Anyone over 40 starting IVF in June?


Looking for anyone over 40 starting IVF in June. Over 40 ladies tend to have more challenges in our IVF cycles.

I’m quite a veteran to IVF–too many cycles to conceive my children, but worth all of the emotional, financial and physical stress I endured. I want another child and so I’m trying at it again and starting my cycle early June. I got AF today and I’m waiting for my HCG level to drop to 0 after getting pregnant naturally. The natural pregnancy was a total shock and too good to be true as it ended up not viable. I have a lot of heartache from this, but ready to move on.


Hi -
I just completed an IVF cycle last week. I’m going to have my last IVF cycle ever this July - Aug. Maybe this could be a June-July-Aug 40+ thread?


Hoping to stim too. Good luck to you!!!


AFM: hurry up and wait. I got a call from RE today with two choices- If I start stims tonight my ER would be some time around June 3-5. RE is going to be out of town from June 5-12. I can either start stims tonight or I can wait and start stims on June 3 so that my ER and ET would happen while he is here. He said it was my choice. I decided to wait because I am not comfortable with the idea of having another RE doing my ER and ET. So, I just have to continue on lupron and go back in for u/s and b/w on June 3 to start stims then. So I am officially in over 40 in June now.


Good to hear from you shasie, goodnewsbear, and nilah! I found out today that I probably have to wait until July to start my IVF so perhaps our timing is lined up!


Ivf3- Oh that is what’s happening to me too! I started bcps today and probably start stims in June with an er in July. my cycle did not line up with dr’s schedule so there u go. Strange how that works. We are moving in August so I pray I have some luck in July. Keep us posted!


Hi Ladies! I think I’ll start a July/Aug over 40 IVF thread. I’m definitely starting my cycle in July. Please join that thread and hopefully others will too. Nilah, would like you to join too even though you’re June–you can be the pioneer :slight_smile: