Anyone out there have 5+ BFN (w/ IVF/FET) to go onto BFP?


Needing a few words of encouragement. I go for my beta tomorrow morning and I’m so nervous because I’ve convinced myself it will be yet another BFN. I’ve had three IVF cycles w/ my own eggs, all BFN. I did one fresh donor cycle that ended in an early miscarriage (at 7wks). I’ve gone on to have four more FET with donor embryos (all from 20something donor eggs). All so far, BFN. I’m thinking its time to throw in the towel but I really cant imagine living childless. I’m so defeated right now. Is there anyone out there that has had multiple failed FET/IVFs and then finally got that BFP???


Hello Agracie1,

I’m a Surrogate Mother and with my Traditional Surrogacy, I had an IUI. I knew for sure I was not pregnant until I tested a day before I was to go in for my beta. It was a :bfp: !!! Everyone is different, but keep your head up and don’t stress because the body knows that you are stressing out and that does not help matters. I went on and had a beautiful baby girl for a couple that lives in California in Jan. 2011 (thru TS) and now I am pregnant again for a couple in Texas and due in Mar. 2012 (thur GS). Please be positive and pray for what you want!!!


Have you done all the immune testing? Were you taking antibiotics and steroids before your transfer? What was your lining?


I haven’t experienced this personally but I just read Tertia Albertyn’s book, So Close and Addicted to Hope. She went through 9 IVF cycles before finally having her twins! It’s definitely possible to have success even after many failures.

That said, the decision on whether to continue with treatments is extremely individual and personal. Sometimes you need a break and eventually you might just know it’s time to move on. Best of luck to you whatever you decide!


Thank You

[QUOTE=google_eyes]Have you done all the immune testing? Were you taking antibiotics and steroids before your transfer? What was your lining?[/QUOTE]

Ladies, thank you for your kind words and congrats on your BFPs! I’m still waiting for my beta results. Quest didnt mark my labs as stat so my RE’s office never got them today. I cant bring myself to buy a HPT so I sit and wait until tomorrow for the results.


My RE did do an extensive workup last year (including immune disorder testing). I tested positive for one of the MTHFR mutations, but he feels that only one mutation does not increase my risk for immune related RPL or implantation issues. I dont know if the lab work included testing for NK cells but my RE doesnt put much stock in that as well. What he did do w/ this last cycle is “throw the kitchen sink at me” as he put it. I started on Mentax a month before the cycle (2x a day). I did 10 days of doxycycline and a medrol dose pack leading up to my transfer. I also am taking baby asprin, prednisone 20mg a day, lovenox 1x a day, PIO 1.5cc a day , estradiol 3x a day and prenatal vitamin.

Sounds like quite the cocktail, huh?