Anyone Potty Training b/g twins out there!


Hello ladies I’ve been on the boards for years and was trying to reconnect with some mommies about potty training.

Our daughter is ready and will wear big girl pants in the morning but not at preschool and our son is completely unaware unless he goes number 2 really big.

Any tips or suggestions?

Do I potty train one and hope the other will catch on?

Jelly beans while on the potty seem to help our little girl?

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays!!!


I have 2 yr old b/g twins. They go on the potty about 3 times a day but sometimes they are just messing around (which is frustrating) and dont actually go on it. We have had a hard time with consistency.

We are just starting to ask “Are you pooping?” and they get embarassed and hide or run to the bathroom and then it is too late.

So, I would love to hear from other moms about what worked for them. I know there are lots of experienced Moms on here!


I found that my daughter liked finger nail polish. She always wanted her nails painted. She had no issues with peeing but would poop in her pants. Finally i told her that is she started pooping on the potty she could have her nails painted. One day and she was completely trained. The bad side was that every time she pooped I had to paint her nails… You have to find something that they REALLY want. My son it was legos. We had boxes of Legos on the bathroom counter. When he went so many times he got one.


I know it says twins, and I don’t have twins, but I am starting to potty train my almost 19 month old boy. He has been telling me " I poop" and grabbing his crotch saying “potty” for a few weeks, so I figured I might as well give it a shot. He started using the potty at about 8 months, because he would wake dry I figured I would just put him on there and most times he went. Now though…different story. He likes the whole idea, but execution is, well, difficult at times. Needless to say I have been cleaning up a lot of pee from the floor. Oh well. He does have underwear but is not incredibly fond of them. He peed in them for the first time today and was not impressed, maybe it will be a reminder.


Thanks for all the feedback!!

Thanks ladies for responding. We are very excited about them started preschool next fall two mornings a week but they have to be fully potty trained. This morning we had both sitting on the potty after breakfast. She will wear big girl pants and he will not. I think we got a tiny tinkle from her and nada from my little guy. Its ok and we are having fun with them watching the Potty Power video. I gave them lollipops and once they finished them it was over and they no longer wanted to sit on the potty!!!:woohoo:

GW-A sticker chart may work, for my daughter but my son is not so easily excited!!!

ladycharles-My son will not wear his Thomas the train pants either!!

mars and abro-I used a little treat house with jelly belly mini jelly beans, m&ms worked for my now 12 year old. LOL!!!

Any other suggestions welcome!!:dance:


Some progress potty training twinkies!!

Hello ladies hope you are all doing well.

Our little girl as figured out how to go pee pee and is oh so proud of herself!! We are thrilled too. She has not gone number two yet in the potty. But now she has decided to strip in her crib if she goes and play with her diaper contents. yucky and double yucky!!

our son is a little interested in sitting on the potty watching potty videos.

The key was to put her on the potty and not constantly ask do you have to go? Now we know what time she goes and just sit her down.

Baby steps right?

Tomorrow I go and tour a preschool for the fall.:nerd:

All my best.