Anyone take Medrol (methylprednisolone)?


I was prescribed Medrol Dose pak 4mg by my dentist post root canal due to inflammation on D10. IUI is scheduled for D11. Before taking the med, I contacted my RE, nurse says it is safe to use. In fact that is what they prescribe to their IVF patients post egg retrieval. So, has anyone taken Medrol during their cycle. I am not as familiar with IVF (this is my 2nd IUI). How long after egg retrieval do they do the ET?? Are you usually done taking this drug before implantation? I’m nervous about taking it but the pain is unbearable!!


DO NOT be nervous about taking Medrol. I started taking it the day of retrieval and also through transfer day, so it’s definitely not toxic to embryos.

Additionally, some ladies with immune problems will take medrol throughout their cycle.

Transfer is either 5 or 3 days after retrieval. And no, you are not always done taking the drug before implantation.

Take the Medrol and feel better!


Thanks so much!! I feel much better about the Medrol.


I also took it starting the day of retrieval and finished it I think the day after transfer. Then I switched to prednisone (a similar steroid) for the entire first trimester. It won’t hurt anything at all.

Good luck!


Many clinics use Medrol in IVF cycles on the theory that it might improve the uterine environment. My clinic used to use it that way. Then we decided it was probably irrelevant and stopped using it.


I’m using dexamethasone, 0.5mg. It’s another steroid, nearly identical to prednisone. It keeps helps to lower your immune reaction, and inflammation during IVF (I’m also taking it for another reason). Both RE and Dr. said it is totally safe through 1st tri. So no worries! Good luck.