Anyone pregnant and have bleeding?


Hey everyone. If anyone remembers me I haven’t been on since right before we started IVF #2. Everything this time around went very smoothly and they transferred 2 great looking embryos.
I am currently 10 weeks pregnant with twins!
I had my last u/s on 11/3 and both were looking great.
Saturday night I started gushing blood. Lasted a few minutes then slowed to a period type bleed for a few hours. Nothing since then. Never had any cramping. my OB doesn’t want to see me! I don’t have anohter appt until the 22nd!

Anyone experience this and things actually be Ok??:cross:


I am on a board with three girls who have had some sever bleeding and are fine. Now about 13-14 weeks along. Every time they went to the ER and they got an ultrasound and the babies/baby was fine. I think it is more common with girls who do IVF. When I miscarried the bleeding didn’t stop and then the cramping started. The fact that it stopped is a good sign. If you need reassurance I would call your dr. and demand to be seen. It isn’t good that they are not seeing you given your history of a few early miscarriages.

Good luck but know this is pretty common.


I agree with the pp. It is common, but given your history and the fact that you are having twins, they should see you. Have you called your RE to see if they will do an ultrasound?


Thank you for your reassurance! With all of my miscarriages I’ve never bleed like that so this is all new and very scary for us! All expect very early loss were diagnosed through u/s when we had no idea anything was wrong.
I’m not very happy with the office and may end up switching. They seem to feel that unless I’m hemorraging and need to go to the ER they can’t do anything for me and apparently don’t think “peace of mind” is important!
Congrats on your twin pregnancy! :slight_smile:


Bled a lot with my first. Specifically at 7 and 8 wks and it was bright red. He was born in Feb. If you are worried get an U/s. Good luck!


I bled some with my little boy, and found out later that I had a subchorionic hemhorrage. I am sure that everything is ok, but I think you should demand to be seen. You have the right to know that everything is ok!!! I hope you have a great pregnancy!


Bleeding is more common with twins, with my last set I had heavy bleeding and was convinced I was miscarrying- they are now 15 months old, I just had a Subchorionic bleed. This time around I also had a subchorionic bleed but it was absorbed so I never experienced the freak out.
It’s probably nothing and unfortunately even if it is something not great, there isn’t much they can do. With that being said, I’d expect your OB to be more attentive given all you have gone through to achieve this pregnancy.


I am currently about 5 weeks preggers and 2 days ago I started bleeding and cramping just like my period. I freaked out and wasn’t due for my first u/s until next week. I called my RE and he wasn’t overly concerned he said he sees that alot but if I am worried to come in for an early u/s so naturally I rushed over. I was convinced I was miscarrying. He told me bc it was early all they were looking for was a sac. Well we saw the sac and the yolk and early signs of the heartbeat, everything is right on track. My bleeding has since turned to a brownish color and the cramps have completely went away. I go in Monday for another u/s. I know everything looked perfect but I can’t help but worry everytime I see the blood. I was assured that this does tend to be common expecially early in pregnancy but I just can’t help but worry. I never would have thought I would have to buy pads when I was pregnant. You do have a right tho to get checked out, I agree, I would demand to be seen by your OB. Or give your RE a call and explain the situation.


Bleeding does happen but if your dr is refusing to see you, you may want to seriously consider getting a new dr. You have 30 more weeks of pregnancy and you should have someone that you can rely on, call and make an emergency appointment with.

Good luck to you and the twins. Keep us posted.



I agree with everyone. You should be seen.

Last week, I had some severe sharp pains, no cramping, no bleeding and my OB office wanted to see me. It turned out to be round ligament pain. They told me that they didn’t mind seeing me, because it gave me reassurance. They did a quick ultrasound and cervical check, all was good.

Considering your history with M/C, why wouldn’t they give you reassurance?


Thank you for all the responses!
The only reason I haven’t demanded an u/s right away is because I got the one at 9 weeks because I demanded it after having some cramps and freaking out. I had to beg and threaten to go elsewhere before I got it though… so this time I think I’m afraid if I beg and get it and everything is fine, something else will happen to freak me out. Stupid I know… I need to research other options though because as one poster said, I have 30 more weeks with them and I have already had 2 experiences with them that left me feeling less than “cared for”.
I haven’t called my RE because I figure since they discharged me they can’t really see me for an u/s, unless they were willing to do it and I was willing to pay for it out of pocket since I’m not a patient there anymore.
At the moment no more bleeding and 10 days till my u/s. I’ll keep you posted!


Glad to hear you are not bleeding anymore! I agree that you may want to move on to another OB. If you feel anything but enthusiasm about them, then you should change. It is a long haul and you want to feel comfortable and cared for.