April FET 2015


Aee you doing a FET in April/may?


I’ll be doing a FET in April possible early may. This is my second time. I have a beautiful 18 month old little girl from my first Ivf. I’ll be doing my saline sono this cycle and then the FET next. I’m excited to be trying for our second. Although I’m not looking forward to the pio shots :-/


Hi there!

I believe my FET will land in April or early May depending on my cycle.

My consult is Monday. We have 9 frozen from a cycle in 2009 that we had b/g twins with. Now were are ready for ONE more! We will be doing a SET.

I have not had a period for Feb. yet so I am hoping it starts after Monday so I can start my cycle right away. I am so anxious and excited!

I hope we get that BFP. I have been come a little obsessive about VBACs, names and nurseries. I know you all can relate!


Congrats on your twins Mary! Hope we both are blessed again this time around!


All the best to all of you with FET.


My FET will be at the end of March. I have a son about the age of yours, TTC. Mary, I’d love to hear your thoughts on twins. We had made the decision a while back that if we were able, we would transfer 2 embryos this time. We’re hoping to complete our family with two more children and if only one (or neither) embryo turns into a pregnancy, we will likely go ahead with adoption. But now that we’re only weeks away from the transfer, my husband is getting cold feet after reading about all of the risks of a multiple birth. I tend to think there are risks with everything, and healthy twins are born every day. I’d love to hear if you recommend implanting two, even with a high probability of twins (we’ve had PGS genetic screenings done to rule out any abnormal embryos, which also increases the chances of successful pregnancy after transfer).


Hi ladies!
The consult was today and it went really well. I haven’t been back to that office in nearly 6 years so it was a strange feeling seeing our RE and the nurses were the same!

I did baseline blood work and will get a call Wednesday to start BCP (I literally started my period last Friday). However, I will not go forward with this cycle but rather when my next period starts I will start meds (Estrogen, low dose lupron) because the dr is out for two weeks in April. I will also do a HSG. The coordinating nurse still said this puts me at an early May transfer. Probably the first week she is guessing. I am kind of emotional after leaving that office.

One thing I was surprised to find out was that 4 of my embryos are zygotes that were frozen on Day 1 and then I have 5 blastocysts frozen as well. Apparently they will use the zygotes first, grow to day 5 and transfer the best one. He is confident I will have a perfect embryo to transfer because of our other graded embryos are an A. Plus, my embryos are from when I was 24. Really it doesn’t make me feel better haha. I am still anxious and I just want to be to 12 weeks right now to enjoy my pregnancy. I guess that is not gonna happen huh?

@Alm30324 First, my RE suggested transferring one embryo because of my age of 24 at the time of our Fresh cycle. Of course, we were prepared and excited at the idea of twins at the time. I had no other children to care for and we weren’t sure if we would ever do IVF again etc. I will say that I am head over heels in love with my children and having twins. I feel very fortunate they have each other and I got instant “siblings.” However, when doctors mention a risk they are serious. My twins are perfectly healthy, thriving children now but I had a really difficult pregnancy where my cervix was funneling from week 14 and my daughter has life threatening growth restrictions. Would I do it all again? Yes, because I now know the outcome. This time I really just want one baby and will not take the risk of twins. I don’t think there is a wrong or right decision. I think you need to figure out if you are comfortable with twins and if you are then go for it!


My FET is scheduled for April 1st. The Dr said if all three survive the thawing process; he will transfer all three due to my age. Crossing fingers an praying all goes well. Still trying to figure out how to manage my son when I am on bed rest after the transfer. I am thinking of maybe getting a hotel room so I don’t have to carry my 2 year old up and down or go anywhere. Any ideas? On the day that I will be taking the pregnancy test my work wants me to travel to Florida and be there for 3 days to do training. I hate to ask my family to watch my son for 3 more days on top of what will be in mid April. They love him at the same time I don’t want them thinking I am taking advantage of them. I have not told them about me doing the FET since I didn’t want to feel any pressure or field any questions.


Thanks for the advice about twins, Mary. I will be 39 shortly after the transfer, so the doctors will not discourage me from transferring two. In fact, I transferred two the last time I did IVF (fresh cycle), also hoping to have twins, and was blessed with one beautiful boy. This time around, because of my age and other issues, we’ve done PGS (genetic screening) to rule out any embryos with chromosomal abnormalities or other genetic defects. The statistics indicate that approximately 70% of all euploid “normal” embryos transferred after this screening will successfully turn into a pregnancy. Those odds are great - but at the same time, terrifying. While I love the idea of having twins after they are born, I’m aware there are a lot of risks during a multiple pregnancy. I would never forgive myself if the babies have health problems just because I wanted the convenience of having two at once. There are certainly risks to only having one and waiting as well - I’m not getting any younger, and even singletons can be born premature or with other issues. Ugh. It seems like I change my mind every other day. Guess it will depend on my mood the morning of the transfer as to how many we put back.

Welcome Karen. My transfer is 3/27, but since it’s so close to the end of the month, I thought it would be fun to join this April FET Board as well. I also have a 2 year old, but am fortunate enough that my husband will be watching him after my transfer. We don’t have any family nearby, so I would encourage you to use that resource. I understand the feelings of guilt and not wanting to take advantage, but I’m sure you also want to do absolutely everything you can to make this transfer a success. Maybe you can blame your work schedule for all of the extra requests? Sounds like it really is a busy time for you, so your family will believe it when you ask for the extra help just through this short period of time? Try not to stress. They love you, so they will probably be glad to help you. We’re keeping all of this a secret from our families right now too. They knew about everything the last time, but it was just as hard for them to wait out the results as us. This time we’re keeping things closer to the vest, hoping to give them a great surprise soon!


Hi girls! I had my saline sono on Tuesday. All looks good and we are ready to go with my next period. Should be end of the month. I’m just ready to get this part over with. I hate the anxiety of waiting. I feel like I’m in limbo. We will be transferring 1 embryo. My dr is confident because it worked first try with our daughter and I’m 29 years old. So I am putting my faith in him. I don’t want to risk the chance of twins so I hope it works!

Karen- I think it might benefit you to tell at least one member of your family so they understand you aren’t trying to take advantage of them. Just tell them you are feeling anxious about the whole thing and don’t really want to talk about it much. I hope you figure something out.


Glad everything looks good TTC. Hope you get to move ahead soon. I agree that the waiting is the worst. I did a fresh stim cycle in January, then froze for testing. My transfer is planned for 3/27 and it feels like it is taking forever!

Hope things are going better for you Karen.


Hi ladies and good luck to you all!!..
My transfer date is April 3th, today I started with Vivelle patch, Aspirin and still on Lupron. I’m praying this time we all have our positives results…:slight_smile: Can you please comment about PIO injections? this will be my first time using them and I’m a little nervous about them. Thank you!!


So I finally have some news on my second frozen embryo. I’ve been told that they need to collect a DNA sample from my husband for further testing and comparison with the embryo. (All I get are more questions instead of answers!!) Apparently there is a question regarding whether or not it has a Y chromosome microdeletion (YCM). I’d never heard of that before, but I’ve been doing a lot of research on it. It’s a genetic condition that is typically found in infertile men, which is confusing since my husband is not infertile. His initial work-up came back fine and his sperm counts are always very good. There are some medical journals reporting instances of this condition in otherwise fertile men, but the majority of the research doesn’t seem to apply to our situation. The good news is that with regard to the condition, males with it have no obvious symptoms, and there is no greater risk of birth defects than with any other assisted reproduction technology. Research has shown that male offspring will have this same deletion as their father, which is why they want to do a DNA test of my husband to confirm this is simply an inherited gene before making a decision on its health/viability. My true concern is that the presence of this gene correlates with a “high risk of male infertility.” So even if the lab ultimately gives me the thumbs up and classifies this as a “normal” embryo, I will know that our baby boy is carrying this gene and may eventually have to go through IVF, or not even be able to have children at all. I’m even more concerned about my 2 year old son. If my husband has this gene, not only does my male frostie have it, but my 2 year old has it as well since it automatically passes from father to son. This gene doesn’t affect girls, so it doesn’t impact my frozen girl embryo. We don’t know the results yet, but the lab suspects this is a hereditary trait from my husband. It’s sort of good news because if their suspicions are true, they will recommend we go forward with its transfer. My husband is understandably worried about “causing” his sons to have fertility issues, yet I don’t feel like this one issue is a reason not to go forward with transfer. I’m most disappointed that we are STILL waiting for our final results. For now I’m going to keep imagining my girl and boy twins being born healthy and happy later this year.

Hope everyone else is doing well.


It’s cd4 today. I went in for my baseline and all looked good. My lining was a 9 but I had a heavy bleed for two days now so that should have went back down and now we are waiting for it to get back up to a nine. My lining check is this coming Friday. Hopefully it will be thick enough to go ahead and schedule the transfer. I’m on the Vivel estrogen patches now.

Monal- I’m not going to lie the pio is a bi***. A little tip that helped me with my first time was setting the oil in hot water for a few min to thin it a little. Then it’s a little easier going in. I was black and blue for months though. I hope this time it’s not as bad.
Good luck ladies! Baby dust!!!


Good luck TTC! I had my transfer last Friday (3/27) and will have my first Beta one week from today (4/6).
And good luck to Monal with the transfer this Friday (4/3)!


What day of your cycle does your transfer take place?


hi there, had FEt on 17th of April , two embryos transferred. I had severe cramping from 2days post up till now. I had backache, headache, sore boobs as i thought Af was right around the corner. Today is 9 days post and i poas and got my BFP. I’m so happy and thrilled all in one. My beta is on Wednesday 29th, so hoping and praying for high numbers!!! I had humira due to elevated cytokines , im also on prednisolone, aspirin, omega 3 (which i took on my own), clexane, progesterone in oil, progesterone pessaries and bromocriptine. Wishing all you ladies baby dust.


Just got AF. Called clinic to get things started! Here we go again! :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=“graciouslywaiting, post: 1790095, member: 84674”]hi there, had FEt on 17th of April , two embryos transferred. I had severe cramping from 2days post up till now. I had backache, headache, sore boobs as i thought Af was right around the corner. Today is 9 days post and i poas and got my BFP. I’m so happy and thrilled all in one. My beta is on Wednesday 29th, so hoping and praying for high numbers!!! I had humira due to elevated cytokines , im also on prednisolone, aspirin, omega 3 (which i took on my own), clexane, progesterone in oil, progesterone pessaries and bromocriptine. Wishing all you ladies baby dust.[/QUOTE]
You will have to let us know your beta! I wonder if it is 1 or 2!!