Anyone looking to do IVF mexico cheaper or has anyone gone before


I am starting this thread with hopes of finding a solid support system. I have no one around me who understands the feeling that come along with infertility. I have tried IVF a year ago which failed 15000 gone. I do not have insurance coverage nor another 15000. I am considering IVF Mexico mini ivf I will post the quote at end of thread. So far it is the cheapest and only one outside the US I am not afraid of(I am worried about traveling to other countries for medical procedures and not mention I am taunted by hostel lol) Seriously I am at a cross roads and I would like to meet people who are also interested or planning on going in July or Aug I do not have date yet but I know it will be either of those months.

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I haven’t researched into IVF in Mexico, but there are a number of ladies on here who have (I think with a Dr. Garcia). I’ll try to find the thread and “bump” it for you. Good luck on your journey!


It’s called “Dr. Garza MEXICO??? Anyone??? IVF???”