Anyone just start the 2ww?


i had my iui on 12/7 anyone else?


12/7 here too. Are you starting Progesterone suppositories tonight like me? What fun these cold little things are! Men have it easy. Lol. How are you feeling? I’ve had indigestion all day and have been STARVING! Which is not normal. Of course I’m over-analyzing everything right now!

When will you test? My nurse said 2wks after trigger shot which would mean the 19th.


I am in 2ww too… Had two iui’s back to back 12/7 and 12/8… Trigger on 12/7. Been laying down for two days! Analyzing every twinge. Made dh go buy some pineapple. Read somewhere it’s suppose to help implantation…figured couldn’t hurt! Looking forward to everyone’s updates! :babydust: :babydust:


I had my IUI’s on Dec 6 and 7. Started progesterone suppositories on the 8th.
Fingers crossed for all of us!


I’m in the 2ww list too…ivf on 12/2…bundle of nerves…



I too am in my 2ww got IVF done on 12/2, super nervous…no matter how much you try to keep yourself busy this is the only thing on my mind…glad to have found this forum, at least i’m not alone.

Best of Luck to all



How is everyone feeling? Today is 6 days past trigger… the wait is killing me! lol

Every time I sit on the toilet to pee, I have a bad cramp- it feels like my uterus is going to fall out or something! Anyone else having this issue?

I’m also having slight cramps on my left side (side where my follies were).


I had my first iui today and officially in 2ww…This is going to be the longest 2 weeks of my life. I didn’t have any cramping or leakage, is this normal? I used a donor and couldn’t believe how small the amount of sperm was after washing…praying that this works, my donor is all out, I’m 34:pray: baby dust to all of you.


had my iui on wed and am crampy now…seems strange!


I am also on 2ww…:cross:
I had my transfer on 9th dec and have hcg test on 23 rd…i had a bit of cramping this morning…!!!

i reallly want to have :bfp: this time as i have never seen it before in my struggle to conceive from last 8years…

:pray: please keep me motivated as i am already feeling so low…:grr:


I have almost all the symptoms but i’m worried whether they are really symptoms or my wishful thinking…if only there was a way to know for sure :grr:

Wonder if there are symptoms to indicate that the cycle has failed(though i sincerely hope NOT:cross:)

Really nervous…:nerd:


I keep looking for symptoms too… Feeling a little crampy here and there and feeling a tiny bit “green” at times. I got a stuffy nose pretty much immediately after IUI… I thought it was allergies… but apparently that can be a symptom too… :babydust::babydust::babydust: to everyone!


lovely ladies,when i started this cycle i was so positive that this is it…i am going to be :preg: as i had some feelings and lot of my friends mentioned that 2012 is a very strong year so u might have a:bfp: …so just cling on to your hopes tightly,…there is no harm in being positive…

4th day of my transfer my hope is fainting but yes not given up yet…
lets have a group hug…:grouphug:

:babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :bsv: :bsv:


Hi ladies,

6 days past iui and I am feeling crampy…same as the past 4 iuis I have had. Hard to tell what’s up right now…Wonder if it’s the progesterone suppositories that brings these symptoms/side effects. We’ll see!

Hope everyone is well.


I started a little word doc on my computer to jot down times/dates/symptoms/occurrences/etc… It’s helpful to see it all down in front of your eyes. Started with CD#1 and the injections/drs appts and so on and so forth. I should add in the cost so I know how much I’ve paid out so far.

Anywho- today I’m feeling more normal, but a little ‘achy’ on my left side a couple times I had a shooting pain in my left (ovary area) but the crampy feeling is gone. I still have a sore throat which I read is a common thing… and I’ve been broken out for a few days which is unlike me.

I took a test today (too early) and it was neg and I was starting to get down but I realized that it’s just plain dumb to test this early (5dpiui)! I’ll probably still test every 3 or 4 days from here on out b/c I have no willpower plus I bought a few $1 tests from the Dollar Tree! lol


lovely ladies

one thing wanted to check has anyone had diorrhea after embryo transfer…?

i am having it since yesterday,can i still hope i can have a :bfp: …

any hopes???


[QUOTE=nandini]lovely ladies

one thing wanted to check has anyone had diorrhea after embryo transfer…?

i am having it since yesterday,can i still hope i can have a :bfp: …

any hopes???[/QUOTE]

Check out this site
BFP by IUI |

You can search the word diarrhea to see how many had those symptoms. GL!


thanks lizishere…

the link is really helpful…


I just started my 2WW today. My IUI was today so the wait is officially on! Come on :bfp: :cheer:


[B][COLOR=“Purple”]First IUI today too! I’m relieved to see that feeling crampy is normal… I was wondering what was up! Lots of luck and :babydust: to you all! :-)[/B]