April IVF


Kate~Congratulations!!! Your boys are so beautiful!

Sara~Hugs to you, I am sorry.

AFM~Busy, busy weekend, be back later.


I’m so far behind with you ladies…sorry.

Sara: I am so sorry about the BFN. As the others have said, I admire your ability to express yourself. Your posts are so heartfelt. Know that I’m here for you.

Candi: So good to hear from you. You’ve been on my mind a lot. It’s hard to believe you’re already at 15 weeks but I’m sure, for you, time has moved slowly. All is well with me. Racing around a bit dealing with preparing the house, getting things together at work and dealing with family and friends. Time seems to be flying by.

Kristin: Love your baby bump! It looks perfect. I will take a picture of mine this weekend and post. Are you feeling the baby move quite a bit? It’s a surreal feeling, isn’t it.

Carol: DH certainly gave you a surprise by quitting. I hope one of his leads pan out quickly. Poor Avery for getting the UTI. Has the Keflex been working? How did you figure out this was the problem?

Jen: I hope your boss appreciates all the work you’re doing when you’re supposed to be on vacation. Take time out to enjoy and relax! Lucky you for meeting with Kristin and Melissa.

Hello to everyone else and I’ll come back with more personals tomorrow. Take care of yourselves!


[QUOTE=mmckenna]Hi ladies! Sorry I have been MIA. I have been busy and I did try to post once last week but it got lost and I am having problems with my keyboard. Sometimes random letters stick and it annoys the h3ll out of me. It’s like I am typing too fast and the keyboard is lagging behind. So, I am sure there are going to be typos so I apologize in advance :slight_smile:

Kate: CONGRATULATIONS!!! They are absolutely beautiful!!! I am so glad that things seem to be going well and I can’t wait to hear your birth story!!!

Sara: I don’t know what else to say except I am sorry and I know that won’t take the pain away. You said your thoughts so beautifully and I know it touches each of us in one way or another. I know I have said it before, but as silly as it sounds, I am thankful for the IVF process because it led me to my two beautiful children. I will never forget everything I went through to achieve my dreams…even the worst part of it.

Candi: I am glad the bleeding has slowed and you have been able to enjoy yourself a little at the pool. can’t wait to hear what your having, but I am with everyone else and am thinking boy!!!

Jen: I can’t believe you are working while you are on vacay!!! Girl, you are crazy!! Sounds like you are having a great time with friends and family. I am sorry dh and dd have a cold and that Jessie had gotten off her sleeping schedule for a little while, but glad that she seems to be getting in the swing of things again!

Carol: OMG about dh quitting his job!! But, it looks like you are benefiting!!! You are going to have so much fun in Disney. Is your DD super excited?? Are the kiddos out of school yet? I hope Avery is on the mend and I have never heard of kidney reflux either. I hope you get some answers soon.

Karen: That’s so neat that Nate will be part of a study!! Does he seem more satisfied hunger wise now that he is on cereal?? Is dh done with school? So I take it he will be watching Nate while he is off or will you still take him to your parents?

Nat: Go you on losing weight!! I am super jealous!! Sorry Juliet doesn’t take good naps for you. I am pretty lucky in that department knock on wood. At least they are sleeping through the night for you. Braden is pretty inconsistent still. Some nights he will sleep 10-12 hours straight, other times he wakes up once to eat, sometimes twice, but the second time is around 6-7a so I guess can’t really count that as getting up in the middle of the night, even though it feels that way for me. HAHA! I hope things work out with the nanny. Sorry about the ouchie IUD insertion. I understand not wanting another one right away and I don’t even have twins!!

Lily: Yay for getting bcp and meds!!! You are on your way to a BFP!! Do you have a tentative schedule yet? I totally understand about IVF being taboo. Being Catholic, IVF is considered a mortal sin. I have discussed this issue with my parents and other friends of mine who are Catholic and we all agree that science only takes that little embryo so far, but God is who decides whether to give that embryo a chance or not. I would tell your friend what you have been through. I am sure she will understand your reasonings for not wanting to tell her in the first place.

Melissa: You are doing awesome at the gym!!! I remember when I used to kick a$$ like that at the gym. Oh, those were the good old days!! And you are so skinny at 148!!! I am about the same height as you with muscular build too so when I hit around 150, I look pretty good and people don’t believe how much I weigh because, like you, I carry it well! I would die to be 148!! But, you have to get to what makes you happy, but you are going to be one hot mama in your bathing suit in NOLA!!! Dh won’t be able to keep his hands off of you!!!

Sam/Jazz: I am jealous of your meet up with Nat! I am sure you guys will have great playdates in the future when 4 babies start being mobile!!! Yay for Jazz being off of nights!!! Sam, you are a rockstar for doing 2 months by yourself with twins! Congrats on the house! It sounds great and I hope the move isn’t too stressful and goes smooth and quickly!

Rosie: I hope things get moving on the baby making front!

Krisitn: When I saw that pic of you and Jen (which is super cute, BTW) I was wondering where your belly was!!! I love the belly pic and you are a super cute pregnant lady! I hope you had fun showing off your baby bump to family!

Sheri: How are you feeling? Have you gotten to get back into your walking routine yet? Are you having a shower?? Your DD is approaching so quickly!!!

Did I get everyone??? If not, sorry. I tried really hard!

AFM: Been keeping busy. My mom had a garage sale last Friday and Saturday and didn’t tell me till the Tuesday before so I spent all last week going through my house and then at my mom’s pricing things and helping with the sale. I did alright, but I am taking everything I didn’t sell to my sister’s garage sale this weekend. She lives in a neighborhood with lots of young couples and kids and I have a lot of baby stuff so hopefully it will do better there. What else? I seem to be going to Cleveland Indians games pretty often. Dh bought a ticket pack where we got 8 free tickets and 12 buy one, get one free tickets. So, we have been going to games. The pool isn’t opened yet at my parents because my dad had a surgical procedure done last week and so he has been recovering from that and unable to get the pool opened on time. It has been HOT too!!! 90 yesterday and 92 today. I bought DD a kiddie swimming pool that has a slide and basketball hoop and also big enough for me to sit in. HAHA! So we have just been hanging out in the backyard the last few days. Braden had his 4 month appt last week and he was drum roll please 17 pounds, 2 oz and 27" tall!!! He is a beast!!! She said he is tall for his age so he is at least getting taller and “slimming” down. HAHA! He was in the 90th percentile for both height and weight. I also got the ok to start him on solids so we started peas this week. I think he actually likes them and is doing quite well with a spoon. The peas make for some interesting poop though. HAHA! And I know this is bad, but he loves watching tv. I think he just likes being talked to so he thinks the tv is talking to him. LOL! He laughs and squeals the whole time he is in front of it. he is watching Nightly News right now and must think Brian Williams is hysterical! DD is doing ok. She has been crabby lately because we have been going non-stop for about a week now and no nap and late nights catch up to her and makes for one crabby toddler. She still isn’t pooping on the potty, but I decided to just ignore the issue and not make a big deal out of it. She knows what she is supposed to do and tells me she knows she needs to go on the potty. I just hope she starts doing it soon. I guess that’s about it. I get my hair did on Thursday so I think I am going blond again…well light brown with blond highlights. I am going out with my friends Friday night so that should be fun. I also have gotten some sun the last few days so I am looking pretty tan. Now if I could just get someone to give me a magic pill to melt all this fat away or hypnotize me into thinking all fattening food tastes like poop and all healthy food tastes like candy. HAHA![/QUOTE]

thanks honey, nice to hear from you…we’ve missed you! Sounds like you have been super busy. I am sure you will do great on your sale this weekend with the neighbourhood she is in. good luck! feels so great to get rid of stuff and clean out…I seem to keep finding more stuff! Sorry to hear about your dad, hope he’s doing ok and recovers quickly. Yeah hot here too all week in 90s, but today in 70s, ah relief! which is good as ds’s grade is running their mile today (they do exercise testing throughout the year as part of a healthy initiative), so that would have sucked in 90 degree heat! you have a BIG boy! yay for starting solids Thats good that his height is keeping up with his weight. At that age my ds was i think about 90% in height and off the chart in weight - he was 19lbs at 4mos! (I found his baby book last year an looked through and that number stuck in my head!) he was in his convertible seat before 5 months! I am sure Braden will be too as he’s tall and his little feet will be dangling over the endge. ha ha, now ds is the skinniest bean you have ever seen! so you never know how they will turn out. ooh post pics when your hair is done, today? Thats a good idea to let the pooping thing go, less stress will make it not so overwhelming for her.


Thanks for the love ladies, really means a lot and helps more than you think. Auntie flo is just teasing and not here fully yet. *****!

Otherwise dealing with the heat, and today is lovely and 70s. I am going to look into starting my WW membership (courtesy of Oprah!) and also get back to the gym asap, and I still have a couple of training/PT sessions. Only 2 weeks til the cruise, couldn’t have come at a better time! But I am so not bathing suit ready, so need to get on it!

I am working on some writing projects and trying to get my business organized, and possibly take some classes in event planning, as even though I have done a million, my professional CV (for events) is old, so need to freshen it up. I am also going to be doing some volunteer events, so I will keep you posted on those!

I am also going to start moving ahead with the adoption stuff. A friend of mine is still offering to do surrogacy for us, but I think we had just moved past it all and went straight to adoption. Surrogacy is not cheap either, and I feel so blessed to have her, but also so weird asking that of her. I am not good at asking anyone for anything, let alone carry a baby for me! So now its trying to figure out an agency…as we need one out of state and there are a million!!! I thought about going online to these chat boards to see, but a woman here in state who has been giving me some advice (she is from a resource place) said not to… there are a lot of corrupt people in adoption who pretend to be happy or disgruntled parents but actually work for competing agencies etc. Its so sad, but parents are vulnerable, and there are some corrupt people out there. disgusting! I have received some paperwork from two larger ones. One of them is recommended by a friend who didn’t end up adopting but started with them (so who knows what they are actually like) and another one was recommended by a friend whose friend used them and loved them. I think I have heard that having more than one is ok and probably good. Then we need to find one in state…which I might just use this resource woman as shes attached to an agency here. phew, really overwhelming. Guess I am getting a ticket for a different crazy train, ha ha! Melissa, we will do this together xoxo

did you hear that octomoms dr lost his license (finally!), actually I thought he already had! Bummer, I was hoping to go to him for my last resort… hahahah! kidding (although after doing 6 IVFs I guess I woudnt put it past me!).

Love all of you and so grateful for you in my life. When are we planning a get together?!! xoxoxox


Sara - Your cruise sounds fun! It will be nice to get away. Maybe that is what I should have done. I could have said they didn’t have wifi on the boat so I don’t have to work. I am glad you mentioned the adoption on the internet and the corruptness. I think it was you that talked about doing the private adoption for my embryos. I did go online and looked for some agencies to do it. I will make sure I am very careful about it when the time comes.

Melissa - I am so sorry again for making you wait the other day. Ugh! I can never get my boss off the phone when we talk. Thanks for the sweet words about my girls! Again, you look fantastic and I wish I could get in a workout rhythm. Hopefully when I get back!

Mckenna - Hope you have great success at the garage sale! I think I am giving all my stuff to my cousin’s. They don’t have a baby yet, but I really want them to so our kids are close in age. Braden is doing so well! Sorry about your dad. I hope the recovery is quick. Are you working this summer? Or will there be pool days ahead of you?

Sheri - So good to hear from you. How are you feeling? Is the baby kicking a bunch? How’s your brother’s little girl? Not really sure my boss appreciates that I am working and as it turns out, they’ve extended our deadline, so I could have probably gotten away with not doing too much.

Kristin - Sounds like a fun weekend! Can’t wait to hear!

Nat - How are naps? Getting any better? When does the nanny come? Does she start next week?

AFM - We went to millineium park yesterday in downtown chicago. it was a great time! We couldn’t ask for a better day! Today we are relaxing and tomorrow, my DH and I are golfing and then we are heading to a hotel for our night off. I am so excited. Then we are going to a 40th party and on Saturday we head back to CO.


Get together!! Get together!!

My cousin told me yesterday she is going to study english one year in chicago. She is going from september 2011 through June 2012. She is having a hard time since her brother died in 2007 in a horrible car accident, so im vey happy she is doing this and gets to see other things. I miss my cousin very much also and I like to think my girls are with him, that I didnt got to know them but he did.

Well the point is I already have a place to stay in Chicago!! For one year Hahahahaha i want to go and make my cousin some company and be able to talk to her and have nice looong chats. And of course get to meet Melissa and Amy. It would be nice if we can come up in a date and more are able to go.

I can always go to Tx, and plan on going to NY to meet Rosie. That NY trip will have to be next year because DH wants to meet Rosie also and has no more vacations this year. He would be mad if I went alone hahahaha, NY is our favorite city in the whole world… Crazy huh?

Have a nice day my ladies!!! Love you all



sorry I am MIA - trying to get through this week… the last week of students for me is HELL!!!'
3 way late nights in a row…

Just wanted you all to know I was thinking of you!


Jen~ the girls have actually been doing pretty well with naps lately. But for whatever reason, last night was terrible. Allison was back on her every 3 hour feeding schedule. And Juliet was waking up, too, but I think her sister was waking her up. Both girls had dirty diapers (I was actually awake and heard Allison go. She woke me up with all the grunting she did before she did her deed). I hope we have a better night tonight. Nanny started yesterday. I have her come in for half days so she can see what I am doing and hopefully the girls can get used to her. She never did nanny stuff, she watched her own grandkids and they are 11 now so she needs some training. But she is willing to watch them the way I tell her. She has been picking them up but I haven’t heard her talk much to them. Since it’s only been 2 days, I figured I won’t nag her about it just yet and let her warm up to the girls. But she better start talking to them in a little bit. They love being talked to. I know you said that you had nanny for your 1st DD and you worked from home. How did you handle it? Did you write down what you wanted done and at what time? Did you have her do additional stuff? Sorry that you didn’t have to work that much after all, since deadline was extended. I hate what that happens… You really shouldn’t have had to work on your vacation at all

Lily~ you’re such a sweetie! I really want to meet you one day.

Sara~ sounds like you’re finding some peace with decision to move to adoption. I hope you find an agency that you’re comfortable with. Are you looking into infant adoption or are you opened to any age?

AFM~ having one of those days… woke up tired because girls were waking up every 3 hours. Yesterday was first day I had nanny and anxiety got the best of me. I stressed myself so much that it totally affected my milk supply (or maybe the girls just ate it all since they were up all night). I might actually have to defrost a bag or two for night time bottles. I have also been bottle-feeding Juliet just about every single feeding because I got tired of her spitting out boob and then getting all hungry an hour later. I wish there was a magic pill I could take that would work immediately to make me happy today. I might be totally psycho but I left to go to Costco today and left girls with my Mom and nanny. My Mom put Juliet down for a nap (she hasn’t done that before). When Juliet woke up, she wouldn’t look at me. She just kept spitting at me. I am dead serious! Then, I put her on the mat on her back and TV was going. So she turned from back to her side and stayed on her side so she can see TV! She loves TV. Actually Allison does too. Oh, and yesterday was the first day Juliet rolled. Baby Alli has been doing it for a while, even though she does not do it every day. I don’t know, I hate being in the pissy mood… no fun for anyone, and especially me.


Sara – You have so much going on right now. I am glad you’re looking into adoption again. Seems like you have a pretty good start and will probably start before me and DH….

Lily – OMG…. How exciting. Does she know anyone here? I wish I knew Spanish. We should definitely come up with a date.

Nat – I could tell that you were stressed out yesterday. I am so proud of you for leaving the babies with Mom and the Nanny!! YAY for Juliet rolling over…that’s wonderful….

AFM – I went to see a Chinese herbalist yesterday just to see what he has to say. He thinks that he could help me out…but he wants to do herbs and acupuncture and his acupuncture is really, really expensive. He said I could just do the herbs, but that herbs and acu work together synergistically and that I would probably have better results if they were done together So I was googling Chinese herbs and fertility and I learned a lot about what it is that the herbs are supposed to do and why you take them…but I haven’t been able to find anything that actually lists the herbs that should be taken. So we’ll see.


Sara~You are so strong and inspiring in your words. I am happy for you that you have a new plan and are moving forward.

Sheri~I hope you post your bump this weekend.

Candi~I am glad things are getting better for you and the bleeding seems to be letting up. You seem to have been really busy lately by your fb posts.

Jen~do you even feel like you had a vacation with all of the work you have been doing? I hope you have a safe drive back home.

AFM~I can confidently say now that I have felt the baby kick. A couple of days ago lying in bed I felt several flutters and have been feeling more every day. Up until this point I wasn’t positive what I was feeling.


Hello ladies! I’m sooo behind. I read everything but I’m sure I’ll forget most of what I wanted to say.

Kate: They are so cute! Do you have to write on them with a sharpie to tell them apart? Have you noticed differences in their personalities yet?

mmckenna: What a big chubba chubba, as Carol would say. I bet he is a cutie. DH is not done with school until June 14th, but after that he will be watching the baby for the summer. He is very excited. Nate is doing better about waking up hungry all night. Now he sleeps from about 8:00 pm to 6:00 am and only gets up once or twice to eat.

Kristin: Yay for feeling kicks! They’ll start getting harder and more frequent now. It will be so much fun!

Nat: Are you feeling any better? How is the nanny doing so far? It was very stressful for me the first week or so I left Nate, but then I got used to it, but I know it is really hard.

Candi: Thanks for popping in! Every week I say a little thank you for you being another week further along. Is that weird since I’ve never met you? I hope the bleed stops completely!

Amy: Good luck on the end of the school year! DH has been going nuts, so I feel for you!

Sara: Well, Boo on bfn! That just stinks. You and Mel can work through adoption together, though, which will be neat! My father-in-law and his wife are really going for adoption again. They said this is it, though (they are both in their 50s), and if it doesn’t work with this agency they are done. They are trying to get an older child, not a baby, so I don’t know why they wouldn’t be given a child.

Lily: Ooh, you should go to Chicago to visit your cousin and all the Chicago girls on this thread! I’m jealous of all your travels! How is DH doing on his diet? My DH really needs to lose 30 pounds, and he starts good and loses 5-7, and then pigs out again (he is an emotional eater, and will sneak into the kitchen after I go upstairs at night and just stuff random stuff in his mouth when he is stressed out. It doesn’t even have to be good. Like he ate a jar of hot dog relish with a spoon, and ate stale sandwich bread. It is really weird).


AFM: Work is totally nuts. I have a trial on Monday that wasn’t supposed to get tried because my client was declaring bankruptcy. I found out this afternoon that there was a problem with that, and I won’t find out until tomorrow morning whether I will have to try a case on Monday or not. Way fun. Now I’m all stressed out. Oh, and it has been over 90 degrees and our air conditioner broke, and the part hasn’t come in yet. Then yesterday the glass in our oven door just shattered with no one touching it. Aaaugh!

But Nate is a sweetie and has really taken to eating different foods. He loves pears, and cries if I start spooning to slowly. We started the study on motor coordination and handedness development yesterday. First, they just put Nate on his back, then pulled him up to sitting by his arms, and his head stayed level with his body. Then they left him sitting on his own for half a minute before he started to slump over, and then put him on his belly to see if he’d put his head up. He did, and then he started to do his inch-worm across the floor.

After that I sat at a table with him on my lap and they placed in front of him a whole series of toys to see if he could pick them up and play with them, so he had a pretty good time. We go back in a month.


HI girls…Just wondering if I could jump in and ask a question… I am 7dp5dp… I have gotten :bfp: on hpt sense 4dpt… Today I went to the bathroom and when i wiped I had some red/pink blood. Im really starting to panic. I would think the little embie(s) implanted by now sense I got the :bfp: …which has gone from faint of 4dp to a strong line. Any insight would be helpful :pray:


KST~ nope, not feeling better, actual worse today :(. My Mom and nanny took girls for a walk and I was telling them that they don’t really sleep well during walks and sure enough, only 45 minute nap for both. Then they couldn’t get either one of them down for next nap because girls were so overtired… In a way, it would be better if I start going to the office but I can’t bring myself to doing that and pumping is a lot more comfortable at home.

Wow, Nate’s study sounds interesting. You get someone else entertaining your baby for an hour which is also a plus!

Melissa~ I hope that Traditional Chinese Medicine works for you. SO many people swear by it!

Sher929~ I am sorry but I have no words of wisdom for you. I hope it is nothing. I have heard that bleeding is common during pregnancy. Happy healthy no bleeding 9 months!

AFM~ see my post to Karen. It’s been a looooong day which started at 4am when I was pumping and then I never was able to go back to sleep before Miss Allison decided to get up at 6:20am for the day. I can’t say that nanny is not working out but I can’t say that she is great either. So far OK, I guess. Although I was pissed and scared when I came downstairs and she was trying to rock Allison to sleep and was king of shaking her up and down. She wasn’t mad or anything, just thought it was a good way to rock a baby. I can’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but when I was first interviewing her, I was under impression that she took care of her twin grandkids when they were babies. They are 11 year old now but I figured it was OK. Turns out, she was only in US for 2 months when they were babies and took care of them when they were much older. So basically, she has no experience whatsoever. I thought I was OK with that but now I am beginning to have doubts. It’s only been 3 days so I will definitely give it a bit more time, especially considering that I don’t have any other options for Russian-speaking nanny.


Sara, a friend of mine just told me that they are adopting a baby soon, just waiting to get picked. The[I]y[/I] live in MA but I can ask her who they are using.

Mel, thats great you went to an herbalist how cool. What about going to see that natural doc that Amy saw and see what he says before you plunk down so much $ and taking the herbs?

Nat, aww Juliet has an attitude I love it haha! shes a smart one that one lol. Why isnt your nanny talking
to them? should she talk to them in Russian? maybe shes not sure if she should or do English?

Kristin, aww congrats on feeling baby kicks!! i miss that part so much.

Candi, hi honey!!! cant wait to see that baby bump

Amy when are you done at school? Are you ready for your trip???

ugh bad day for me today,just so mad at my dh…it feels like I have the baby 24/7 and hes the babysitter pisses me off. He cant do two things at once either drives me nuts! He cant hold baby and make bottle same time (he can but doesnt want to) while I baked a cake for dd birthday and made dinner all the while Avery screaming. I lost it on him when he got home from my ds baseball draft (thats another thing, i am so sick of sports all the time its taking over our lives) ugh.
On a better note, I have my appt with RE on July 26! I finally got my AF too yippee!!! ok gotta run put missy to bed…bbl


Kristin – YAY for feeling the baby kick. That’s awesome.

Carol – I thought about seeing Amy’s guy, but he’s expensive and I just can’t afford it. Sorry DH isn’t being helpful when you need him to be. YAY for AF and RE appointment.

AFM – Had a really busy weekend. I am exhausted and determined to go to bed in about an hour (8pm). My friend turned 30 on Friday so we went to this AWESOME Italian place in the city and it was BYOB and they don’t charge a corking fee…so that was fun. Went back to her house for cake. Then Saturday we went to the Q101 (radio station here) Jamboree. It started at noon and had tons of bands….(Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Greek Fire, AWOLnation, Anberlin, Sum 41, Ed Kowalcyck, Papa Roach, Seether and 30 Seconds to Mars). It was an absolutely AMAZING show… PAPA Roach KILLED IT….they were so amazing. My Aunt is in from North Carolina and so we all went to the zoo…just the girls… 4 generations… My granny, me, mom, two aunts, cousin and her wife and their little girl. It was so much fun… I got a tiny bit of a sun burn on my shoulders…but not to bad. It’s been super hot here and spending the last two days (the concert was at an outside venue) in the sun really exhausted me…
Hope everyone had a good weekend.


Carol~ yay for AF and RE appt. You’re really doing it, huh? Good luck!!! Will you still have DH’s insurance coverage at that point? Certainly hope so as IVF can be so expensive!

Melissa~ glad you had a wonderful weekend!

AFM~ I had a ‘mixed bag’ weekend. Saturday was tough, I just wanted to cry all day long. Sunday was much better. Not sure what was different between two days but I think it was totally hormones related. I was spotting like crazy on Fri/Sat and passed a good size blood clot. The girls are doing OK. Allison mastered rolling from tummy to back. I guess she hated being on her tummy so much that she learned how to get away from it. Now she won’t spend ANY time on her tummy, just immediately rolls. Juliet has rolled a few times but is usually content on her tummy so doesn’t do it that much. It seems like she is getting progressively worse with her unexplainable crying at times. DP came home, she was sitting in the bouncy seat, he said Hi to her and sat next to her and she went off. At least she stopped quickly and while he was holding her. Allison chose not to take a bottle before bed so I breastfed her. I gave Juliet to DP in the middle of the bottle. She ate some but didn’t finish the bottle (she usually does for me) and then he tried rocking her to bed but she was wiggling out (she does that with me too) so he put her down. She started crying a lot harder than usual so he picked her up and she just totally went nuts. I had to take over but she was such a mess at that point, sobbing, shaking. She was overtired because they skipped their third nap (we went to see our RE) and when she is overtired, she does not want ANYONE but me. She will smiles at everyone if I am holding her, even if she is super tired but try picking her up and boy, oh boy. I have two tickets to Cirque du Soleil next Thursday to take my Mom so DP needs to be able to put her to bed. And speaking of my Mom, I told her thousand times not to come in when DP and I are trying to put the kids down. So last night she hears Juliet cry real hard and comes in, sees me with Allison in my arms and says ‘why don’t you switch babies? how can you let her get to that crying point?’. SO IRRITATING!!! Of course, after I got the kids to bed, I totally lost it on her. And babies are not warming up to nanny. Neither one would let her feed them yesterday. But at least they played with her fine. I am such an emotional wreck… I need help :frowning:


Carol~I am very excited for you for getting AF and going ahead with making a RE appointment. July 26 is right around the corner!!

Nat~I am really wish things would get better for you.

Sara~How are you doing? Thinking about you.

Sheri~waiting for that photo…

Jen~You must be back home now. I hope all of your time away was somewhat relaxing. Now all of the work to do once you get back home.

Candi~Your photos in the pool on fb look very refreshing. I hope you are having less worries and are able to relax more.

AFM~I saw my midwife last night and everything is moving right along. I do need to watch my appetite a bit more though. I gained 7 pounds in the last 4 weeks, ouch. My next u/s is scheduled for the 15th, so hopefully that little kidney will show up.


Hi girls,
I feel so out of it lately…

Melissa - what a rockin weekend!! So fun! I have seen Papa Roach and they are awesome… and I love 30 Seconds to Mars… Jarrod Leto is so hot!! LOL
I read that you went to the herbalist… so interesting… but I totally get it about the $$ situation…

Nat - I am sorry you are having such a tough time… you have so much going on and I think you are handling everything so, so well… your girls are lucky to have such an amazing mommy!!! I am sending you lots of love…xo

Carol - did I read that you are headed to see RE again!!FUN!!! That is exciting news!!

Jen - where are you?? back home again??

Kate- how are you and those beautiful boys doing???

Karen - so fun that Nate is eating all different kinds of foods… I think that is a fun stage, to see what they like and don’t… their little tastes are already developing!! Wow about the oven door!!!

Lily - That would be AMAZING if you could head up to Chicago!! How fun - how is everything else going??

Kristin- that is so awesome that you felt (for sure!) the baby kick! I can’t believe how far along you are already!! Time is flying by!!!

Hello to everyone else!!! McKenna, Sheri, Sara, Jazz, Sam, EVERYONE!!!

Well, I am sitting here typing this on my last official day of school… YEA!!! Last week was insane… 6 Flags, Graduation Dance and actual Graduation… all in 3 days… I was so exhausted - then my dad’d b-day and family visiting from Iowa…

Sad news… we decided to give our Dobe, Chevy away… last week he was eating the couch (again) and DH tried to take the stuffing out of his mouth and he showed his teeth, growled and snapped at Craig… AND he chewed a hole in the carpet… so that was kind of the last straw… we are giving him back to the rescue that we got him from. It is bitter sweet - as our lives will be so much less stressful without him, but we do love him lots!!! So all this is happening during my week from hell, when I am overly exhausted, etc… needless to say, lots of tears were shed… We are hoping to drop him off before we leave… that way when we get back it will be done…

On a happier note… we leave on SATURDAY!! Can you believe it?? It seems like it would never get here and now it is only 4 days away… we are not ready yet (of course) but I will have time the next few days to get packing…

I am getting kind of nervous… long flight… we leave out of LA at 1030 at night and arrive Sydney at 630 am monday morning… we lose Sunday altogether! So funny!!! It is 14 or 16 hours from LA… hopefully we can sleep most of the way…

I will have a computer there, so I will check in with you gorgeous ladies when I can!!



Amy~How exciting that you are leaving in 4 days! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. So sorry to hear about your doggy troubles, but it sounds very stressful. Have a fantastic, relaxing trip!!!