Anyone with cord insertion problems and/or IUGR in twins that turned out ok?


I am 22 weeks with boy/girl twins. We had been having a very uneventful pregnancy with good screening results, blood work, and ultrasounds. At our 20 week MFM anatomy scan, we learned that our sons umbilical cord was not attached directly to his placenta, but to the membranes just outside. Our doctor couldn’t quite decipher if it was truly a velamentous insertion (cord attached to no placenta) or if it was a marginal attachment (cord attached to the very margins of the placenta). According to him, this can present no challenges if the baby is getting adequate nutrients, but occasional IUGR or slowed growth can result. He said typically this shows up toward the end of the second trimester as the baby really starts to grow larger.

As of 20 weeks, the babies were both measuring right on, at the 48% and exactly the same size. My question is, has anyone had this and it turned out ok? If you did see some growth slowing, when did it start and how long were you able to keep them in before delivering? Did anyone deliver before 30 weeks and things were ok? We are trying to stay very positive and just take it one day at a time. We get ultrasounds every other week and see the MFM again on the 21st for another Doppler and detailed growth scan. Any shared experiences or positive stories, or tips on maximizing growth would be much appreciated! I’m just terrified of having to deliver too early. Things look good for now and we are just hoping they stay that way…


Cocobelle-- I have had this type of insertion problem with 3 of 5 babies. My oldest DD had the worse problem. Her cord insertion was on the very edge of the placenta. And my first set of twins both had the same problem just not as bad of an insertion problem. We were watched very carefully by a Maternal fetal medicine dr. towards the end ultrasounds every week. We also had no growth restriction problems. All of my babies have been full term and my twins were 6 lbs and 7 lbs and my dd was 7 lbs. With DD I was really paranoid and tried to research as much as possible. I worried alot but the more u/s I had the more confident I felt in how “safe” the babies were. So Good luck and just make sure they keep a close “eye” on the babies.


Thank you so much! I’m so glad your babies turned out so beautifully. We will stay on top of it and fingers crossed we will get just as lucky! :pray:


My DS had a velamentous cord insertion. We found out during our 22wk scan and we would get more frequent than usual scans thereafter to monitor his growth. We never had any issues come up though. He was born 38.5wks at 6lb 1oz.

Believe me, I was super nervous from everything I read and heard about velamentous and other cord abnormalities, but in the end it turned out to be a non-issue. I hope the same for you!