April IVF


[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Sheri – We are doing a swamp tour and a ghost tour. Nothing is happening with the non-profit at this time because I am still not 501©(3) and cannot find a sponsor. So it’s stalled for the time being… I just cannot afford to pay for the 501 designation right now. Glad you got to spend time with your mom and grandma…. Can’t wait to see that belly pic.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]KATE – I hope you’re doing well with the boys.[/SIZE][/FONT]


Lily~Great news that you have a plan and your calender now. It won’t be long now! Happy Belated Birthday!

Candi~Congratulations on your baby girl! I am glad to hear that you are doing better as far as the bleeding goes, but I wish your nausea would stop.

Sheri~I am glad to hear you were able to make the trip to see your Mom and Grandma, but I wish it wouldn’t be so emotional for you. I hope you are feeling great and look forward to seeing your photo!

Jam~The photos on fb are just adorable!!

Carol~No not just 7lbs, 7lbs in the last 4 weeks. 19 total. I never got sick, so everything is sticking with me.

Nat~The photos of the girls on fb are super cute!

Jen~Welcome home!

AFM~We are tossing around names, but still nothing definite. Going home to my parents again this afternoon for the weekend. It is our summer festival this weekend~Walleye Weekend. I usually run the 5 mile race, but this year I am walking in the 5K instead. Tonight we are having a birthday party for my DH and 13 year old niece they share the same birthday on Monday the 13th. Have a great weekend ladies!!!


Hey ladies. I’m sorry I’m
Missing so many posts buts it’s been an adjustment. They boys are doing great! They are up to 7lb 1 oz each. I’m quite sleepy. Nursing didn’t go very well so they are on formula exclusively. It makes me really sad. I feel like I failed them already. I was not breast fed but I still feel guilty. I’m all alobe with them today and all is going well for the most part. They are nit great poopers. I’m always worried if the next diaper will have poop. But they’re not in pain so I dont think it’s a big deal.

Candy: a girl !!! Congrats!!!

Amy how weird with your dog. We are going through the same thing!!! Our dog has been bad and aggressive since I came home with the boys. We called her breeder and she agreed to take our dog back.well that didn’t go well. Our dog bit her husband. Now we have the dog back and have to have her put down. Ugh. It just sucks. We have to hold on to het for 10 days because we reported the bite and the health dept needs to make sure she’s nor rabid. Which she’s is not. All her shots are up to date. so we have to keep her here till next Thursday and have her put to sleep. It’s so so sad. We hate this…


Kate~ good to hear from you! Don’t beat yourself up over BF. I always said that I would THE FIRST to understand why people give it up and I totally understand. There is nothing wrong with formula and you turned out quite alright. It was stubbornness which is borderline stupidity that drove me and I had a great supply which I worked very hard in the beginning to establish so it was harder for me to quit. Your boys will be fine. TRY to get rid of any guilty feelings you may have. There is nothing productive from them. I went through lots of them with giving more attention to Allison because she required it and felt like I was ignoring Juliet. If you ever want to chat, I can email you my phone number. Sorry about doggie :frowning:


Kate - I am with Nat, don’t beat yourself up about BF. I completely understand. I really didn’t intend to BF that long, but I ended up way shorter than I planned and was really bummed. I always felt like I was happier and not as stressed when I stopped, but the guilt was still there. I couldn’t even imagine two. Sounds like your boys are doing wonderful! Our older DD was not a good pooper either and still isn’t. My DH and I’s conversation was really interesting during those tiny days. Always talking about poop. Jess has no problem in that area. I am so sorry about the dog. So hard to deal with when you have two little ones.

Lily - Yay for 30. I am creeping 40! Yes, I will be returning to Chicago for THanksgiving weekend if we can afford it. We will be flying. Otherwise, I will be back again next summer. Dallas works for me too! You know everyone everywhere! :slight_smile: So happy you got your schedule! I can’t wait!

Nat - I know you how you feel. When I first had older DD, I actually lost a couple of good friends because I felt constantly judged by them and it just stressed me out completely. They both had their kids in their early 20s. It is definitely different when you are older. Anyway, I felt depressed and then just stopped hanging around with them for awhile. I felt way better! I know you will miss your mom, but I think once the judgements are gone you will be so happy. You are a great mom and honestly I am amazed at anyone who can handle twins!

Kristin - Thanks! It is with mixed emotions that I returned. I really miss my family and extended family and sometimes wish we lived closer. So you have a few names? Are they boy names? I am guessing boy for you (only because you weren’t ill). You are doing amazing with this pregnancy. A 5K! Wow! Hope you have fun!

Sheri - It sounds like you had a nice time with your mom/grandma. I am sorry it is bittersweet. I will have to go and see your belly pic. Of course, I am sure you are adorable!

Karen - Yay for Nate feeding self! Sorry for the busy work!

Melissa - I wish we would have done the ghost tour while we were there. A friend of mine said it was great! I bet you’ll have a blast! It has got to be hot there! Of course, you are sporting quite the fit body, so no worries!

Carol - Avery is just so darn cute! I was showing my DH all her pics since she is Jessie’s birthday twin! How is the kidney reflux? Gone? Have fun in Disney! That sounds like so much fun!

Candi - Just giving you a shout out! I hope you are doing well and getting rest!

Jam - Did you move yet? How are the kiddos?

Mckenna - Are you pool bound? Does Braden like the water?

Everyone else - Hello! Summer is almost officially here!

AFM- Back home and working! Jess is doing well with the nanny thankfully. We are working on our basement still, but broke it in with a small party last night. I miss my family, but it is nice to back at my house. I actually missed my pesky dog. Anyway, I am hoping that I can survive just one more week without completely losing it on my boss. He absolutely makes me nuts. I’ve already lost it once about a month back. My mom actually came into my office after that to ask if everything was ok, because she heard all the yelling. Delightful, right? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I think of you all and often!


Thanks for the support Ladies!!! What was that book you were talking about before?? 12 hrs by 12 weeks?? Can someone share a link to the book so I know what to look for??


Amazon.com: Twelve Hours’ Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old: A Step-by-Step Plan for Baby Sleep Success (9780525949596): Suzy Giordano, Lisa Abidin: Books

It is a great book, short and quick read. It worked great for us.


Karen, aww Nate sounds so stinkin cute! we need pics please!!!

Mel, i bet you cant wait for your trip!!! How long r u going for? bummer about the baby shower this weekend:(

Kristin, it makes you feel any better when I was preggers with my ds I gained 10 lbs in one month and that happened more than once lol

Lily yay for schedule so excited for you!!

Nat, how are you doing hon? I hope your feeling better:) your girls are absolutely beautiful! I cant believe how different they look from eachother and Juliets hair is awesome luv it!!!

Jen, what is up with your boss? I dont know how you deal…I saw your girls on fb how adorable are they together!!! what is Jessie eating now? I just tried green beans and Avery is not a fan lol

Kate, hi honey!!! I cant wait to see new picsof the boys! i know you will beat yourself up with the bf but nursing one baby is so hard in the beginning never mind 2 i cant even imagine! You tried it, they got the collostrum im sure and now you can relax and enjoy them!!!

afm not much just getting ready for the trip and my dd recital, alot of work! I pray the heat wont be unbearable but Im sure we will be going to parks at night cause I dont do well in the heat.
And I think we are going to try for #4 with good ole ovulation strips (they say your more fertile after having a baby) and hopefully avoid ivf altogether wouldnt that be nice! I doubt it will work but have fun trying i guess haha

ugh gotta run Avery is all over the place now haha she is getting so big i hate it:(


carol - I don’t know what my boss’ deal is, but I did end up getting into with him. He sort of apologized in an email and I did nothing (so not like me, but I am so over it). Anyway, Jess is eating all sorts of stuff, but we haven’t gotten to green beans. She likes this applesauce/blueberry mix, cereal, peas, bananas. She doesn’t like pears. So funny that she even eats fruits. My other DD wouldn’t eat any fruit as a baby. It was crazy! Now she eats it all the time. I hope you stay cool on your trip. I think there is an app for your phone where you can put in what rides you want to go on and it will update you on the wait time throughout the day. Too funny! Hope you have blast!


Hi Kate – Sorry nursing didn’t go well, but please don’t feel like you failed them. I am sure it’s really difficult. Hopefully being all alone went great.

Jen – I am REALLY excited….9 DAYS UNTIL VACATION…. Thanks for the compliment…I totally don’t see what you see… LOL Hoping that you can keep your calm with your boss!

Carol – We’re only going for 5 days…but it’s a MUCH NEEDED 5 days. Wow, I can’t believe you’re going to start trying for number 4…I am so excited for you. HAVE FUN TRYING!!!

AFM – Worked out for 2 hours this morning…felt great and then came home and attempted to fix DH’s car, but turns out what I thought the problem was…it ISNT… UGH.


Carol~ I know what you mean about Avery getting big and you hating it. There are certainly things I do NOT miss at all when the girls were younger but it does make me sad that they are growing so fast. And there are days where I can’t wait until they get a little bigger. I am doing OK, I just have random days when I feel totally off. Sometimes I can see the reason and other time I don’t. Like today, I am totally stressed out but there is a reason. DP’s brother and family is visiting from MN and they are coming over for dinner together with MIL. And they have four kids. I am pumping and as soon as I am done, I am getting a BIG glass of wine :slight_smile:


Hi ladies!
Wow quiet around here!

[COLOR=“Red”]Rosie - I can easily get into nyc if you want to meet…but don’t want to take away from Lily being your first! She was my first too :wink: *Cant wait to hear about baby making news! sorry you are hating everyone…hopefully not us, ha ha!

[COLOR=“red”]Lily - do it, come to ny!! we will go out and play :slight_smile: Wow, sounds like you are busy! oh thats cool that they are having you take a course in meditation…would love to hear about it! I was doing really well at taking a few minutes every morning to do it and haven’t been doing so lately. I will start again tomorrow, thanks for the inspiration! YAY for having a calendar!!! i haven’t heard of that kind of protocol, but there are so many ways to do it and happy your dr is willing to try something different. This will be great I know this is your time Lily, I can feel it!! oh and 30? sweetie you are gorgeous and 30! you are a spring chicken (as we say here!). So enjoy being 30!
you have some fun trips planned. Have a wonderful time at the concert. Jealous you are going to vegas! DH lost 37lbs?! thats excellent! I am trying to lose 10 and keep eating too much.

[COLOR=“red”]Candi - hmmm…you know the pee pee can hide, right?! ha ha ha ha ha…just kidding. But still thinking its a boy! i think its dh that determines the sex. yes I agree with Nat, you can go for a boy in a year or two, he he!*

[COLOR=“red”]Jen - PM me your address…I have the most amazing article to send you. I copied it a couple of years ago for some reason, so now I know why!

[COLOR=“red”]Carol - thank you!! xoxo I will pray that #4 won’t be as stubborn getting here, and you don’t need to go down the ivf road again. Would be nice right? When are leaving for Disney?

[COLOR=“red”]Nat - thats great that the girls are doing well with Nanny. don’t feel you have to explain about your mum… its hard when you have a long time between visits and then you are together for a long time and it gets too much. How is work?! sorry for boredom on your first day back, but I am sure it was good to get home :slight_smile:

[COLOR=“red”]Karen - sorry about not having AC…its been really hot here until this weekend. Ha ha love that he wants to feed himself! ds did the same and it was great as I didn’t have to hold it (bad I know!). Sorry for so much work. you are a super mummy!

[COLOR=“red”]Sheri - hi, how are yoU feeling? The cruise is next week and is BVIs and Bahamas, cant wait!! That is so nice that you got to go and spend some time with your mum and grandma. It must be so hard for you ;( but I am sure they are so unbelievably happy to see you doing so well and happy!*

[COLOR=“red”]Kristin - hope you had a fun weekend with the birthday parties and walking the 5K, good for you!!

[COLOR=“red”]Kate - how are those cute boys?! I am so sorry to hear about your dog too :frowning: I am also sorry about the bf, vt don’t beat yourself up, I know kids who weren’t bf and they are fine and healthy. You definitely have NOT failed them. I think that bf is way harder for many than people think. I didn’t think it was natural at all!

Hi to everyone else!

Not much going on here, end of school stuff, and starting to get ready for vacay!
We have 5 agencies on our list that have all been recommended, so now the anal in me is going through the paperwork to make a comparison sheet to share with dh…it’s easier for me to find out info to just tell him. Its overwhelming knowing who to go with, and of course I just want it to hurry up and be done already, but lots if steps to go through!
I ovulated today…which was weird as i didnt count in my head what day it is and we didnt BD this weekend and its ok. Well not like I didn’t think about it. It’s a hard habit to break! A waste I know, but dh has had a crazy work schedule so i have hardly seen him. Actually kind of nice not to have to stress about having sex when we are exhausted , sad I know! First time in 7 years we aren’t TTC…

We need to plan meeting up!! Want to see you all! Xox
Night night xoxox


Sorry we’ve been MIA!!! We are finally finished moving and I go back to to work today. Eeek. Usually when people come back from leave, it takes a couple days for systems access to get back up and running, so I should have a little time to post a REAL post. Thinking of you all!!!



Sara - I PM’d you. I know what you mean about not worrying about BD. I remember all those times when we had a million things going on and were exhausted. I hope you get all the agencies straightened out. I imagine it is a bit overwhelming.

Jam - Yay! You’re done! Hope you are all doing well and feeling settled.

Melissa - Nope, lost it on boss. It is not going too well. Oh well! Yay! Your trip is almost here! I can’t wait to hear about it (especially the ghost tour).

Nat - Yay for a big glass of wine! I hope you had a great time! Are you home or in the office today?

AFM- I worked a bit this weekend, but we did manage to have fun in between. It was nice have DH around. He works overnights and it is awful for the both of us. My Dd and I planted flowers and I spent some time cleaning up our golf green (yes, we have one in our yard because we are golf fanatics). We played our made up game of golf yesterday and even older DD played (she has her own little set of clubs). Chalking yesterday up as a really good day! Saturday night, Jess slept through night from 7-7 without a peep, no paci reset, nothing. It was wonderful. Today, she slept to 7:15. It was crazy!


Jen, yay for Jessie! thats so funny your older dd didnt like fruit as a baby! I just tried peaches and she liked them I love the faces she makes too funny. Awesome sleeps your so lucky! Avery always needs a paci reset and then lately shes been ending up in my arms in the bed lol Im always shocked i dont drop her haha.

Nat, I know exactly how you feel…ive been feeling so good lately but the past week ive felt off too. I dont know if its hormones or what but i hate it, makes me anxious! I hope your week goes well adjusting to back to work, do you like the break or is it stressful?

Sam, wow back to work already where did that time go!! Are you glad to be going back? who is taking care of the beautiful babes?

Sara, did you touch base with my friend yet? i imagine there is so much to learn i would be so overwhelmed by it all! so your not going to try on your own anymore? it becomes such a drag doesnt it, so much work. We leave for Disney Sunday morn, im a little nervous flying with an infant this will be a first! Im sure she’ll be fine i just worry bout her ears mostly but i’ll feed her if shes awake and she has her binky so hopefully she’ll be ok.

Mel, you are a workout queen good for you!!!


Carol - I meant to ask you if you were making your own baby food or buying it. I am buying it now, but I keep considering making it (of course, I really don’t have that time). Jess tried squash recently. She wasn’t a fan. And she is so smart to my tricks. If I mix it with cereal she still won’t eat it if she doesn’t want it.


Hello ladies! Hiding in my office pumping away, so I thought I’d post.

Kristin: You stink. You have barely gained anything! I don’t know why your doctor fussed at you, but as long as you are healthy don’t worry about the weight. I gained over 60 pounds with my pregnancy. My doctor never said a word to me about not gaining any more. My blood pressure was great and baby was great so they said just to keep on as I was doing. I only have 4 pounds to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, so the weight won’t stick around forever.

Mel: So, you worked out for 2 hours and then worked on a car? That is awesome! And yay for vacation. I love taking walking tours, they are so much fun! I hope you have a really good time. I’m jealous!

Jen & Carol: Nate loves pears and sweet potatoes, liked squash, and we’re going to try him on peas this week. We’ll see how much gets spit everywhere. How much non-milk food are you giving Avery & Jessie every day?

Kate: I’m so sorry about your dog. You have to do what’s best for your boys but this must be so hard for you. I hope it is all over with soon.

Nat: How is work going? Are you getting more comfortable with Nanny? About the talking, maybe if you mention to her that you hope the girls can learn Russian you can ask her to speak to them in Russian so they can learn it and it won’t sound like you are complaining that she doesn’t talk to them enough.

Sam: Welcome back to work? Who watches the twins while you are at work? Was it hard to leave them? I bet it feels good to be around grown ups again for a change.

AFM: Nate got his first tooth on Saturday. He chomped down on DH’s finger and DH felt a little ridge so we took a look, and yup, a little tooth! It is very cute, but I could do without all the drooling. Today is DH’s last day for the summer, so he is going to be watching the baby all by him self tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. Oh, and we finally got his baptism scheduled for 6/26. I haven’t brought him to church yet, so I think I’ll take him this weekend to see how he does before his baptism. I really hope he doesn’t spit up or fart in the middle of it, but that would be like him.


oh, and forgot to mention that my friend who works with dh who is suffering from IF and had a miscarriage a few years ago is finally getting treatment! Her husband didn’t want to do treatment, so she was just going to give up, but they saw us with Nate and saw how happy we were and decided to go for it. They are doing IVF right now, and she just started her injections. I am both really excited for them, and afraid that if it doesn’t work I’m going to feel guilty like I advertised for IVF or something, even though I know that sounds stupid. I really hope it works for them.


Karen - A tooth? Yay! Jess keeps drooling and chewing like she is going to get one, but nothing yet. I feed Jess cereal and fruit at 8:30, the rest of the fruit at 12:15, then ceral and veggies (half jar) at 5. I still give her 4 bottles 7,11,3,6:30 of 8 oz each, but sometimes she only drinks 7 or sometimes, but rarely 6. Hope the baptism goes smoothly, but it any bodily event makes for some good stories.


Hello Ladies!!!

Melissa: You rock at the gym! I hope this week flies by quickly and your vacation is here before you know it. Are you flying or driving there? Have fun and I can’t wait to see pics! Yay for getting your a/c fixed. It was so hot last week that IDK how anyone survived without it either in your house or car!

Sheri: I can’t believe how far along you are!!! Officially in your third tri!! YAY!! Where is this belly pic you promised to post??? Did you post on FB and I missed it?? Sorry your trip to Spokane was bittersweet, but glad you seemed to have a nice time.

Candi: YAY!!! It’s a GIRL!!! I also thought boy for some reason, but you are going to have so much fun with four girls, four weddings, four RAGING hormones!! HAHA! Glad the bleed is almost gone and that you seem to be enjoying yourself. Almost halfway there!! Keep it up!

Sara: I am sooooo jealous of your cruise!!! I want to go on one again. We love cruising. Is your DS still in school??? They go pretty late! Is it to make up for snow days? Sounds like you have been keeping busy. I hope you find an agency that you like and that the process goes smoothly for you.

Carol: I want to go to Disney!!! I am unlike you though and LOVE the heat!! Bring it on! HAHA! I love to melt when I am on vacation or at the pool. Yay for losing 20 pounds! I am sure you look great. Sounds like Avery is doing really well and is getting so big!

Nat: Sorry you still have some “off” days. I agree with the others who said the first year after having a baby is a little rough emotionally. I would probably still be feeling off too if I wasn’t on my happy pills. I can’t believe you are back to work already. How did the first day go? I was also really anxious after having DD about returning to work, but after the initial anxiety and getting into a routine, it was actually a welcomed break. It’s nice that you get to work from home. I hope things start getting better with the nanny. I am sure it will take some time, but the girls will get used to her. I have hard time letting control go but I just try to tell myself that I have one way of doing things and DH (or whoever is taking care of the kiddies) has another way. It’s not necessarily the wrong way, just different than what I do. I know, easier said than done. I hope you find a place to pump while at work. I think it’s a law that they have to provide you with a private place to pump. My friend was having issues where she worked and HR then got involved and it all worked out. I hope these last few weeks with your mom goes smoothly and she has a safe trip back home.

Sam: Back to work already?!?!?! Geez, that was fast!!! I hope you are able to transition nicely. I love the pics of Harper and Greyson on FB. Super cute! yay for getting the move over! Do you love your new place?? Is Josh living with you now?

Kate: Please don’t beat yourself up about BFing. At least you tried, I didn’t even try. Neither of my children were BF and they are happy and healthy. My DD has rarely been sick (she was only sick when we had her in day care for a short time when she was 18 months-2 years) and you all know what a chunk Braden is!!! I know it probably feels like you failed, but as long as you provide them with basic necessities and lots of love, you are giving them everything they need to thrive and they will never know the difference. I can’t wait to see more pics of the two cuties!!!

Kristin: I hope you had fun at your parents and celebrating bdays and walking in the 5k. Are you going to tell us a name when you decide on one, or are you keeping that a secret? You look great, BTW and I wouldn’t worry at all about any weight gain!

Lily: I am also super jealous of all your travels!! I love all your pics on FB and I think you look awesome for 30!!! Funny thing, I had a harder time with 29 than 30. HAHA! yay for dh losing 37 pounds!!! that’s great! And another yay for getting a schedule!! You are going to be pregnant very soon! My good friend also LOVES NKOTB and has tix to see them with the BSB in concert. SHe is 35 and has been in love with Donnie for 20 years! HAHA!! She is hopelessly devoted! Have fun at the concert!

Kate: Sounds like Nate is doing really well. Too cute that he holds his own bottle!!! How are you surviving without any a/c??? I mean, I like the heat, but when I am trying to sleep, I need to be cold. Sorry about your oven door. that’s crazy. Is dh done with school now? I am sure he is relieved to be out for the summer.

Rosie: SOrry you are so stressed and hate everyone right now. Hopefully you stilll love us!

Jen: Glad you had a nice vacation. Sounds like Jessie is doing really well with sleeping. Braden is pretty inconsistent still. He will sleep through the night one night, and then be up one to two times the next. i should get that book and read it for some tips. The pics of your girls on FB are adorable!!! I hope you are able to find a way to put your embryos up for adoption. I know I would want to give every embryo a chance too and help out a couple if I could.

AFM: The pool is open!!! So we were there all last week because it was HOT! I didn’t put Braden in it yet though because my dad is having problems with the pool heater and it was a little chilly for him. I mean, it felt refreshing to us, but to him it may be a little too chilly. Hopefully soon though. DD never gets out of the pool. In fact, the first day there she spent all day in the pool only to get out for lunch and pee breaks. She slept from 9p-9:30a that night! I ended up making $200 at the garage sale so that was some nice extra cash. It’s just about gone now though and I can’t even tell you what I spent it on!!! I just love to play! My hair has been falling out like Crazy!!! It’s all the postpartum hormones, but I am starting to go bald around my hairline. This happened with DD too, but I don’t remember it being this bad. Ugh. I hope it ends soon. Good thing I have bangs because it covers my temple areas where the hair loss seems to be the worst. I got my hair highlighted and I like it a lot. I always love changing things up. Braden is doing well, but still not rolling over. He spends a lot of time on the floor on his tummy and back, but still doesn’t do it. i say it’s because he is too fat. HAHA!!! He looks like he is about to do it because he gets up on his side and almost over, but then poops out. LOL! We did get the jumperoo out since he loves to stand and he loves that. The first day in it he spent 45 minutes in it laughing. We are making headway on the pooping progress with DD. She actually tells me when she has to go and is more willing to go on the potty. She still goes in her underwear, but it’s usually just the start of it and she finishes on the toilet. Slow but steady progress, but hopefully she will get it before September 6th which is the first day of Pre school! I have been working for dh and hanging out with my friends and family. I love summer. Hope everyone is doing well and having a good summer too!