Anyone taking bromocriptine and caffeine during IVF stimulation?


just wondering if anyone was on the same boat as me?:stuck_out_tongue:
I was taking bromocriptine, thyroxine, folic acid throughout my IVF simulations (about 10 days), and I also drank a bit of tea/chocolate during the stimulations.
Just wondering if taking bromocriptine and caffeine will affect the egg quality or affect IVF outcomes?

Thanks everyone and good luck!:kissing_heart:


Hi, Iโ€™m not sure I can advise much here. Still I think eating some chocolate during ivf is not a big deal surely. As for the bromocriptine, youโ€™d better ask your dr. Also a good clinic should warn their patients as for the โ€˜โ€˜no-noโ€™โ€™ things during the cycle. This is superb youโ€™re taking folic acid daily. Itโ€™s vital for the process. Just call your clinic and tell them your concerns to have mind at peace. All the best of luck!!