Anyone know the link?


I am 10dp6dt, my beta today is 164, im feeling a little discouraged about this because with my dd my first beta 10dp5dt was 228. What were your first beta numbers? And i know there is a chart out there somewhere with a big list of beta numbers, anyone know the link? Any info will help!


Anyone ?

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IVF Over 40: Betabase Information on hCG

This link has years of beta hCG information compiled.


My dr wanted to see anything above 50 so I would say your doing great. Now just hope it doubles. My first beta was 174 and I am now 10 weeks pregnant with twins!!!


My first beta was 532


Mscouncil did I transfer one or two?


My beta was 105 and was a successful pregnancy…:bsv: for you!


i only transfered one egg and my betas are similar to when i was pregnant with my twins


I think your beta looks great. Mine was a lot lower than that and I was pregnant with twins! You just never know! It’s not an exact science. I wouldn’t lose hope at all.


[QUOTE=JACN08]Mscouncil did I transfer one or two?[/QUOTE]

I did 2 five day


Look at my signature. I had one of the lowest betas ever seen at 10dp5dt, and still have a successful pregnancy. My second pregnancy started much higher, but was still lower than yours. The rate of increase is the more important part. Good luck.