Anyone's IVF genectic testing result in Trisomy 22


I’m 41 and just received a phone call that they could not do my transplant, which was scheduled for this morning, due to my 1 mature egg testing positive for Trisomy 22. I have 3 others that they are waiting to mature to size for them to test, but they think those may not be viable. This is my first IVF cycle. I had 5 mature eggs, but only 4 fertilized. My husband’s sperm count is too low to even try IUI. I’ve been searching the internet since I got off the phone with the clinic. I’ve read that Trisomy 22 may not likely happen again, but has anyone gone through this? Is it worth going through another cycle? I know I’m older and age is a factor, but I hear of stories of those my age or older having their first baby and it somehow gives me hope. Also, on a side note, I’ve read that acupuncture has helped others in failed IVF. Is that true for others?
Thanks, for any input.


Hi Gracielda,

Sorry no one saw this. I don’t have the answers for you but wanted to say that I hope it’s all going well. I have heard that acupuncture helps but have not experienced it personally. All the best!


Hi, Gracielda, I haven’t gotten genetic testing on my embryos, but I am 40+. It took me 3 fresh IVFs before I finally had success (and I usually get a decent number of embryos for my age). I had my success at 41. The trisomies end to be random so the exact same genetic issue will probably not happen, but unfortunately us older ladies are more likely to have genetic issues than the younger ladies. There are several 40+ ladies on the thread 40+ and Happy to Have Found You. You are welcome to join us. Though as a warning most of us currently on the thread trying to conceive are trying to conceive a second, so children may be mentioned. I’m done with full IVF attempts, but am planning a final frozen transfer in September with my 2 embryos leftover from my successful cycle.


I found out that a pregnancy might end in mc cause of 22 trisomy (22 trisomy) Discuss the risk with yr doc and make yr dec then. Good luck