Anyone using G-CSF (neupogen) during IVF?


Hi all,
I have had 3 failed Donor egg IVF cycles (well one BFP but m/c at 10 weeks). I have read about the potential for use of G-CSF (Neupogen) in IVF to assist in implantation and prevent recurrent miscarriages and was hoping that my RE here in Dublin will prescribe this for mer on my next fresh donor egg cycle. He hasn’t heard much about it but it does seem to be in use in some UK clinics. Have any of you heard about this or even used it during IVF? I would be really grateful for any informaiton you might have to help me get clarificaiton on the use of this drug,
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I have just used Neupogen for my last FET cycle. I have gone through 4 cycles of IVF with never getting a :bfp: . My RE believed we had an implantation issue. This past FET I used Neupogen (28iu, once a night injection in my stomach) and I did recieve my very first :bfp: , unfortunately I did miscarry at about 5 weeks however I will say I believe the Neupogen was the reason it took in the first place. I have just met with my RE and my bloodwork came back and my NK cells are normal but my NK cell activity was a little high along with my TNF cells so my RE thinks it is just a matter of increasing the dosage of Neupogen to 48iu nightly and also doing the Intralipid flush with a low dose of prednisone. I will be soon starting my 6th cycle (another FET) with hopefully a better outcome. All I can say is that I have gotten one step closer this cycle than I have ever been in the past 4 cycles and I believe the Neupogen was the cause for that. Good luck, and any questions feel free to PM me! :babydust:


hello I am currently ttc, and i ordered fertibella to take. i was wondering if i can also take the geritol liquid or tablets with that also. I know this blog is kinda old hopefully i will get an answer email me at [email protected]