Anyone over 40 treated at Sher Fertility clinics?


Has anyone over 40 undergone treatment at Sher Fertility clinics? I would love to hear your experience. Thinking of going there after 2 failed cycles.



Hi, I have been to their clinic in Las Vegas. Are you seeing him at that clinic or another?


Sher is now in St. Louis and Vegas. I have decided to stay with current RE for the time being because that works best for me, but if we have to do IVF will go to St. Louis.


Not over 40 (actually 30years old) we go to st Louis. FANTASTIC office staff. They TRULY feel like family. A little unorganized at times but truly fantastic. Good luck:flower:


Whatever you do, don’t go to SIRM in Peoria. I experienced a totally botched cycle here. The doctor took absolutely no responsibility for the errors that occurred. My cycle was badly mishandled. Run far, far away.


Pick the physician not the clinic!!!

Regardless of where you go, I would go based on the physician you are comfortable with, the office and staff that you click with and the experience of the lab staff. I wouldn’t go for the name of the clinic, especially a franchise. There is a ton of variability between locations. Bottom line- Do what’s comfortable.