Anyone with higher TSH please read


Hey guys thanx for checking out my post. I have been trying to get pregnant for 2years with no success. I’m 27 yrs. old and my fiance is 34 with four children from a previous marriage. I recently seen an fertility specialist/endo. who did a full lab work up which showed TSH levels of 3.7 which is normal, but the high end of normal especially for trying to conceive. He wants me to take Synthroid to help bring my levels down, but I’m skeptical about taking medications to alter my hormone levels. (I have never had to take any type of long term medications). Ultimately taking a pill every day-- even if it causes me to have to take it indefinitely would be a small price to pay for a baby-- I would just like to hear a success story or two? :flower:


Yes, you should take the Synthroid. If you are TTC, you want your TSH to be around 1. While you could still be considered “normal” a TSH of 3.7 could totally be the culprit. My TSH was 3.9 before starting Synthroid, I wish I could tell you I’ve been successful since lowering my TSH, but DH & I have more issues than just that. I can however tell you I feel much better, and that has made this whole process easier to deal with.


I too have a “normal” TSH if you ask the lab but higher than it should be for ttc. My RE and the “normal” endocrinologist I went to when my OB/GYN got the originial results way back when both said that having a TSH between 1-2 (close to 1) is much better for ttc. I also wan’t looking forward to taking meds every day, but it really is a small price to pay. We have had to do IVF as well, but have 1 (and a half :preg: ) beautiful babies as a result. And as the previous poster said, you may find that you have some subtle changes, for the better, on the meds. I had a little more energy and was a little less easily depressed - may have been the meds or just starting more aggressive IF treatment soon thereafter.

Another aspect to think about is that your embryo can’t make its own thyroid hormone for several weeks so it’ll be relying on your thyroid to supply it. When I got pg with my DD my TSH went to I think 8 point something, not in the dangerous range, but enough that I had to double my Synthroid dose. I didn’t want my little nugget to be missing out!

If your TSH stays in the lab-normal range, remember that you can come off it in the future, when you’ve completed your family, if you feel very strongly about it. That’s what I’m thinking of doing. Presuming I don’t feel badly when I come off :flower:

Hope that helps!