April 2015 IVF


Hi everyone…!

I have started Buserelin this morning, on IVF (ICSI) cycle number 2.
I was lucky enough to have a baby boy in Jan 2014 after cycle 1. We are now trying for baby no2.

I cycled on a forum last time and found the support and the chat invaluable, is there anyone out there entering their cycle this month?
I couldn’t find a thread already so I thought I’d start one…


I can’t say that I understand any of this, but I can offer my support. I will be going through my first IUI cycle this month. RE is planning to do it unmedicated so we’ll see.
Hoping you have success as quickly as last time!


It’s good to hear that you have one child through IVF and again trying for next. IVF is a good treatment and many couples are taking benefit of this successful process after losing all hopes to conceive. As long as your concerns don’t think you are only one to have treatment cycle this month, even my sister is going through it. No need to fear, all will be fine and you will have another healthy baby.