Anyone sitting out a cycle - December?


I thought I’d start this thread to see how many are sitting out a cycle …due to the meds or vacation etc…

I am sitting out this cycle due to an ovarian cyst. I am hoping to get back on the gravy train in Jan:pray: :cross:


We’ve sat out trying IUI Nov and Dec. Its just better for the holidays and us travelling. But IF we were to get a bfp in Nov we’d be due in Aug and we will be moving anywhere from 3 hours away to across the country in that month. So we didn’t want to risk it since i would have a csection. But we will be moving back to IUI in Jan.


I actually do not know when I will go back to IUI. We have decided after the experience we had it may be better to just try on our own for a while again. I may change my mind after the holidays but that’s the plan right now.


I have decided to take Novemeber & December off too! Gonna try back in in January.

We had 2 failed IUI’s and I just felt that I needed a break & see if we could try on our own. Especially when I got faint positive HPT for both IUI’s on the day of my beta. Then found out they were negative beta’s the same day. I guess they were chemical pregnancies.


I’m sitting out both November and December, this month because of a cyst (not surprising after three rounds of injectables) and next month because of travel for the holidays. I was very upset when this cycle got canceled, but now I’m okay with it; it has been nice to take a little break from the craziness.

Yesterday DH and I met with our doctor to discuss what we want to do in January. It turns out that when DH did his SA back in June, the lab didn’t do a strict morphology, so the RE suspects that there may be a morph issue going on. Since we already conceived once through IUI, it can’t be a serious issue, but still - super annoying that we’ve done three IUIs this fall, and now it might be that his morph issue is too serious for IUI. Anyway, he’s doing another SA next week, so hopefully we will get some answers. I think we’ll do one more IUI in January and if that doesn’t work, then on to IVF with ICSI.


I’m sitting out November due to a cyst. I was disappointed at first, but I’m actually glad because I’d had 2 failed IUI cycles back to back and it was getting pretty tough emotionally. It was kind of nice not to worry too much about things this month. We also talked with our RE last week and decided to do one last IUI in December, and, if that doesn’t work, we’re moving on to IVF in February. The only thing now is that I just found out the other day that my RE is moving to another city. With all of the trust you have to put into your RE, it’s hard to change and trust someone else, especially now that we’re considering IVF. Our RE is great, but, at least, there’s another great RE on staff who I’ve dealt with. So I think it’ll be ok. Enjoy your breaks and holidays and good luck when you start back up!!


On a break

We’re sitting out for now. We are going to start back in January. It is driving me crazy though! I wanted to get started right back up. We are waiting due to insurance changes, this time in our favor. Beginning Jan 1, our insurance will cover 90% instead of the 50% it covers now. It will still only cover IUI and NO drugs. I am hoping to get on a discount plan as we will be starting back with injectibles. My RE said we would still do the clomid but also add follitstim. I am not sure what dosage. We are going to order more of the donor sperm next week, so we will be all ready as soon as the new year starts. Hopefully we will get a :bfp: to start out 2011. That would be a great way to start out the year!!!


Great idea to start this thread, I think there are a lot of us. I am taking this cycle off too, still BDing on my usual peak days but not even using a monitor, from using the CBEFM, I know my peak days are usually around the same time each month. Not taking clomid either, which is very nice so far! It’s just nice to relax, drink, eat, and exercise how I want to without any second thoughts, or side affects. AF should come around Dec. 20th, so if she does I guess we could decide to do an IUI in early January. I am going to ask my dr. if I can move on to injectables even though I’ve only done 2 rounds of clomid and only one IUI. I hope she goes along with it. I just feel like if I’m paying for an IUI, I want to bring out “the big guns” so to speak!
Good luck this cycle everyone, hopefully the relaxation and lack of stress will lead to some :bfp:s!!
Here’s Hoping!!! :cross::cross::cross::cross:


Hey ladies,

I was suppose to do my 3rd IUI in November, but my follicels didn’t grow, so it was canceleld.

Just waiting for AF to arrive, and doing a cleanse from my naturopath of the ovaires, utuerus etc, to detox all the femara,proregestrone, ovidrel meds and to give my body a rest.

Will start in Jan, meeting with RE and will request injections.



Wow gizmo that sounds great a cleanse of everything, who would do that kind of thing? A Dr or is it a specialist? I could sure do with that!



Turns out that my cyst ruptured after 5 days on the pill. My ovary has decided to behave itself!:cheer:

So I still have to take 2 wks worth of the pill and re-evaulate on the 10th Dec …I am :cross: that maybe we can try naturally this month. At one point that didn’t look possible!!!

I am traveling out of the country for xmas on a long haul flight so it maybe for the best that i am not popping all these stim drugs and patches…

To be honest girls I feel relieved that I am not on IUI this cycle. At first I was real upset but now I think its great I got some breathing space after a hard 2nd cycle that slammed me straight into lots of drugs. It gives you time to reflect and think about it all and process it with a clear head without being muddled by the hormones.


sitting out cycle due to cysts

I was at the doctor yesterday for a baseline pelvic ultrasound (hoping to start another round) and was told I had cysts and was put on birth control. Also, since I’m going out of town for the holiday, I’m going to keep taking the active pills until the end of Dec. so my period should start by the time I’m back in town.


I’m sitting out DEC and possibly JAN due to lack of $$$. My insurance quits paying for the meds on Jan 1st so I went ahead and stocked up this month on one more INJ round worth. Now, need to save up another $1900 for the office procedure-U/S- labs.

Why insurance doesn’t consider Infertility a medical “condition” that warrents payment of treatment, I’ll never understand.

For those of you who have these things covered…you are very very lucky.


I am sitting out December, and probably January as well. November IUI failed, and that looks to be the last one.
We have an appointment with RE Dec 16 to discuss IVF… I really, really hoped it wouldn’t come to that.
I am terrified to go threw all of that, and the expense to get another BFN. But what else can I do.
It sucks sitting out a month/or months because it kinda feels like you are giving up. But on the other hand it is so wonderful to not be filled up with fertility drugs, not having to worry about when your next shot will be, not having progesterone dripping out of you, etc, etc.
Still hoping for a ‘do it on our own’ miracle. Good luck to everyone else.