April IVF


Rosie~ hope sono goes well. It will be so exciting to cycle with Lily!

Melissa~ wow, rude a$$ b!tch for sure! I am glad you got everything figured out but still… so, there is some special kind of people in NOLA.

Carol~ I am so sorry about poor Avery and kidney reflux. At least you knew and didn’t let her suffer. I hope she outgrows it soon. Hope antibiotics don’t taste totally like crap.

Mckenna~ good for Braden for sleeping so well in the crib. I hope you don’t have to work too much for DH and get to play. Who watches the kids while you work? Still his parents?

Jen~ I have IUD with progesterone but I just got it very recently. Sorry, I have no input on it. I get spotting here and there and I don’t even know if it is from IUD or my period is trying to return but I think I’ve ruined every underwear I have. I would rather buy all new than wear liner just in case. Hope it is nothing serious though.

AFM~ yep, it was a really awesome bedtime. Tonight DP is going to movies with his brother who is visiting from MN and I am hoping it will be the same great bedtime. If it is, then it makes me wonder what it is about DP being there that sets them off. Maybe they want to play with him, IDK. He gets REALLY UPSET that he can’t Juliet down and now I am telling him that I got Allison down w/o tears (he usually gets her down but she fights at first). I can’t just tell him to stay away and I’ve mentioned that it causes tension between us. He insists on me letting him put the girls down by himself and I just can’t step away and hear them cry when I know I can help. So, we’ve agreed that he will not try on his own to put them down until they are at least 6 months old. I’ll have to come up with a way to get them to sleep tear-free by then or else, another excuse to not let them CIO. I mean I see his point but I am also wondering WHY do we need to have him be able to put girls down. He says in case of emergency. Well, in case of emergency, then we will deal with it. Am I wrong? I am totally OK with putting on hold my social gatherings when it is girls bedtime and they are going down by themselves. (two words come to mind CONTROL FREAK. but it is only because I don’t want girls crying not because I don’t think that he can’t do it at all. I know he can and I know he cares about them as much as I do)


Jen~ i forgot… no, i haven’t given girls any solids, except we tried mango on saturday and they didn’t quite know what to do with it. Our pedi told us we can start with avocado. Well, we bought organic avocado and then DP freaked out to give it to them because of all ecoli in Germany, etc. He wants to give them baby food from jars and I want to make baby food. So we are at disagreement again. Yeah, both of my girls are quite cheeky and they have some rolls on their legs, especially Juliet. She weighs 13 lbs and Allison is 11lbs 3oz as of couple of days ago on home scale. What does Jess weigh? How much solids are you feeding her? I just realized that my Juliet only had 4 feedings yesterday, that’s probably not enough. She eats close to 8oz before bedtime but during the day, she does not eat near as much. Allison does not eat more than 4oz 4.5oz AT MOST and she can’t go for long stretches. So we feed her a bottle while she is semi-sleeping before going to bed and then she wakes up around 5am for a feeding. Today she was loud enough to wake up Juliet so I fed her but she didn’t eat much (probably because it was only 1.5 hours since I pumped and I didn’t have much and I was too lazy to make a bottle and she fell asleep on the boob). When did you start solids with Jess?


Nat - I started organic oatmeal cereal with Jess at 4 months and just in the morning. The when she was 5 months I added fruit with the cereal in the morning and cereal in at night along with a veggie (usually organic from jars though). Now she also has fruit at lunch time, but that just started last week. I would love to make my own food and think about doing it often, but I just don’t know about having the time. I think your Alison is like one of my friends twin. She was so petite. They had to feed her in the middle of the night until she was a year, I think. When do you travel? Or did you get out of it?


Jen~ what brand is organic baby food? I am totally clueless in this department. Maybe that’s what I should be doing now – researching baby food. I have a feeling Allison will be having extra feedings at night for a while. It’s not too bad though. She eats when she goes to bed around 7 or 8pm, then she gets a bottle before we go to bed (always finishes it) and wakes up at around 5am for a feeding. So, really, it is only once per night that someone has to get up with her and a lot of times, I make DP do it because I was already up once and much longer for pumping. If she is moving around the crib as I am done pumping, I usually pick her up and feed her before going to bed. But I usually only do it if I am pumping later than usual because I just couldn’t get my butt out of bed at 2am. I didn’t have particular travel plans, she was asking for the future. Funny, there are other things that project manager said that just rubbed me the wrong way… to the point that I don’t want to be a tech lead on the project anymore (I normally hate being a lead as it involves too much BS but they make me anyways but now I am trying to get out of it with every excuse I possible can). As you can tell, I am constantly here which means I am doing nothing at work :slight_smile: but I am home so no one can see my screen.

Samantha~ how did you return to work go? Thinking of you girl!


Ok… Posting from m phone so I will do personals later. For the past couple days I have been having a lot of pain in my riyh lower abdomen. It got much worse today so I went to the doctor and she wanted to do a cat scan to rule out appendicitis. Well, i had to drink that nasty barium. I dont do well with consuming gross stuff so I kept going to the bathrom thinking it was coming back up. ThEy did the test and I had to wait there… Doctor calls and says no appendicitis, but I do have a pelvic and uterine infection. She said its minor so I dont need antibiotics… I have never heard of an infection not needing antibiotics. She said if the pain gets worse to call back for further treatment. She is not my normal doctor… My doc is on vacation. I think he would have prescribed something. So… I have a couple of days of anbiotics at home so I am gona take that anr just some motrin for the pain… Motrin hasn’t helped yet, but I can’t just sit here in pain.

Stil havent gotten AF… I wonder if thats the cause of the infection. They had to do a pregnancy test in order to do the CT SCAN… So I am definitly not pregnant… Even though I knew that… It was hard to hear. I guess I am alWays gonna hold out hope. :frowning:


Nat - I mix and match with coupons I have, but I’ve used Gerber organic cereal and Earth’s Best organics. There are also some new ones that I’ve tried with coupons, but can’t remember the names. I am glad you are not definitely traveling. I am glad I work from home. It would drive me crazy if I had to go to the office all day. It has been some many years since I’ve had to do that.

Melissa - Yikes! An infection and no antibiotics. I hope you get to feeling better soon! Sorry about the BFN :frowning:


Nat, to start I used organic Gerber oatmeal but now I make my own. I bought organic oatmeal (the regular kind not the quick oats) and ground them in food processor, added a little boiling water then put in ice trays.

It is soooooo easy to make baby food and takes me minutes. Ive bought organic fruits and veggies from whole foods, boil them up and throw in food processor done! I bought these baby ice trays on amazon that are the perfect portion size so I pour in the puree and pop in freezer. When frozen, i pop them out, put in ziploc bag and back in freezer done! I havent bought one jar of baby food yet:) trying peas tomorrow and its already in the freezer took minutes to make i love it haha

Mel, ouch!! I would take the antibiotic too. I wonder if thats why you havent gotten AF yet…im sorry bout the bfn, but its ok to hope.


Melissa~ I am so sorry. That’s weird that they didn’t give you antibiotics. And I am sorry about BFN but good for you for always keeping hope.


Carol~ so you boil all fresh fruits and veggies? See, that’s what DP was saying should be done if I wanted to make my own but I thought you use fresh. I wonder if freezing takes away some of the nutrients. I’ve always wondered about freezing milk and how good it is afterwards. I have some frozen milk since February.

AFM~ day 2 of putting girls to sleep w/o DP. Allison was totally out after her bottle. She had a very short third nap and earlier than usual. Juliet is talking up a storm. She already pooped and had to be changed, spit so much spit that her swaddle was soaked and had to be changed. All done with a smile on her face. She barely ate from her bottle so I don’t expect her to fall asleep until she finishes it. I am very convinced that she is teething.


Carol - Sorry about Avery’s kidney reflux.

Nat - Yay for having a good night getting the girls down again. That’s wonderful. I would kick DP out for sure…LOL Maybe he gets frustrated and they can sense that and that’s why they cry.

McKenna - Saw on FB that you broke your wrist… Sorry…that’s gotta be tough with two kiddos…

Morning Ladies - I took out the bottle of penicillin I had and I have 17 pills (enough for 4 days)…then I realized it has a refill. So I called it in and will be picking it up today. I am determined not to be in pain on my vacation. The pain is worse today and constant now… it was on and off previously. I just took some natural muscle relaxers that my friend told me about. She can’t take the ones from the doctor because she can’t function on them…and neither can I. She said, these work well enough to “take the edge off”. I figure since my uterus is a muscle…and it’s swollen, maybe these muscle relaxers will help. Crossing my fingers. I am nto sure how long I am gonna last at work today, but I am going to attempt to stick it out. I have so much to take care of before going on vacation.

Hope everyone has a good day.


Mel~Sorry to hear about the infection, and I hope you start feeling better soon.

McKenna~Yikes, I saw your wrist on FB. Are you in pain? Who is going to help you around the house?

AFM~Well my baby has 2 kidneys. The u/s tech was measuring the distance between my placenta and cervix and it measured about 1.5cm. Then she tipped the bed back so my head was lower to get a better measurement and it really didn’t change. She said they like the number to be greater than 2cm. The u/s tech told me that the most accurate way to get the measurement is through a vaginal u/s. So I got a dildo scan as well. The measurement increased to 1.99cm. I heard from my midwife today and I have marginal placenta previa. She said that another u/s needs to be done at 32 weeks and she recommends pelvic rest-no :dance: until the u/s. I can’t wait to give DH the news :o . Has anyone had this, sorry I don’t recall if anyone has mentioned it. She said to let her know if I have any bleeding or spotting.


Saline ultrasound tomorrow, :pray: ing it goes well!!!


Kristin - So glad the baby is doing well. For about having to be on pelvic rest… DH will understand…

Rosie - I am sending awesome prayers your way!


Kristin - I had Complete Placenta Previa. That was the reason for the c-sect. I had contractions and they were getting pretty crazy, that is why they did the c-sect at 36 weeks. Yes, the no :dance: just sucks, but we managed to do what we needed to :). Previa is uncommon to last by the time you deliver, so your placenta will probably move out of the way in time. For me, it went from partial previa to complete. Everything I read and people I talked to all said it would move by the time 32 weeks came around. That is just my luck though! So happy that you saw both kidneys! And yay for seeing the LO again!

Melissa - I am so sorry you went to feeling worse. I really hope the antibiotics work and you feel great for your trip!

Nat - Yay for the girls going down again!

Rosie - Sending prayers your way! You’ve just got to cycle with Lily! :slight_smile:

Carol - I love that you make your own baby food and you make it sound easy. I will have to look into it more. It seems like such a short time that they are on it. Has Avery gotten a tooth yet? Jess just really seems like she is going to, but nothing. Thanks for the coupons! Hopefully I will get some more from Enfamil.


Kristin~ yay for seeing your LO and both kidneys! So are you sticking to team green?

Melissa~ sorry you’re feeling worse. I hope penicilin helps but your doc really should have given you something.

Rosie~ thinking of you and wishing nice clear painless sono!

Jen~ Juliet seems like she is teething as well but no teeth yet.

AFM~ third night in a row of girls going down for the night without a fight! AMAZING!!! My Mom went to Cirque Du Soleil with our nanny. I guess nanny got a nice little bonus. But I know my Mom really wanted to go and she has been getting along great with nanny so it made sense to send her with her. I was going to send SD with her cousin for these tix but next year. Maybe it is not DP after all or maybe it is because he wasn’t home until I was about to give bottles for the night. Many times he plays with girls and I think overstimulates them. We’ll see how tomorrow night goes when he is home during their wake time. Not trying to blame it on him, just seems odd but I am so happy. And so was he and said that he will do whatever I tell him to have such peaceful bedtime. I think I FINALLY feel like we have a semi-predictable schedule for the day.

Where is Samantha/Jazz??? Where is Candi?

Amy~ saw your FB pictures, awesome!

Mckenna~ you poor thing!!! I can’t believe you have your arm in cast. How is it going?


Nat - I’m up working. Poor Jess was crying while sleeping. I changed her diaper and gave her some teething gel. She went back to sleep, but while I am working I am watching her toss around in her bed. If she is getting teeth, I wish it would just happen. I think I remember this taking forever with older DD too. Anyway, I am so so very happy for you! And I am glad DH will do what you say. How nice that your mom and nanny went out together. So glad you feel like you are getting into a rhythm. Yay! I don’t know if this makes sense or not (it is late), but when I put Jess down, no one is allowed to participate. My older DD and DH cannot come into the room. I feed her the bottle, read a few books, and change her diaper. If for some reason my DH comes in or older DD she starts to fuss. It truly is her quiet time to settle down. I wonder if it is the same way with your girls. One person vs. two makes it less distracting for them and easier to settle.


Rosie - Good luck with Saline Sono


Jen~ sorry you were working so late. I am sure it’s only the matter of time before I am working late into the night. Poor Jess!!! Juliet is in the same boat – every sign of teething but no teeth. I hope it passes soon for both of our little ones. Of course, then Allison will be teething for me. You know, it does make total sense that only you put Jess to bed. I usually have second person help me feed just so they get fed at the same time. But I think the key to my success the last three nights is truly DP not being around right before bedtime overstimulating them. Both gals were up at around 3am which is a little early for Allison and Juliet usually does not wake up. Allison had major poop and was grunting so hard that she woke up everyone, poor little thing.

Rosie~ thinking of yoU!

Melissa~ how are you feeling? Did your antibiotics help?

AFM~ My BFF is taking me out for massage today at lunch. Last massage I had was prenatal and it was crap. I am really looking forward to it but I am kind of nervous because I will be far away from the house. When I went into the office twice last week, I was 5 minutes away from home and could always run home real quick if needed (mainly, if Juliet has a meltdown and can’t stop crying).


Happy Friday ladies!

Kristin: Yay for 2 kidneys! I had partial placena previa, and had to have an ultrasound at 32 weeks, and the placenta moved up by then, so it resolved itself. My doc told me if it is only marginal it usually does move up and out of the way after a few weeks, so just think of it as a chance for an extra ultrasound.

Nat: I’m glad the girls have been good lately. Don’t worry about them crying. It might be good for nanny to have to deal with a full blown meltdown without you there. Nate has been giving DH a meltdown in the mornings because he wants to nurse but I’m at work, so DH just lays him down in his pack n play and after about 15 minutes he’s either sound asleep or ready for his bottle and happy again. My doc said only to give Nate one meal of solid food for now, so he gets dinner of rice cereal with some fruit or vegetable mixed in. I use gerber because I don’t cook at all (DH cooks for me. I’m so spoiled!), but my doc said it was really easy & cheap to make baby food. He said just to buy your fruit or vegetable and steam it (he said only to steam it because if you cook it any other way you cook out some of the vitamins), and then put it in the blender. Once it is all smooth just pour it in ice cube trays and freeze, and then you can just pop out a couple at a time when it is time for baby to eat.

Rosie: Thinking of you today. I hope your ultrasound goes well!

Mel: I hope you are feeling better. I know we’re not supposed to overuse antibiotics, but it seems like if you were in severe pain from the infection that it warranted treatment of some kind.

mmckenna: You broke your wrist? Ooh, are you ok? I hope you are feeling better and getting some help with the kiddos. I’m so impressed that Braden is sleeping in his crib all night! As for the godfather, we are using our Catholic friend but baptising Nate in my Lutheran Church. My husband’s church said it needed a letter from our friend’s home parish proving he was an active member there, but since it is in England and he has been living here we wouldn’t be able to get it because he hasn’t been to church there in a long time. Then they said he couldn’t do it anyway because he is married to a previously divorced woman, but they would appoint some random members of the church as my son’s godparents so we said no.

AFM: Nate is doing ok home with daddy all day. DH has been playing with Nate on the floor and now instead of his weird wormy scootching army crawl where he pushes his head across the floor (what a weird kid) Nate will get up on his hands and knees and rock. He hasn’t started crawling yet, but it looks like he’s getting ready to. I am glad, because I am afraid he is going to get carpet burn on his face from scootching across the floor on his head. He is pretty good at bedtime, but doesn’t sleep all through the night (my boobs would blow up if he did, though). He has his cereal, gets wiped off since he will have cereal all over his face, and then I put him in his footie pajamas. Then he nurses for a while, and falls asleep either while nursing or immediately after. That is around 8:00 pm, and he sleeps through until about 2:30 am. I change him and he nurses again, and then goes right back to sleep until around 6:30 a.m., which is when I have to get up for work so it is not that bad, really. And if I want to sleep in I can ignore him for a while because he will just lay there and talk to himself for a good half hour or so. What a good little monkey!


[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]Nat/Karen – I am feeling much better. I have been slacking on taking the antibiotics, but I an in much less pain then I was. [/FONT][/SIZE]