Anyone just starting this infertility journey? Looking for buddies


Hi - I would love to meet women here who are somewhere in the early stages of the ivf process like I am so that we can cheer each other on and share info. I am 37, I have so many friends who are pregnant and every single one of them got pregnant easily and quickly…while I ended up having to have my fallopian tubes removed recently due to damage from endometriosis I didn’t know I had. Now we are facing the shock of spending our life savings to get pregnant, and it’s hard for friends to understand (not to mention the great comments I get…like “just relax and you will get pregnant!”…umm, not without fallopian tubes I won’t!) I go from anger to self pity to hopefulness just about every day.

Anyone else out there in a similar boat?


Everyone here has been on a journey like no other. We can all understand what you feel, the sacrifices you make, the struggles and the strains on relationship not to mention the physical pain.

We are all here for you. Remember that you at never alone. These women (and men) have all offered support and words of encouragement. They are a great resource to have. You will do well here.

Best of luck and please ask as many questions as you need to.



Hi Jodiwrites,

I so understand your feelings! Everytime I turn around another friend is announcing their pregnancy on FB. We have not started on IVF yet. My cervix is small and I don’t have much CM but the RE wanted us to try for 3 more months on our own before moving onto IUI. I just go AF the other day so if she comes again in April then we can finally move on and feel like we’re doing something active to become pregnant. Gotta love the “just relax” comment. I get it a lot too. Good luck and praying that all goes well for you.


Hi Jodiwrites,

If you have any questions I would gladly help. I just finished my first ivf. My transfer was yesterday. I am 39 and we are dealing with age and male factor. I am no expert, but have tried almost everything possible to increase my chances.

Best of luck!


Hoping and Praying that I get a miracle!

Hello Ladies,

I am 38 years old and after what I felt was a bad experience with my first doctor that I was with for nearly 2 years, I decided to seek a 2nd opinion and have now been going to New Hope Fertility in NYC with Dr. Zhang. My first doctor did absolutely nothing besides remove an endometrial cyst on my R ovary.

The doctor said he would try Mini IVF for me because I can’t take all the meds because Clomid increases FSH and mine is already really high, increasing in just weeks I don’t understand why it is so high so fast. At first my FSH level was 24.6 on day 3 (with the previous doctor (Feb 2012), this month it was 36 on day 3 and 46 on day 11 (yesterday) of my menstruation. My AMH level is extremely low <0.16 and I have low ovarian reserve and endometriosis. On sono last week they only saw 1 follicle in each ovary measuring about 4mm, yesterday I went back for another US and she said the follicle on the left didn’t grow and on the right i believe she said I had 4 and the best one was only 7mm. I have to go back Friday I guess for more blood and sono. I’ve just been crying and down since my phonecall yesterday because I feel like I have no chance of ever getting pregnant. The nurse said they want to see what my ovulation schedule is like I guess to get a better understanding of what my body is doing.

Has anyone gotten pregnant with so many odds against them? Im feeling really lost and depressed about this as I’m sure many of you can relate to. I was reading that acupuncture and herbs help but do they really? I was told that at best it will help with stress which I have alot of.

I hope that here I can help cheer some on and get some encouragement myself in this battle.



Hi Anjeleyes214,

I am so sorry that you are going through all this. You are not alone. I live with the fear/thought that I will never have a child everyday. I hope your new clinic will get a hold on why your levels are so high. I def. reccommend accupuncture. If anything, it will relieve stress. Find a accupunturist that specializes in fertility. I just did my ET yesterday, and believe the accupuncture helped my egg quality. I am 39 and we were able to get 10 eggs, 7 fertilized, and put in three (maybe 2 to freeze :pray: ).
I wish you the best of luck and am here if you need anything. The mini ivf sounds promising. It only takes one egg!


Thanks so much for the responses…it really helps – it also helps me feel less “oh me poor me” about this whole thing to know that you guys are going through these things too. The weird things people say when I mention my fertility problems (like the relax one - ha!)…the guilt of being the partner in the relationship who can’t make a baby…Reading through the posts on this forum is the first time I’ve been able to laugh about some of it. This little icon :grr: is about the stage of the grieving process I’ve been in since I found out about my tubes, and I don’t like being angry all the time. Connecting here helps me to think maybe I can start to be a little more positive and not quite in monster mode all the time like I’ve been recently.
I was wondering if anyone had advice about IVF timing - how do you know ahead of time when you’ll have to plan to be in the doctor’s office, etc? I’d love to go away for a few days to gather myself and relax a bit but I’m scared I’ll miss some all-important window!


Do you mean starting the ivf process? If you have already established a relationship with a clinic, then you will most likely have to start on the third day of your cycle. You should just plan to be around from there. They will start you on meds and do a lot of US’s.

Good luck!:babydust:


Yeah, just starting - thanks! I’ll make sure to be in town from the 3rd day of my cycle on.


Thanks hun,

I guess I’ll see Friday what news I get. I started reading the TCM book by Ranidine Lewis called The Fertility Cure, I’m only a few pages in but she is spot on with how I feel about this whole dreadful situation. I hope and pray that all works out for you…keep me posted!! Anyone elses miracles answered gives me hope!


Hi all.

I’m 35 yrs old & currently going through Mini ivf/icsi (borderline SA). My initial blood work was fine…FSH-5.6
AMH-3.09. Cycles are regular & always have. Gonal F was increased (150IU) yesterday due to my estrogen level was 158. I go back tomorrow (2hrs away) for US/labs, hoping things look ok & we can proceed…

Best of luck to everyone!
God bless.


Hi Ladies,

Just got back from yet another US and lab work. My one and only growing follicle on Monday measured 7mm today Friday it measured 9mm. This has to be bad right? She said it’s a good thing that it’s growing but isn’t it growing at a very slow pace? I started my menstruation 3/2 on Day 3 (3/5) follicle measure 4mm, day 10 it measure 7mm and today 9mm. I’m waiting for a call on my lab work from them today before 5. I’m doin natural IVF so I guess their just hoping my body kicks into it’s own process and produces a healthy egg that they can retrieve. I hate that I only have 1 but grateful that I have atleast 1. I’m going to try acupuncture on Tuesday, they say at the least it helps with stress. Which I have tons of! Wheatgrass I hear also helps, been taking a shot a day…I’m willing to try anything at this point! Good Luck Ladies…Any feedback would mean the world…thanks ladies! :pray: :pray:


Hi Babyrowen

Best of luck to you! :babydust:



Have you tried Bee Propolis, and Royal Jelly? It wouldn’t hurt. It is supposed to help with eggs, I think. They also say Evening Primrose.

Best of luck!:babydust:


Todays labs!

Thanks Babylove4u!

I haven’t tried anything on my own besides just 2 days of wheat grass shots. What are those things you mentioned? I guess I have some research to do, huh. I’m new to this journey although it feels like I’ve been in this battle for a while. My old doctor didn’t explain things to me, I sometimes read everyones posts and I’m like wow these ladies know their hormones! I research but with everyone having a varying degree of different problems you don’t know whose body is suppossed to be doing what and what medical problems are causing other things.

I got a call today and these were my labs:
Day 13 of cycle
FSH: 4 days ago was 46 today 27 blah high!
Estrogen: 47 (she said it was a little low)
Prog: .2 (normal)
LH: 10 (normal)
and 1 Follicle 9mm


I did the royal jelly route and there is some good research on co q 10. So far my ovary has been responding really well and my lining is very fluffy! We will see what the end result will be after the ER next week.

I know that many women have had success with the royal jelly as well. But it may just be the positive thinking. Regardless I have been taking it every day for three months.

Best of Luck!


I decided to try it all. I thought if I am going to spend all this money, then I will leave no stone unturned. I researched by reading others’ suggestions. I ordered the royal jelly, bee propolis, evening primrose (I took the max allowed everyday), started accupunture. My Re put me on a high dose of DHEA. I can not tell you if I was successful yet, (my beta test is Wednesday). I can tell you we got 10 eggs at ER, 7 fertilized, 3 implanted and even able to freeze 2 of them. I am 39 so my Re thought this to be good. I know everyone is different, but I truly attribute part of my response to all the stuff I was taking.
I stopped taking them when my med. protocol started, because my re didn’t want me taking anything that could interfere.

Best of luck! :babydust:


Hi Jodiwrites, I’m very new to this too. I’m 40 and we have just been trying, hoping, and praying for the 9 yrs DH and I have been together. We had one pregnancy with a 9 week loss in 2009. Just had our first IUI this morning. Would love all the support and information I can get! I’m an RN who’s worked in OB for 5+ years and I still have tons of questions! So glad to be a part of this support group.


Expect Delays

Hi jodiwrites,

I said that if I could offer some advice from my experience to someone starting out it would be ‘expect delays’. I though I was being proactive but various issues came up and we’re just starting IUI treatments 10 months after our first visit with my RE. Hopefully, this won’t be the case for you! But I would have been less frustrated to know delays are more the norm than an exception. Good luck to you!


Hi everyone.

Bbaylove4u-how’s the 2WW?

Freeswim-thanks, that’s great advice! I’m starting to learn that now.
As a 1st timer, we may start out thinking that everything will go according to planned. Most of the time it doesn’t happen that way! It’s crazy because I don’t want to discourage myself & stay positive/praying but I don’t want to get my hopes up 2 high in case of disappointment.
I didn’t realize b4 I started TTC that it was sooooo many ppl that we’re going through so much to conceive. I just want to say to everyone to stay strong and I will continue to ask God for strength & guidance for all of us!

Good luck!