Anyone NOT do acupuncture and have a successful FET?


Hi Ladies.

Quick question. Did any of you do a FET, but without doing acupuncture as well… and get a BFP?

For our fresh IVF’s I did acupuncture… the 1st IVF was a BFN but the 2nd one is now sleeping upstairs in her room hehehe

I absolutely HATE acupuncture… I don’t find it relaxing AT ALL - in fact, I find it stresses me out, as I’m a big wimp and it usually hurts.

My RE does acupuncture right after the transfer, but that’s all I’m going to get - just that one.

Any success stories would be greatly welcome - I have an appt with my RE on Thursday for blood work, a SHG and an endometrial biopsy and then, if all goes well, a FET in January! Sooo excited… yet terrified…

Thanks!! :dance:


Never Tried Acupuncture - 2 BFPs

One successful fresh IVf - my LO is sleeping in her room now. One successful FET - just 4 weeks preggo now. Never tried acupuncture and did just fine. Good Luck :cross:


I do know some swear by it though. However, seems if you dread it - - maybe it’s not helpful. kwim?



No acupunction, and as you can see from the sig, the fresh didn’t work, the frozen did–


I did alot of acupuncture before my fresh, and got a BFN.

And did none for either FET, and got BFP’s each time.

Good luck.


I didn’t do accupuncture (never have) and my first FET worked. :slight_smile:


No accupuncture and my fresh IVF worked, transfered 2 blasts and have twins.


Have you tried laser acupuncture? That’s what my RE’s office offers and I did it with both my FET’s there. The 2nd one worked b/c now I’m 19 weeks pregnant with twins! It obviously doesn’t hurt at all, and it’s so relaxing to the point that I felt a little woozy afterwards. I had it done right before and right after the transfer.