anyone take progesterone while pregnant?


Hi, I feel once again confused! I am about 4 and a half weeks pregnant but due to a low progesterone my doctor has be taken injections of progesterone oil 1 ml daily, but the meds say do not take while pregnant because of birth defects. . . .I dont know what to think? Is the baby going to be at risk? Any input would help!


Thanks!!! I am so excited and the shots I was happy about at first because it brought my progesterone from an unhealthy 6 to 19.3 in only a few days but then I get the meds in the mail with the do not take if pregnant warning! I guess the doctors know best, but I will have to bug my poor nurse about this monday!


If you look through the IVF threads, you will find that we all take it. Some take Prometrium in pill form, many take Progesterone in Oil. It’s definitely safe, no worries!!!


I took crinone 8% gel for the first 11 weeks of my pregnancy. Thankfully I never saw a warning like that because I would’ve freaked out! I had to take it starting in my 2ww, and my little boy appears to be perfectly happy and healthy cooking away :slight_smile:

If you feel unsure at all I would always say call your doctor and ask them why these warnings are on there. I’m sure they will be able to give you the best information. But like all the other ladies have said SO many of us are on something, and it is a totally common thing to use early in pregnancy! Best of luck to you!!!


I’ve done progesterone (Crinone 8% for one, prometrium for the other) for the first tri of both pregnancies and have two healthy boys with no defects. My natural levels were low (20 for the first, 13 for the second) so I needed the support. I think the warnings are there because if you get way too much it can cause probs in X% of pregnancies. It’s a butt covering move on the company’s part.



While preg. with DS, I injected 1.5cc of PIO (Prog. in Oil) every day until week 13.

I am currently preg. with twins. With this preg., I injected 1.5cc of PIO every day until week 10.


Its definitely safe and normal, especially in fertility treatment, and even with other women who concieved without assistance if they experience bleeding or have low progestrone. I was on the shots in oil until week 10 every day, and every other until week 12. I have a friend who was at high risk for early labor and on bed rest her entire 3rd trimester and she took progestrone daily during that time as well. Best of luck


Thanks ladies, I feel so much better after reading your posts. Its great that I have found this site, I try to explain to friends and family things but its hard because they dont 100% understand all the things I am talkinga about!

Thanks again!