed again and am on nothing. Once my level stabilized I had to get tested every 6-8 weeks. You need to have a good endocrinologist that will follow you the whole pregnancy.


Abro- did you know you had a thyroid issue back when you m/c?


I’m hypothyroid as well, and met with a high risk maternal/fetal medicine doctor a few months before we started fertility treatment (for that as well as other reasons). He told me then that we would definitely need to increase my Synthroid when I got pregnant. My RE increased it the day I got my first positive beta. Definitely worth following up. I don’t know about is being related to miscarriage, but it’s never good to let your levels get too high!



I did know that I had Graves. I was in “remission” meaning that I didn’t need any meds and my levels had been stable for over a year! It was after the m/c when I started swinging back and forth with my levels going on and off of meds. The last couple of months I haven’t been on any meds and my levels have been stable and within normal range. I get blood work done about every 6-8 weeks now. I have a good endocrinologist and he follows me pretty well.


I am also hypoT. When I was preg. with my son, I found out at 8 weeks that my TSH level was 8.5! I was a wreck over it. I was referred to an endocrinologist. He increased my Synthroid, and ordered that my levels be checked every 4-6 weeks.

I am currently preg. with twins. My OB and RE have been very proactive about keeping my TSH level between 1-2. My Synthroid had to be increased again, and I am getting levels checked every 4-6 weeks.

I’m sure you already know, but just a reminder…

DO NOT take generic Synthroid.
DO NOT take your Synthroid with any other medications.
Take your Synthroid first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wait at least 1 hour before eating.


Beachmomma- I had not heard that synthroid shouldn’t be taken with other meds so I just put a call in to my dr.
Thanks. Also, when your tsh went up to 8ish, was your t3/t4 still normal? Mine seem to be normal despite my skyrocketing tsh.

Also, did any of you put on a lot of weight separate and apart from the pregnancy. I’m only 4.5 weeks and I’m already in Bella bands!!! It’s gonna be a long 9 months!! :slight_smile:


I had a miscarriage last year at 8 weeks and now I think it was because of my hypothyroidism i have heard levels fluctuate a lot during pregnancy.At that time doctor checked it before i started IVF and they along with my husband who is a dr thought it was within normal range and I didnt need any medication at that time. But this time before starting IVF although I was still borderline at 3.7 but my endocrinologist put me on synthroid 25mcg and it did bring it down to 2.7. As you can see from my signature I got BFP on last satuday and tested my thyroid levels as well which i just foundout that the levels are high at 5.7 and I am already very concerned abt it and will get the results to my endocrinologist and see what he says. Right now waiting for results for my third beta and very worried since the second time it had not doubled as expected.


I also have Graves and my levels just stabilized so I was given the green light to start trying again. My TSH jumped to 3.03 from 1.2 and then I did some research and Calcium and Iron Supplements affect your thyroid too. I spaced out my PTU so I was taking it 4 hours before and 4 hours after my prenatal and my level dropped back down to 2.4 in a week.

I also just got a BFP and am nervous because my endocrinologist told me yesterday that my levels are good for not being pregnant but not good for being pregnant so she dropped my dose in half. I have my first us on Monday at 5w3d and am nervous too as the more I read up the more I read about increased risk for miscarriage.