April ivf cycle in sc anyone


Just wondering if anyone is starting IVF in April in South Carolina?

I started my cycle on 3/26 with the pill and look forward to starting Ganirelix on 4/22, protocol just changed as of today after visiting re today. Gosh I am so excited, but nervous. This is my first IVF cycle. Any advice on how to keep the nerves in check? :pray:


I am in California. What I did is acupuncture and meditation to keep calm. It helped me a ton.

Good luck! :babydust:


I haven’t done IVF yet, I’m scheduled for May. My strategy is to keep my brain busy.

I planned a couple of treats, like a really nice manicure and a tour/tasting at my favorite chocolate maker (TCHO, yummm!). I ordered a couple of books and I subscribed to Nexflix, so I can watch a bunch of shows or movies when I’m feeling yucky - based on how I felt before on Follistim I will have some couch potato days!

I also do acupuncture weekly, which is really helpful for my stress.


There is a thread for May IVF people…you should join if you haven’t already?