April IVF


Melissa - Glad you are better! Are you counting down in hours now?


[B]Melissa:[/B] I am so glad you are feeling better!! I can’t believe they did not give you anti-biotics. I am glad you self treated and feel better.

[B]Rosie:[/B] I hope the sono went great!! You will be pregnant with Lily and it will be a blast. I am sure everything was fine!! Thinking of you!!!

[B]Sam/Jazz:[/B] Congrats on the new house and you babies have gotten so big. They are such cuties!!! I hope work is going well!! I know it is hard to go back!!

[B]Jen:[/B] I hate teething… I feel helpless and just give motrin at night. Poor baby, it is so hard having sore gums and the droolies. Hope you are back in the swing of work. I bet your girls are loving summer!!

[B]Carol:[/B] I love the pictures of your girls in the pool!!! They look so happy. I love trying the “natural” way!! It is a ton of fun, even if you don’t get pregnant!!!

[B]Natasha:[/B] my little ones choose one parent over the other, during different periods. When they are sick or hurt, they pick me! But they think DH is a blast and more fun. So, it will happen off and on. Just let them choose, and they will change it in a few weeks.

[B]Kst[/B]: Your baby has a bunch of teeth. How sweet!!! Almost crawling… Awwww!! That is wonderful!!! I just love that stage.

[B]McKenna:[/B] Girl… quit swinging from the light fixtures!!! A broken wrist… I am so sorry. Hope you are feeling better.

[B]Kristin:[/B] Yay!! 2 kidneys!!! Mine was close one time. They watched it, but I have c-sections. It was not as big as a deal. I moved by 32 weeks. I had a c-sect at 38 weeks. You may have no issues, so keep up the positive thoughts!!! They perfer c-sections with previa patients, but yours may move right up. I will be thinking of you!!!

[B]AFM:[/B] I am going to run “M” her stuff for a sleep over!! See, I was on a roll!! Ha-ha-ha!! We are having a ton of fun. I am floating in the pool and swimming. I have my big scan on Tuesday!!!


Karen – SO glad Nate is doing well with Daddy. That so awesome. He sounds like a great little boy…

Candi – So glad you checked in…. You’re almost half way there

AFM – Finally back in the gym today. Feels great. I haven’t been able to work out all week because of the pain. I was retaining so much fluid and my uterus was so swollen that I gained 4 pounds in 3 days… UGH… I got on the scale this morning and I am down 1.4… I still have a little pain and definitely still retaining fluid. This has really put a kink in my 140 before NOLA… I was down to 145 last week and was hoping to get down to 140 before we left… and now I am at 147… UGH. My body just doesn’t want to seem to go below this. I feel like I have been here forever….between 145-150. It’s unacceptable. I know I am just going to gain weight on vacation…because I am gonna EAT MY A$$ OFF…. I will just have to really kick it into high gear when I get back.



Hi girls!
oh my its been so long and sorry to say I am having a hard time writing personals on my phone! I miss you all so much!
We just arrived in orlando and now waiting for the rest the fam to show up! We will stay in a hotel tonight and then on board tomorrow :slight_smile: so excited!
this week was nutty with end of school activities for ds, and ofcourse I have sucker on my forehead so I was there the past three days, have been busy with a work project for a previous client and of course had a dinner last night fir dh’s work so didn’t pack until il 11pm last night! Ha ha, well whatever I forgot (I did have a couple of drinks at the event!) We will just have to do without!
Have a fab week and I will catch jp next week, love you all! Xoxox


Nat, you dont have to boil the fruit I just do cause i get so nervous about germs. As for the vegetables you can boil or roast either one is good. Once shes able to chew she will just eat whatever we are eating. Kids usually have one parent they want for bedtime i hope your dh understands that its not him just they way children are, they only want mom!

Mckenna, ouch!!! how are you doing with one hand?

Jen, ya Avery has been chewing and drooling forever but nothing yet!

Kristin, boo on no monkey business but pretty soon you really wont want to anyway lol. hope the previa isnt too bad:(

Rosie, good luck on scan!!!

Candi, cant wait for your big scan:)))

Mel, so glad your uterus is better i guess the relaxers helped. I would kill to be 147! (i was 2 years ago and far from it now) have a great time in Nola! Are you going to Emeril Lagasee’s restaurant?

Karen, I cant believe how many teeth Nate has and almost crawling thats unreal!!! tell him to slow down and chill out!

If you guys are interested in babyfood making, I got this book on amazon, easy to understand and it tells you when baby should eat what foods too…“The Best Homemade Babyfood on the Planet”

afm, dance recital is done today thank god it was so much for my dd but she did great! 12 dances it was insane! Now off to Disney tomorrow morning for some more dancing haha but at least we will have a few days before she needs to start rehearsals. I pray Avery sleeps on the plane!!!


Carol – Not sure if we will go to his restaurant or not. My uncle won a BBQ contest a few years back and was on his show. He said the food he cooked tasted like crap. I know Emeril wont be cooking at the restaurant, but I just have a feeling it would be WAY over priced for what you actually get.


I thought I posted earlier today but I don’t see it anywhere!

Carol~ have a safe trip and I hope Avery sleeps on the plane! And I hope it is not too hot.

Sara~ have fun on your cruise! I am sure it will be lovely. What ports are you visiting?

Candi~ 17 weeks already? unreal!!!

Karen~ I can’t believe Nate is almost crawling, wowzie!

AFM~ having DP’s brother from MN and MIL over for dinner. We had them over last weekend as well. The plan is to go somewhere for a day trip and it is stressing me out beyond believe. My gals don’t sleep too well outside of home (Juliet does not, Allison does fine) and they are a mess w/o naps. Just today, Juliet had hard time going down for morning nap and she was such a mess… She took good afternoon nap but not enough to recover. Wish me luck! I hope weather sucks so we don’t have to go anywhere.


Happy Monday!

Nat: How did the outings with the twins go, or did you get out of it?

Mel: Have fun on vacation! I’m so jealous! Eat lots and lots of yummy stuff and then tell us all about it!

Carol & Sara: You to have fun too! How is the weather in Florida? Is it super hot? We had to perform at Epcot in high school in May and it was sooo hot, but fun anyway.

Rosie: How did the test go? How are your insides looking now? Are they all pretty?

Jenn: How are Jessie’s poor lttle gums doing? I hope her teeth come in soon so she’ll be more comfortable.

Candi: Good to hear from you! I cannot wait for your big scan. Do you have any names picked out yet?

AFM: Took Nate to church for the first time yesterday so that he doesn’t freak out during his baptism next week. He was pretty good. There was a brass ensemble, though, and whenever they started playing it must have hurt his ears and scared him because he just started screaming and crying. I took him out to calm him down and took him back in while it was quiet and then he was happy. He even fell asleep in DH’s arms and slept through pipe organ music. Now I just have to find time to clean the house and buy food for the weekend. Oh, and Nate is still doing fine with DH, but he is currently having a crying fit so dh just laid him down to scream it out because nothing dh was doing was helping. He skipped his nap this morning so I bet he is just tired and will cry himself to sleep. Poor little guy!


hi eveyone. sorry i have been gone. as you probably saw i broke my wrist…my right one at that which sucks cuz i am right handed. i went to the ortho on friday and have to be in a cast for 4-6 weeks. i have to go back weds for more xrays and to check the swelling and possibly get a new cast. it’s not waterproof so that makes it that much more annoying with the pool, bath time, dishes, etc. it hurts when i am trying to do too much and i think the pain is much worse than either of my csections. i have been managing tho the best i can. i am actually pretty good at doing my hair and make up left handed, it just takes me extra long and I have been getting frustrated at not being able to do things as quickly as i normally do. braden is doing well and i can’t believe he is five months already! he tried sweet potatoes the other day and he LOVES them! opens his mouth so wide and sucks it right off that spoon. lol! gracie is doing well too and is actually at my parents till weds to give me a break and my nieces are staying there too so it’s a fun girls week there. not much else going on. sorry this was all about me. i will try to come back later and catch up.


McKenna~You sound like you are adjusting pretty well, I am sorry this had to happen during the summer though.

Melissa, Sara & Carol~I hope you all have great vacations!

Jen~Since you had complete placenta previa did you spot or bleed?

Karen~Did you spot or bleed with your partial placenta previa?

Rosie~Can’t wait to hear the results of your test? When do you hear?

Candi~Can’t wait to hear how your U/S goes tomorrow.

Sheri~I hope you are doing ok and just to busy to post. Thinking about you.

Nat~Yes, We are sticking with the green team! Glad to hear your nights are getting easier on you.

AFM~Wow, have I been busy. I had a rummage sale Friday and Saturday to make room for all of the baby stuff. Saturday we had an 80th birthday party for my FIL and then Saturday night was a surprise 40th B-Day party for DH’s niece. Saturday was a very long day and I couldn’t wait to get off of my feet. Summer officially starts tomorrow!!!


Kristin - I bled early on for awhile, but it was unrelated to the placenta previa. It was a uterine bleed. My OB said I had to see her right away if I started to bleed once I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa, because of the risk of hemorrhage. Did you bleed? If you have marginal placenta previa the bleed may not be related. Sounds like you had a crazy weekend, but fun!

Karen - No teeth yet. I am so ready for them to come. She drools like crazy and now bites the spoon when feeding her. Sounds like Nate did great in church. I am sure he will be such a sweetie for the Baptism.

mckenna - Good to hear from you! Sorry about your wrist. It sounds like a drag, especially in the summer.

Nat - Did you end up going out? If so, how did the girls do? How has nighttime been?

Carol - OMG! Twelve dances. I saw your FB message about the different costumes. My DD costume was 70 dollars. I about died. I can’t imagine 12 of them. Hope you are having fun in FL.

Sara - Hope you are having a good trip! I am looking forward to your article.

Candi - I am so glad you posted. I was wondering how you were doing. So glad you are having a good summer. Keep us posted on the big scan!

Rosie - How are you? How did the scan go? Thinking of you!

Melissa - Hope you are having a great time!

AFM - We went camping with LOs this weekend. My boss actually asked me to work. I said ‘no’, but then I worked until late Friday. I sent a sarcastic email and then left early Saturday morning to meet up with my older DD and DH. It was the best weekend. I didn’t think about work and had a great time on our boat with the girls. Jess did great on the boat (ate, slept, everything on it since we were on it all day). My DH missed a spot on her face for sunscreen. There was a thin line across her nose. Ugh! She is fine though. I forgot her hat, so that wouldn’t have happened if I had remembered to bring it. Now I am back and my boss is on vacation. I feel like calling him. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well on this Monday!


Jen~I have not had any bleeding or spotting, but my midwife told me to watch for it and let her know if I have any.


Hello Friends!!! Im sorry ive been MIA, but this is hard being a mommy!!! I give you all so much credit! I never thought it would be so hard!!! i wish my mom could help out more…she can only come out on the weekend…My stupid sister is out of town for 2 months so my parents hev her 2 kids every single day and there is nothing for them to do at my house and they get bored here so my family is not here much…plus the fact that my nieces are 9 and 11, I dont want “kid germs” in myhouse while they are still in school…

My DHs mom is here sometimes, but its not the same. She bugs me alot though…shes always kissing my boys and she wears make up lotions and hair products and I keep telling her the babies skin is so sensitive, they canot have contact with adult products but she wont stop!!! It drives me crazy! Im the mom, not her…all she does is cuddle them and kiss them ALL the time while Im busy being mom and dont have all the snuggle time I want and I HATE it!!! She needs to stop kissing my F-ing kids every 3 minutes!!!

Is that me just being crazy? I really dont like it! Id love to be able to cherish every moment and kiss my boys all the time, but I have to let one cry while I change or feed the other, I dont get the bonding time I want to and she waltzes in and cuddles them!!! HATE IT!!! Dont get me wrong, she does help around the house, but she still kisses them all the time…I just hate it! I hate it so much I dont even want her here to help with the house stuff so I just do everything myself…The only thing I let her do is grab a few things at the grocery store for us…but then she has to come and drop it off…and KISS MY BABIES!!! UGH!!!

Sorry for the vent I just cant stand it!

The boys are doing good…they were eating great every 3 hours, but they had gotten really fussy and the Ped. thinks maybe refulx, so she changed their formula to Enfamil AR and now they wont eat the 3-3.5 ounces every 3 hrs like they used to, now they eat 1.2-2 oz every 2 hours…Super annoying! AND they take 1/4 tsp Maalox in every other bottle and Karo syrup twice a day. My poor boys. I wish we never changed their formula!!!

The enfamil AR has rice cereal in it…I thought my boys were too young for that, but who knows Im not a doctor…

I cant wait for the boys to sleep longer!!! they have major melt downs all evening and it goes into the night…they switch on and off who throws the fit and sometimes they do it together. I hope we can figure it out soon!!! Im loosing my mind. i cant even enjoy my babies. i hope soon they mature a little bit so they dont scream all night!!!

Meli: Hows Vaca?

Rosie: Howd saline sono go?

Nat: Where did you find a nanny??? I wish we could get one for nighttime…Is it really expensive?

McKenna: Sorry about the broken wrist!!! thats got to be so hard with 2 kiddos


Kate - So glad to hear from you! I was wondering how you were doing. I am so sorry things are so crazy. The formula adjustment is tough. We did that with older DD. My pedi kept suggesting Nestle with comfort proteins. Well, she would grunt and grunt and scream from being miserable. We finally said “whatever” and went back to the one where she was happy but spitting up more. If you think it isn’t really helping, talk to your pedi, so that you can do what makes sense for you and your boys. I am so sorry about MIL with all the kisses. I am so with you! That would drive me crazy! Neither my mom or my MIL wears make-up. They did give kisses, but not crazy like! This is going to sound funny but I checked into a night nurse with just one child (mostly because DH was working overnights so it was just me here). Jess did surprisingly better than I thought, so I ended up not getting one. However, if she was rough, I would have definitely spent the money! I hope things start to smooth out for you and you get to enjoy your LOs.


KST~ Glad that Nate did well at the church. I am sure he will do great during baptism. Post a picture!!!

Jen~ your day on the boat sounds like so much fun. I am glad you got to enjoy your weekend instead of working or even thinking of work. I think you should totally call your boss while he is on vacation and ask him to work!!!

Kristin~ you’re one busy girl! Enjoy it because you will be totally busy with baby pretty soon.

Kate~ I am sorry you’re having a rough time. The beginning is really tough. I get it is very annoying to have MIL full of make up kissing boys non-stop. My MIL is full of make up and perfum too but she has NO INTEREST in my girls whatsoever. NONE. I found my nanny through nanny that used to work for my friend. She really isn’t a nanny, never been one, just lady looking for work. I never had a night nanny or nurse. Some gals on twin forum did though. Does DH help when he is home? It is the toughest thing to take care of my baby while the other one is crying. The guilt just kills you (it almost killed me) but you have to get over it. There is one of you and two babies. You cannot possibly change one diaper and console the crying baby. It’s just not physically possible and you have to come to terms with that. You are doing great! You got your boys to full term, they had no NICU stay, you take excellent care of them. And babies cry!!! There is no way around it. I used to try tandem feeding but gave up and continued to bottle feed Allison and breast feed Juliet but obviously, I couldn’t do it at the same time. One girl had to wait (usually Juliet because she is my patient one). And then I’d feel guilty because I always made her wait. I had to get over it and just kept telling myself that if I feed Juliet first, Allison will be screaming the whole time and it would ruin Juliet’s feeding anyways. Find little things to justify why your baby cries but main reason is there is only one you and two babies!!! And if MIL is stressing you out, get rid of her, ask her not to come in as much. You know from my posts that I went through phases where my Mom would get on my nerves so badly, I could hardly stand it. I am in OK place now because I keep telling myself that there is less than a month left before she leaves. Maybe when MIL is not around as much, you would appreciate what she does and it will help you deal with her overbearing kissing. That’s what I keep thinking about my Mom, that maybe if she wasn’t around, I would have learned to put up with her BS and ignore it because I want her back. Also, for me, there was a month of so where I was totally in a funk but I didn’t get any meds. I wish I did because it was awful feeling like that. I think I am past it but looking back, there was no reason for me to go through what I did (I was worried about effect on breastmilk and all that crap). If you even think you may need some med help, just a slight thought that you may need it, GET IT, don’t wait another minute! Kisses and hugs and hang in there!!!

AFM~ survived beach trip. Girls did great but weather sucked and we really didn’t do much other than eat snacks on the sand while i was consoling one girl or another :). Oh well, checkmark for doing something with BIL and family, lol.


You guyz are the GREATEST!!! Thanks for all the well wishes. The appt for the sono was a disaster! My bladder almost exploded because they didn’t have everything they needed and my u/s was done 3 hrs after I started drinking. Anyway, they said that everyhting looked normal. My doctor didn’t get the official result yet but but I will take the radiologist’s word that all is well in there.


Rosie - I am so glad everything looked good. You and Lily will be pregnancy buds very soon!

Nat - Yay for surviving the day out. How’s night time going? Job?

Kristin -Yes that is how they were with me. If it was more than spotting though I had to go straight to the hospital. Needless to say, my DH was a wreck. One time he couldn’t get a hold of me because I was in a meeting. He called my cell, house phone, texted me and I finally texted him that I was in a meeting. When we finally talked, he was so mad and said he was going to call and see if I was at the hospital.

Candi - How was your scan? I am thinking about you!

AFM- I worked until 12:30 am last night. My poor 3 yr old is suffering with all the work I have. I absolutely hate it. I feel like I am mean all the time because I am always rushing to get her to do things. She told me I was a bad person the other day. It felt awful. I can’t wait until this project is done. I am looking into a job share position, but I doubt anything will come of it.


[B]Jen[/B]: I will write more to you in my next post… but I was dying to say, “I am bad too!!” Hahahahaha!! I can’t please all of my girls all the time. I work part time, am the driver, chef, and child care provider, and I think they all wish that I could just play 24/7. I do too!! Laundry is never done, and I don’t have time to get a pedi. I made my DH help me do them the other night. Summers are great, but M has school. She wants to take an elective in here Junior year that would conflict with her schedule. So, we let her do summer school. We are swapping in her old car for a new one. It is younger looking. And we have still yet to take a vacation. I feel nuts!!! The little girls are just along for chaotic summer. Story of my life. So, don’t sweat it!! You are doing great!!![quote=MommyAgain]Rosie - I am so glad everything looked good. You and Lily will be pregnancy buds very soon!

Nat - Yay for surviving the day out. How’s night time going? Job?

Kristin -Yes that is how they were with me. If it was more than spotting though I had to go straight to the hospital. Needless to say, my DH was a wreck. One time he couldn’t get a hold of me because I was in a meeting. He called my cell, house phone, texted me and I finally texted him that I was in a meeting. When we finally talked, he was so mad and said he was going to call and see if I was at the hospital.

Candi - How was your scan? I am thinking about you!

AFM- I worked until 12:30 am last night. My poor 3 yr old is suffering with all the work I have. I absolutely hate it. I feel like I am mean all the time because I am always rushing to get her to do things. She told me I was a bad person the other day. It felt awful. I can’t wait until this project is done. I am looking into a job share position, but I doubt anything will come of it.[/quote]


[SIZE=4][B]It’s a Girl!!! [/B][/SIZE]

We had our “Big” scan and she is a girl. They will be doing another growth scan in 4 weeks. They will watch her, to make sure she is a nice size by 36 weeks. Please!! I have huge babies, so my 36 week baby will probably weigh 6-6 1/2 pounds. My DH was huge, so my girls are huge! Full term, they are 9 pounds. I have been back on prenatals for 2 weeks!!! I can only take the gummy prenantals. I feel great, but still have sick days. I will get sick once to twice a day now, so it is better. I will gain weight this time… I am eating like crazy!!! I love ice cream!!! Yummy!! I am addicited!!! So, I should catch up in no time. I never watch my weight (when pregnant), so I don’t really stress over those things. I have only gained a pound, but I plan on picking up ground really soon (I will be huge! I promise). I feel so much better. I have not bleed since 16 weeks!!! Yay!! So, I am taking baby steps to the finish line! The baby looked great yesterday. SHe was so pretty. I kept saying she was so perfect, it shocks me every time. I have been able to feel her move since 16 weeks (they doctor could too!) I think she is just having a great time. She was sucking her thumb, it was so sweet. She has ten fingers and ten toes, and all of her organs are functioning normal. She weighs 7 oz. and is super active. I can’t belive I am 18 weeks… 1/2 to the finish line. I may have to think about buying baby stuff!!! I have not even really announced it, so I might soon!! I am really excited to see her doing so well after the difficult bleeding for 3 months.

I have a funny!!! I went to buy a BRA… did you know that they made E,F,G’s!!! I do now!!! I was horrified, my C’s turned into E’s (and heaven help me, I need a F!!) F only means a dirty word to me, so I couldn’t buy it. My DH was laughing so hard. I could film a naughty video or a horror show with these things. Holy Cow!!! I am horrified!!! I am!!! Oh, and to top it off my milk has started to come in. Yes, the gift of having so many children. I couldn’t feel sexier.

We are thinking about naming her: Elin (stong E sound). It is Tiger Woods ex-wife’s name and an authur on the best seller list. I love it, and I did a bag for a baby with the same name. They live in another state, but it was so funny that it was my favorite. I will post a picture of the bag later.

Here is my 18 week photo: At the bottom!!!

[B]Natasha:[/B] You are on the home stretch with your Mom!! Yay!! How are you doing with working from home? My sister loves it! She thinks it is the best of both worlds. SHe occasionally has nanny problems. Glad you had fun in the sand. It is not quite as much fun when they are little, but it gets better!!

[B]Jen:[/B] You should have called you boss!!! Its vacation, but you might want to be working!!! NOT!! He/she is special… enjoy while they are on vacation. Hahahaha!! It is they break you could only wish for. My girls love being on a boat or anywhere. They are great as babies, it was so nice. Pack and go… because they slept any where!!

[B]Kate: [/B]Oh, you are experiencing normally mommy woes. And it will happen with each child!!! She will drive you nuts no matter what, so just try to ignore it. She does have good intentions, even if you wish you could kick her. I remember those moments, even now! I would swear it was intentional, but I know it was not. One of my little ones had super sensitive skin (contact dermatitus, which was the little rash on the skin from perfumes or make up). It drove me nuts that I had to use creams to help the rash, if they touched her skin. It was so bad. People don’t understand the problem, so they do it anyway. You are doing fantastic. Never beat yourself up!!! Never!! We are not super human, we are moms. That means we are imperfect and they love us anyway. I promise!! You are doing great!!!

[B]Rosie:[/B] Wahooo!!! Yay!!! You are normal… hahahahaha!!! Please, that is one amazing uterus!!! You will do fantastic in your next cycle. You are ready and your body is healed. I am feeling a beautiful BFP[B]![/B]

[B]Karen[/B]: Mine loved to sleep in church. I never put them in the nursery, because they slept like dreams. Funny!! I am excited about your christening this weekend. I hope you show us just one picture. We all are friends on facebook, so we can secretly check each others babies out, but you we have to harrass!! Hahahaha!! How big is he now? I bet he is loving all the new foods, mine are in heaven when we start solids.

[B]Kristin:[/B] Will you not have another u/s until 32 weeks? I would just enjoy your healthy pregnancy and I bet it will move. Just stay positive and enjoy. You are doing great and baby is happy. You are staying so busy… are you still working too? I bet your family is getting super excited. Have you shopped or registered. I am thinking about looking at cribs in July. I still have only 2 pair of materinty shorts. I should shop, but I am just wearing my stuff. I will eventually be to huge for that!!! You must ne feeling great!! I am going to look through some old family names for the baby’s middle name. Are you two coming up with names?

[B]Lily[/B]: Hope you are having a great summer. I can’t wait for your next cycle!! You will get a BFP, because you will be relaxed and happy. Since, it is a different protocol, you will do great!!!

[B]Sheri:[/B] I have missed you!!! You quit lurking and post us a beautiful photo of that belly. You have probably bought a ton of stuff and not told me all about it!!! So, now you must spill the beans!! Give me all the juicy details. I am trying to decide on bouncy seats and swings. I am looking at the space saver ones… decisions… decisions!!!

[B]McKenna:[/B] Ouch!!! That definately cuts into you sun bathing and swimming. Hope you feel better and figure out how to wipe and other stuff!!! Make you DH cook dinner, or pick up dinner!!!

[B]Carol & Melissa & Sara:[/B] I wish I was on vacation with you 3!!!


Jen~ I sorry this project is so demanding. When will it be over? I bet it hurt when DD told you you were a bad person. I remember when my stepson was little, his Mom called DP in tears and asked to pick him up. Apparently, he fell asleep in the car, she brought him into the house and put him on the couch in the family room while she was doing something in the kitchen. Her noise woke her up so he left her a note “Mommy, I don’t love you”. We still tease him about it. My work is going OK for now. It is the start of the project so it’s slow so far. But, talk about Murphy’s law. My Mom goes back on July 17th and on July 18th me and DP both are supposed to go on a business trip for a day. That would be the first time ever that the girls are left without Mommy, Daddy or Grandma. I can’t even stand to think about it. I am begging DP to stay home as he is an optional attendee and I am required. If my Mom would still be here, it would have been fun to go together to Palo Alto for a day. I think he will stay home, thank God!!! Night time is going great! Allison tries to cry for DP so he feeds her and leaves her with me to do the rest and then I put both girls to bed by myself. I think he got over his need to put them to bed as it is much more pleasant to feed your daughter and walk out and never hear a peep. Allison stopped crying going down for naps also, if I put her. I can’t explain it but I love it. And Juliet has been better, too. But she NEVER goes down until she finishes at least 7oz. And many nights, she does not finish it all at once and acts like she is going to throw up. So I literally have to put her in her crib so it sinks in that she is going down for the night and then she will finish her bottle and go to sleep. Funny girl.

Candi~ your belly is so cute!!! I can’t believe you are half way though, that’s amazing!!! And yay for no more bleed and having a great time. I am glad your girl is doing so well. Will you try for a boy in a year or two??? I am loving working from home now but I really have very little to do. I don’t know how it will be when I get super busy, I guess I will work at night a lot which is totally fine with me. I think better at night since I am not a morning person. This morning Juliet started talking at about 6:30am and as cute as it was, I just wanted to sleep!!!

AFM~ I feel like I am paying our nanny for nothing. Not necessarily her fault, really, but because of the light work load, I have been able to be there for girls feedings, etc. And my Mom does a lot. I keep telling her to back off but I know how hard it is because I have hard time backing off. She did say that she can do household chores as well and I had her vacuum once and she folds girls’ laundry but my Mom does a lot of that as well. So when girls go down for a nap, she watches TV:). She really has a great job for now. I hope she can handle my girls when my Mom is not around. I can still help but not all the time. Funny thing is, she is already asking me when my Mom will be back. I feel like telling her ‘lady, I am not paying you to watch TV and my Mom to take care of the girls so it is totally irrelevant when my Mom will return’. I was so hung up on getting Russian nanny that I actually now regret it. I think a younger person regardless of language would have been better and had more energy to entertain girls. Oh well, I will see how it goes when she is left with girls on her own and then change things up if needed. And the main thing that drives me up the wall is almost daily, I have to remind her to wash her hands after she comes over. I keep telling her that she drives her car and her steering wheel has all sort of germs on it (she touches grocery cart and then drives home, for example). She says, oh yes, washes her hands but I feel like that is one thing that i don’t want to HAVE to remind her. And what if I am busy one day and forget to remind her? Am I being too harsh about hand washing or is it a reason request???