Anyone start out with good embryos and then poof, nada?


ive heard that you can start with good embryos and then they can not make it to the transfer? anyone hear of this? so paranoid!!


I’ve read of girls who had nothing to transfer but it was pretty rare. In those cases where a day 5 transfer isn’t looking good or even a day 3, I think some RE’s will even do day 2 transfers.


It happened to me with a DE IVF. We had 17 strong looking embryos on day 3 and by day 5 all had arrested but 2, which were still morulas. As the saying goes though, it did only take one to get my miracle. Since we used a young proven donor the RE considered either lab mistake or my Dh’s sperm. I was told that it is rare but does happen. We thought we would have lots of snowembies in case it didn’t work the first time. Thank goodness we did not need any. Miracles can happen with less than stellar embryos so think positively, good luck :cross: