Anything about low amh levels


Hi gals…
Im new to this forum and i was wondering if anyone knows anything about low amh levels. I was told today that mine is .34 and I have 6-7 follicles as shown on day 3 US. Im 38 yo and my hubby and i have been trying for 5+ years the natural way with no luck.
I have had 4-5 MCs all at 6wks or sooner, an ectopic which resulted in the removal of the tube. I still have my O’s though so i guess thats good. I feel like im running out of time and that scares me like you wouldnt believe.
Our next appointment is in feb 2012.


I also have low amh, .50 the last time they checked and I am 33. It sucks. I am trying clomid, first time failed, maybe this month we will do IUI. My doctor said with my numbers I can try IUI and med’s for a few months then we may need to move to IVF, which if I dont have a lot of follicles will be a waste. That being said I wouldnt hang your hat on those numbers alone. You can take DHEA and other supplements to help with the eqq quality of the eggs you have left. And although it may not be many eggs, there are some so try and get those eggs in the best condition possible. I feel realy stressed when I think of my numbers that look bad but the good side is you can get pregnant you just need those babies to stay. I would see a specialist not a regular OBGYN and they will help you navigate what to do next. Good luck to you! I know other people much older with lower numbers who got pregnant and have a baby, you can do it!


I have tried Clomid several times with no luck, but that was before I was told I had PCOS, which now Ive been told I dont have…GRRRR!!! I am still taking metformin 2000mg/day which has made my period cycle go from 40 days to 28 days along with a 40lb weight loss. my fertility doc has put me on taron c dha prenatal vitamins which give me a huuuuge headache :confused: is DHEA OTC? Ive heard lots of good things about it.

Thanks for the encouragement and good luck to you!!!:flower:


Hi girls,
I also have really low AMH (0.29) and I’m only 26. I have been trying for almost 4 years now. I only had one pregnancy but it was through IVF and was a chemical. I never got pregnant on my own. Once I found out that my AMH was so low, I was told to do IVF right away and not waste any time, so that’s what I’m doing. It doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant on your own but chances are slim the lower the number is. Even using IVF I have less than a 20% chance.

Heidi, you may want to look into getting checked for immune or implantation issues. It’s a good sign that you can get pregnant but since you can’t seem to make them stick, maybe you should ask to be tested. After my second one didn’t work with transfering more and better eggs, I got tested and found out I have high NKcells which can lead to implantation failure. I am going to be doing Intralipid injections this time to stop the killer cells from attacking the embryo.

Good Luck!


I wish they had told me to do IVF right away!! I just dont understand the hold up. all of my labs except for the amh were normal. Im guessing maybe its because of my age or that ive had an ectopic (w/removal of tube).

:babydust:baby dust to all!!!


My AMH is 0.27. I’ve done three IUIs and one IVF with my own eggs - all were BFN. With that IVF cycle I got only two eggs and one fertilized which arrested at day 3 so there was no transfer. It took that cycle for me to accept that if I really wanted to have a good chance of ever getting pregnant I would need to use donor eggs, which I was very lucky to have a little sister to do that for me.


My AMH is very low as well. <.16 which I think is as bad as it gets. My FSH is 46. I am 38. It can be a very scary time. There are some things that you can do though to help. Most Dr’s recommend treating low AMH like high FSH-DHEA, wheatgrass, royal jelly, Maca are just a few suppliments that can help. I found a found a community that has changed my opinion about my infertility. Here is a link that may give you some hope.

Low AMH and Pregnancy

How to Conceive After Miscarriage: Understanding Unexplained Infertility

All the best to you.


Hi ladies! I wanted to tell you my story to share some hope. I was 31 and diagnosed with low AMH as well with a 1.2. All my other numbers were normal.

My doctor was willing to try medicated/injections with IUI 3-4 times before she said we should then move to IVF. She also thought it best not to waste time. She said if money were no object she’d recommend straight to IVF, but of course money IS an object!

So anyway, I started off taking Femara for the first few days of my cycle and then doing Follistim injections at home. They monitored me during this checking my follicles on CD 3 and then again on CD 12. On CD 12 there was only 1 good egg left. We’d been hoping for more as that was somewhat the point of the medications, but doctor was hopeful that all we needed was one healthy one. I thought this was a bad sign though and cried and cried.

So they triggered ovulation that day and the next morning we did IUI. It worked and I turned up pregnant 2 weeks later. FIRST TRY! I am now 32 years old, 13 weeks pregnant and everything is healthy so far.

My understanding of it was that while I was ovulating, they didn’t think that my eggs were reaching good enough maturity to be a “good egg” each time before they were released. She said that yeah, it was possible I still ovulated a good egg some cycles, but that it was really reducing my odds of all the timing and everything working out.

I know I’m hugely lucky to have it work out the very first time like that, but I wasn’t feeling so lucky when trying all that time before. Trust me I was already researching IVF as I just knew it wouldn’t work during the 3 IUI tries, but it did! I wouldn’t waste any time and wanted you to know that it could be you that it works for the first time too.

Just thought a real life low AMH success story might help to hear.