Anyone knows if this is normal?


I got my trigger yesterday and starting last night both sides have been really tender and painful. I am also feeling a little sick but I get really sick when prego so I’m assuming that’s just the med’s. I’m wondering if anyone knows if this is normal? Also my RE said to BD at 36 hours. I have read it can happen 12-48 hours after the trigger. What have your docs said? I don’t want to miss it. Is there any harm in BD every 12 hours or so just in case? DH has good swimmers so i’m not to worried about a low count. Thanks!


Feeling a little pain and discomfort is common. Know the symptoms of OHSS so that if it gets worse you will know if you need to talk to your Doc about it or not. Also, drink lots of gatorade as that will help keep too much fluid from accumulating in the abdomen.

As far as when and how often to :dance:. There is a lot of controversy over that, but in general if your husbands sperm volume and count are good how often you feel is fine. My Doc recommended the night of the trigger and every night after that for the following three days. We are old and that was a hard schedule for us so we usually only did it twice–the night of trigger and again about 36 hrs after that.

Good Luck! :flower:


You may want to do your own research, because I can only pass on what I’ve read, but BDing that often will reduce your husband’s sperm count and quality drastically. There is some evidence that introducing a low-quality group of sperm can actually hinder the performance of a high-quality group. With good counts, there really isn’t anything you can do to improve your chances–BDing more than that, even if it doesn’t hurt, will not help, either. But in the end, it’s up to you, and if you feel like it would give you peace of mind, go for it!