Anyone in the East Texas, or Dallas area?


We just got the devastating news that my DH has low SA (3 mill), and we will probably have to undergo IUI or IVF. We live in Tyler, TX, but will have to get treatment in Dallas. Looking for other’s in our area, or in the DFW area. We feel a bit lost, and it would be nice to talk to others going through the same situation. Good luck to all of you, and God bless each and every one of you!


I’m not currently in Dallas now, but we underwent our first treatment in Dallas at DFW Fertility with Dr. Chantilis. I would highly recommend his clinic it’s off of HWY 75 and Walnut Hill at Presby of Dallas Hosp.

here’s link I found I thought I would share : Dr. Saleh or Dr. Chantilis for IVF anyone? - DFW Area Moms

I had a great experience with Dr. C. He was my first RE, so I didn’t have anything to compare him to, but I loved how he listened to what I had to say and supported the methods my husband and I were willing to go. We too have severe male factor IF and we were paying out of pocket. We were able to qualify for a study with that treatment and it was an totally wonderful experience. Fast forward to my next three IF’s where I felt like a number. I didn’t once see my doctor during three IVF’s and the FET at my new clinic.

With Dr. C when I went in for treatments I mostly dealt with his nurse (which is probably the case for MOST IVF docs). He has ultrasound right in his office and his ultrasound tech was the same person everytime. At my second RE clinic I didn’t see the same person more than once (Except the nurses who worked the retrievals and transfers, there I saw the same nurse four times). I know this is going to sound crazy for a reason of recommendation, but when Dr. C gave us the picture of our embryos we got a color picture of the two blasts. It was a wonderful treasure for me. The other clinic that I went to gave us black and white ultrasound photos that you could hardly see the embryos (and ironically the only time their photos didn’t work was the time I got preggers, so I don’t have my babies “first” photo). Dr. C was the one who did the retrieval and the embryo transfer, like I said above I NEVER once saw my new RE for either of those during any of the following IVF’s and FET. I wanted to change clinics after each successive treatment, but I was so caught up in the desire to have a child that I didn’t want to take the time it would have taken to find a new clinic.

Good Luck in your journey.


Thank you so very much for your response! I will definately check into Dr. C more. I love the DFW Mom’s group… I just registered with them. Thank you again, and good luck to you as well on this journey. :flower: