Anyone with Endo + RPL got preg after Lap and carried fullterm?



Can you share personal expereinces with me – girls who got pregnant after endo lap and carried fullterm??

I had a Lap for Endo in July 2008. But it recurred in the next 8-10 months.
I managed to conceive twice with the recurred endo … but couldn’t stick fullterm. One m/c happened at 8 weeks with no H/B. Other was a chemical pregnancy. The reasons were undetected as all the tests came normal. Then I had lap again in March '10. So right now all is cleared.

I had 3 failed IUIs since July '10. Now moving to IVF in December.

I am very anxious … even if I conceive I fear that ‘what if it doesn’t last’?. :cross:

And does anyone know a relation between Endo and m/c ???