Anyone starting injections?


[FONT=Verdana]Hello everyone! I’m new here and starting my second round of injectable meds with IUI. I was just wondering if anyone else was in the same boat.[/FONT][FONT=Verdana][/FONT]
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[FONT=Verdana]And then unrelated… do I need to put my full history in the bottom of my messages? I’m not really aware of proper thread etiquette. [/FONT][FONT=Verdana][/FONT]



I’m brand new myself (this is literally my first post), so I have no idea about the signatures…or how to even get them set-up!

Looks like you and I are on similar timing. I am currently on day 4 of Clomid, and then I start injections this Thursday for four days. I will go to the specialist on Monday for an ultrasound, and depending on what he sees I will trigger/do IUI on either Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday…

This will be my 5th IUI, but my first IUI with any sort of injectables. He put me on Bravelle- have you had that? I’m a little nervous about it, but I’ve done the trigger shots before so I should be ok. I’m just hoping the side effects are nothing like the ones with Clomid…these hot flashes and emotional rollercoaster are ridiculous!!!

When do you think your IUI will be? Best of luck to you…


Hello ladies!

I am starting my first round of stims tonight! I just finished 5 days of clomid, now tonight give myself my first injection! I have a u/s scheduled for Friday, possible trigger then with iui on Sunnday. I’m a little worried I’ll be ready to O without the trigger, as I’m already on “high” on my fertility monitor.

This will be my 5th iui, first with injections. Unfortunately, money and insurance are an issue for me.

As for signature’s, I don’t think it’s something you have to do, but it’s always nice to get a glimpse of people’s stories. It’s also helpful if you’re looking for advice.

Good luck to you both!!



We are super close to being on the exact same schedule! Good luck to you for your :bfp: this cycle!!!

I think I figured out the signature thing…hopefuly it’s added when I post this. =)


TeaRose- looks like we are on very similar timing! I’m pretty sure my details are in my signature now, so that should tell you where I am with it. Trying to stay positive, but it’s getting harder and harder…

Best of luck to you for your :bfp: !!!


Hi Jhottinger! That was my first post too! I’m glad to hear you weren’t sure about signatures but then you figured out how to get them up. It gives me hope!

I find it intresting that you start with Clomid and then move to injections in the same cycle. I have previously done 6 rounds of Clomid and when that didn’t work, move onto rounds of just injectables.

I had a day 3 U/S today to make sure my lining is thinned and ovaries empty. All looks good so I got the green light to start injectables. I will go back on Sunday and see what happens from there.

Last month my day 1 fell on the same day of the week as this month’s day 1 so it’s easy for me to compare. Last month I had U/S on Sunday, then Tuesday, and back on Wed. Wed was my trigger with an IUI on Friday.

We really are on the same schedule.

This is my 4th month of IUI (one month I had 2 back to back) but my 2nd month with injectables.

I’m on Gonal-f but Bravelle is the same thing. They are both FSH but with different names. Gonal-f is what my insurance covers.

I freaked out the first time I had to inject myself. I still don’t like it but I have a routine of saying outloud, “1…2…3…ow” and stick myself on ow. It never hurts as much as I’m yelling ow but that’s okay.

Yes! When I was on 100mg of Clomid my emotions were OUT OF CONTROL. I don’t think you’ll have that with this FSH.

Did you ever have any monitoring with your previous cycles?

So glad to have found you ladies. I needed this pretty badly.


Hello Tea Rose!

Looks like you are ahead of us with your U/S coming up on Friday. I don’t know much about fertility monitors but should you let your nurse/doctor know that you are worried? Maybe the injections do something to your LH levels?

It saddens me so much to hear people say that money holds them back. It’s terrible that not all states cover infertility.

Glad you find you as well. Please keep us posted. :slight_smile:


I made my signature! Yes, I might have used [I]someone’s[/I] as an inspiration but I’m happy that I got it done. :clap:


Hi ladies!

Good job with your sigs! It’s always nice to see someone’s story.

Yes, looks like I’m just a bit ahead of you two this month. U/S Friday, unless I “peak” before then. So the fertility monitors measure lh as low, high, and peak. Peak means you are ovulating. If you are doing iui, if you peak, you do your iui the next day, no trigger needed. My doctor didn’t think it would happen before my u/s on friday, but I’m not so sure. Ovulating doesn’t seem to be an issue for me at all, it’s the actual conception part that isn’t working.

Did my first injection last night. I was very nervous, but my husband rose to the occasion. Unfortunately, I have a vial instead of a pen, so we had to draw it ourselves. He did all that, and I was going to do the injection. Once it was all ready, he just did the injection for me, super easy!

Berkely Mom- Yes, it really stinks that $ has to be such an issue. My husband and I are in a position where we can absolutely afford to have a child, we can even pay out money to do these treatments. But, we can’t afford thousands a month for meds, or tens of thousands for ivf or de. And even more frustrating, I had if coverage when I started treatment, and they actually took it off our plan halfway through plan year, literally right as I met my deductible. I still get sick to my stomach when I think about it! It looks like you had success with clomid before, so you have that on your side!

Jhottinger- I see you’ve used both clomid and letrozole? Could you tell the difference? Until this cycle, I’ve only used letrozole. Last month, my doctor pretty much said with my age and the fact that I only had one follie on the letrozole, he wasn’t really worried about me having multiples. He said he thought I’d be ok with twins, and just asked if I would do selective reduction with more than 2. I assured him I would be willing to do that to save the pregnancy. I definitely feel more pressure on the clomid. I’m really interested to see what’s in the old(and I do mean old!) ovaries on Friday!

Well, it’s great to have found you ladies, it’s always so nice to find people going through the same thing. Hope you’re both having a great day!

:babydust: :babydust:


Wow, it’s like a crazy race against time trying to make your body hold off on ovulating. Good luck!

What a good hubby!

Boo to crappy insurance companies! It makes me so mad.

I did have success before with clomid before which makes things frustrating this time around.

Is the reason for the clomid/injectable combination because it’s cheeper than all injectables?

I’m no spring chicken either but “old” ovaries can still get the job done! Good luck on Friday. Keep us posted with what they see in there!


To answer some of the questions:

 1.  Not sure why RE is having me do clomid + injectables vs just injectables.  Don't think it's a money issue, as we never expressed costs with him, but who knows.  We'll see how it works!  Hoping it's the perfect coctail.  :cross: 
 2.  For each IUI, I've had ultrasounds at least every three days leading up to the trigger shot...sometimes every other day.  That's the only monitoring that I'm aware bloodwork.  
 3.  As far as Clomid vs Letrozole, my preference was definitely Letrozole.  I could tell a difference for sure- Clomid gives me hot flashes and makes me really emotional, and Letrozole didn't have any noticeable side effects for me.  And I had more follicles on Letrozole.

So I got my meds via UPS today, and there was SO MUCH more stuff in there than I thought there would be! 8 vials (4 of med/4 of sodium something), 4 Q caps, 4 syringes, 4 needles, alcohol pads, pamphelets, ovidrill…and I think that’s it. Can I just say that this pharmacy that sent this didn’t put a SINGLE instruction on how to mix the meds…or how to inject them in the box? Isn’t that crazy? I found really good online instructions (and videos), so I’m not worried, but you’d think they would include that stuff. Hmmmm…

I’m suppose to take my first shot between 6 and 8 tomorrow night.


BerkelyMom- I never discussed all injectibles with my doctor, but unfortunately, cost is an issue, and I think he keeps that in mind with my plan.

Jhottinger- Very interesting about the letrozole giving you more follies! It’s supposed to be the other way around. I used to get moody on the letrozole, but it was usually pretty short-lived. This is first month on Clomid, def. feeling moody, very low energy.

I was overwhelmed when I got my box from the pharmacy as well! Although I didn’t get instructions either, a nurse called me from the online pharmacy and was super nice. She said to call with any questions and she’d even walk me through it if I needed. The nurse at my doctor’s office had me bring my kit in and she went over it with me, which was nice. We found a you tube video, too, and it was most informative for my hubby! It was much less scary than I thought it would be, you’re going to do just fine! Good luck!


Do you need me to check my instruction book to see if your brand of meds are in there? I can take a picture and send it to you or just type out the directions. That’s crazy that they didn’t include them. Life is stressful enough already.


Ya’ll are sweet! I googled the meds and found tons of instructions and videos for mixing and injecting the meds…I’m feeling much better about it today.

First shot in about 3.5 hours…I’ll let ya know how it goes!


Thinking of you both.

Jhottinger had your first shot tonight and tearose has an u/s tomorrow.

Good luck everyone and keep us posted.


Good luck

Hi all,

Also new to this site but in the same boat. 4 rounds of 50mg clomid. This month tried femara with not much luck and now moving onto fsh injections. Keep us posted on reactions and your experience with it. Very nervous but excited to try something new. Good luck! Crossing my fingers for you!:pray:


Hi ladies! Meant to check in earlier, hope everything its going well! I’m on my phone, so will be brief.

US went well today, several good follies. Will trigger tomorrow and iui Monday. :cross:

How are you all doing?


Welcome melmel! My RE told me that an HSG increases your chances by 25%. It didn’t hold true for me but it might for you. Good luck!

Tearose, good job growing those follicles! Did they tell you how many and what size? Did you have to do another injection on Friday night before Saturday’s trigger shot? Oh and good work not ovulating too early. Yay!!


I went for my first ultrasound today and there weren’t any measurable follicles (nothing over 12). I am going to continue with injections sun, mon, tue, and then go back for another U/S on Wed.


[QUOTE=BerkleyMom]I went for my first ultrasound today and there weren’t any measurable follicles (nothing over 12). I am going to continue with injections sun, mon, tue, and then go back for another U/S on Wed.[/QUOTE]

Are you on cd8? I’m sure you’ll have some good ones by wed.! Wow, is your clinic open 7 days a week?

Dh gave me my trigger shot last night, going in for iui in the morning. I find it very nerve wracking, as I have to take dh’s sample to the hospital lab. I have to register first, in his name,
While I’m trying to keep the sample warm. I’m always so scared it will take too long! Its honestly my least favorite part if the whole thing. But, I will do it, and it will be fine! Can’t wait to be in the 2ww!