Anyone just starting a DE cycle?


Hi all.
Just started my estrogen patch and pills today. Feeling anxious about taking the meds and hoping for no side effects!!! Anyone else beginning this journey?


I just did my FET with DE transfer was Tuesday,now on the dreaded two week crazy mind blowing week :slight_smile:


Llgirl- good luck in the 2WW. What are the details of your transfer? Did you trasnfer one, two? What grade? Is this your frist child? I love hearing ppl’s stories…


I’m starting soon! Just finished paper work and paid for our frozen donor eggs. They said it could take two weeks to ship to the lap. In the mean time I have an ultrasound on Monday and just in case my doc had me start birth control pills so I don’t start growing any follicles by chance… (which I’m in menopause but still better safe than sorry)


This is our first month trying DE. I am taking Estrace pills for my lining had my Lupron shot last week. We are also doing our cycle in Cancun, Mexico. So we leave on Dec. 9th - Dec. 20th. Excited and looking forward to getting this over.


HI all! The thread is jumping around…but looks like this is the most active now. I just wanted to let everyone know that I had my transfer on wed. One blast was almost completely hatched, and the other was just starting to bud thanks to assisted hatching. The procedure itself was really easy actually. The worst part was getting home! I live in canada, and my clinic is in Seattle. I came home yesterday, but my first flight was cancelled, and I literally was at the airport from 6:45 am to when I got home at 9pm. Long ass day. I hope it didn’t disturb anything in there…On the way home I developed the flu…yay for me, muscle aches, chills, sore throat and some nausea. Im worried it will affect things too. So far no fever…Sigh. How is everyone else doing?


Hi Everyone! Excited to be here! My donor had her retrieval this morning, and we will be having the transfer Wednesday or Friday. I will know details tomorrow. :slight_smile: Best wishes to everyone! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Fert report is in: 13 retrieved - 1 immature - 9/12 fertilized! (we are doing a shared cycle) We are meeting with my RE tomorrow to review the quality so far, and decide on how many (1 or 2 ) to transfer. It’s all becoming a little more real.


We chose our donor today… decided to go with anonymous on ice :wink: Starting BCP just as soon as AF gets here… any day now. Super excited!!! Congrats to all! :slight_smile:


Hello all - I’ve had success with DE and wanted to offer any support that I can. I’m so blessed to have had wonderful support when I went through the process and it’s ups and down and crazy days. Good luck to all!


Yay LindaLou!! Best wishes!


Thanks Bersmom!! :slight_smile:


Hi all. I just had my embryo transfer today! The original plan was to transfer 2 embryos at day 3 or 1 at day 5. Since they did it on day 3, I assumed we were going to do 2. But when I got there my RE said that the quality wasn’t as great as he had hoped (they were all a given a grade of 2) and that I had the option of putting all 3 embryos (that’s all there were after fertilization of 5 eggs) in. My husband wasn’t with me (he had to work) so I had to make the decision on my own!! I called my brother, who’s a doctor, and we talked through it and I decided to put in all 3 since this is really my only shot and the concern about only putting in 2 was that if I don’t get pregnant, the 3rd probably wouldn’t make it to day 5 in order to freeze it, so I’d have no further options. I’m now a little freaked out about the possibility of triplets!!! Calming thoughts are welcome. :slight_smile:


Does anyone have a preference to 3, 5 or 6 day transfers? My Dr. wants to do a 6 day transfer which I seldom hear about.


Hi mamanas. I have a friend who did a 6 day transfer, but that was because she was doing PGD testing. Are you doing that? Did your RE give you a reason why he wanted to do day 6?


Morning! Beta # 1….10dp5dt - 187! Progesterone is a little low at 18. Was 25.6 the other day. Will add suppositories beginning Wednesday. Now, the roller coaster begins. :slight_smile: Beta #2 is tomorrow.


mrspie: They did a day 6 transfer because the retrieval took place late on Friday and would not be at the blastocysts stage happened on the 6th day. So they transferred on Thurs. Dec. 19th and I returned to the US on Friday. We ended with 5 embryos making it to blast stage and we transferred 3 and froze 2. Now the waiting game.


I forgot to mentioned I had to try to give myself the prog. shot and what a bloody mess. I was so pleasantly surprised when she gave me the suppositories instead of shots. But she also gave me a drug called dexametasono. Never heard of it but it is a steroid. Also, apparently some people take it believing that it impacts a female fetus from becoming a lesbian!!! I am serious…some people actually believe it. My DH and I thought is this really a belief?? I would want to take the drug that will ensure that my child would never want to worry about that aspect of having a child. I think we need a pill to eliminate ignorance.


mamanas: That’s great that you got 5 embryos! And I agree about the pill to eliminate ignorance!! Sounds like some people have crazy beliefs! As for me, I’m 10dp3dt and did an HPT this morning - negative. Very big bummer but I’m holding out hope. My first beta is tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get better news.


Hi all. Well, so much for my hope that a donor egg would be the answer to my prayers. I had my first beta done today and I’m not pregnant. Not sure if I have the money or strength to try again. :frowning: