Anyone taking bromocriptine and caffeine during IVF stimulation?


just wondering if anyone was on the same boat as me?:stuck_out_tongue:
I was taking bromocriptine, thyroxine, folic acid throughout my IVF simulations (about 10 days), and I also drank a bit of tea/chocolate during the stimulations.
Just wondering if taking bromocriptine and caffeine will affect the egg quality or affect IVF outcomes?

Thanks everyone and good luck!:kissing_heart:


Hi, I’m not sure I can advise much here. Still I think eating some chocolate during ivf is not a big deal surely. As for the bromocriptine, you’d better ask your dr. Also a good clinic should warn their patients as for the ‘‘no-no’’ things during the cycle. This is superb you’re taking folic acid daily. It’s vital for the process. Just call your clinic and tell them your concerns to have mind at peace. All the best of luck!!


Hi honey. I don’t have an answer to your question, But would just like to say hope it has worked for you so your Ivf journey can begin and try and go with the flow. I know how hard and frustrating each stage can be. just try to stay as stress free and relaxed as you can. I know a lot of people will say that to you.but it really does help. good luck :hugs: