April IVF


Kate: It is so good to hear from you! I could not handle twins–you are doing great! I hear you on not wanting others to smooch the babies too much. It isn’t just about the make-up, but when you don’t get enough cuddle time you don’t want the baby to prefer someone else over you. I know it sounds dumb, but it makes sense. DH has the baby all day so in the morning or in the evening when I get home I want the baby all to myself, and dh comes up and starts playing with the baby and trying to take him and I have to tell him to go away and give me some time, too! Maybe tell your mother in law that the pediatrician told you that no one could touch or kiss the babies if they are wearing make up or perfume?

Happy: Yay for Elin! That is so pretty. I can’t wait to hear the middle name.

Rosie: You and Lily with your fancy insides! I’m glad the test came back clear and you can move forward with the baby making.

Krisitin: I did not spot at all, but was told to keep an eye out for it. Once the previa cleared up, though, I didn’t have to worry about it.

AFM: Here is a photo of the little guy taken on 6/11, if I post it right.


Nat - This project feels like it is never going to end. It is horrible! Yay for you and the girls! Soooo nice to have a routine down that works. Just FYI, my nanny for older DD washed her hands as soon as she walked in the door. My current nanny just walks down from the end of the street, so she doesn’t or at least I don’t think she does. Jess is usually sleeping and I am working when she walks in.

Karen - Ok, that kiddo is so darn precious. What a great picture!

Candi - I am so happy for you! It must have been so nice to see your LO on the scan. I love Elin. Sweet name. And you are right, I should call the boss. He hasn’t responded to emails or called or anything. I am a pretty ticked about that actually. Anyway, your belly is perfect! And Yay for ice cream!

AFM - I didn’t mention earlier, but last night in between working I would work on my older DD’s 3 yr old photo book. She has grown so much! It does happen fast and I wish it would stop! I am almost done with it and then on to Jessie’s.


Karen~ Nate is super cute and great photo!!!

Jen~ hope this project ends soon. Why does your boss expect you to work but does not even occasionally check his emails? Not fair. I would expect nanny to walk into the door and wash her hands. Today, I was busy feeding Juliet when she came in. I had her bottle next to me and she picked it up to see how much was left and my Mom immediately asked if she washed her hands and the answer was no. I was ticked!!! First of all, of course, because she didn’t wash her hands, and second of all, I do not need supervision when I feed my baby. She is a nice lady and trustworthy, I think, but I do not think she will be able to care of two infants, at least not to the level that I would expect. And the whole reason I wanted Russian lady is so the kids speak Russian and she tries to talk to them in her broken English! Hello??? And I’ve mentioned that several times as well to her.


karen: omg! he is super cute!!! i can’t believe we haven’t seen more pix of that handsome little man. You really should get a facebook page :wink: I was just thinking the other day that we could create a private page over there where we could all post, but remembered you don’t have a page. booo. haha. jk. but we did create a private page for another mommy’s forum I am in and it is so easy and nice to have everything in one place…for us avid facebookers :slight_smile:

omg. i want to take this **** cast off!! it’s so freakin hard to type!

nat: sorry you are at a crossroads when it comes to not knowing what to do with your nanny. i don’t think it’s an unreasonable request to have her wash her hands when she comes in. you are her boss afterall. i hope you can figure something out. so glad bed time has been going much better. at least dp gets to feed allison so he is not completely left out of bed time duties.

jen: awwww, you’re not a bad mommy. i know exactly how you feel and I don’t even have work to blame. i think you should totally keep harrassing your boss till he answers you. what a jerk. go you on putting together your dd’s photo album. do you scrapbook? i really need to do something with the millions of pix i have of these kiddos!

candi: I love elin!!! so pretty. glad everything looked great and that she is growing big and strong. you look great too! you are halfway there! you are doing awesome!

Melissa: Happy Birthday!!! Hope you are having a great day and an awesome time in NOLA!

Carol & Sara: Hope you are enjoying your vacations too!! I am super jealous!!

Rosie: Yay for a great sono but boo on making you wait too long and your bladder about to explode. Hope the results come back great and you and Lily will be pregnant soon!

Lily: Hope you are having fun. Isn’t NKOTBBSB this weekend?? have s great time!

kate: thanks for posting and letting us know how things are going. sorry mil is being a pain in the @ss. i like the idea of telling her the doctor said they have super sensitive skin and that no one should come in contact with them if they are wearing perfume or make up. sorry they are so fussy. both of mine were colicky so i can totally relate, however, i can’t imagine how much harder it must be with two. one is bad enough when they are colicky. it does get better though and soon enough you will have two happy little boys on your hands. i agree with nat, get something if you feel you are in a funk just to take to get you over the hump. i took something with braden and it has made a world of difference in the way i interacted with him as opposed to my dd.

kristin: sorry about the placenta previa. i hope it moves out of the way. glad to hear that everything else looks great though!

sheri: where are you? hopefully just busy preparing for baby!! need a belly pic, please!

hi to anyone i missed!

afm: stupid cast. ugh! went back to the ortho today and they took more xrays and said that it is healing correctly. i go back in three weeks to get the cast removed and more xrays. if all looks good, no more cast!!! it still hurts, but not nearly as bad as it did. i do still take motrin, but only as needed (like after typing. HAHA). i have more control over my fingers and thumb and am now able to pinch, squeeze, make a fist which was nearly impossible a few days ago. my range of motion is getting better too. so hopefully in three weeks i will be healed.

DD came back from grandma’s today. she pooped on the potty there this morning all by herself!!! YAY!! she told me she will do it for me too so we will see! she has been really good today too. i think she is happy to be home. i kind of missed her too :slight_smile:

braden is doing well and getting soooo big. He eats one jar of baby food a day. right now we are on carrots. so we have done peas, sweet potatoes (his favorite so far), and now carrots. will do a few more veggies before moving to fruits. i have a feeling he is going to love them!! My little chunk! he was 5 monts old on Saturday. I tried to take a 5 month pic, but he was being camera shy and making goofy faces.


WOW! It’s been TWO months since I updated this! I think I got all the current updates…

[B]The “New and Improved” April 2010 Group aka Jarbruary 2011 Group:[/B]
Amy: IVF this summer after vacation to Australia
Lily: Start FET cycle 8/6/11
Rosie: IVF this summer
Sara: Exploring adoption
Melissa: Exploring adoption

Sheri: DD: 8/30/11 BOY!!
Kristin: DD: 10/7/11, TEAM GREEN!
Candi: DD: 11/24/11 GIRL! Scheduled c/s 10/27/11 @ 36 weeks.

[B]BABIES ARE HERE :cheer: :[/B]
Janeen: DD: 12/28/10 BOY! Water broke 12/9/10. Joshua Micah arrived on 12/10/10 @ 3:59am. 18" long, 6 pounds, 7 oz.
Carol: DD: 12/22/10; scheduled c-sec on 12/17/10, GIRL! Avery Jane arrived on 12/17/10 @ 8:55am. 7 lbs, 14 oz.
Jen: DD: 1/12/11 GIRL! Jessie arrived 12/17/10 scheduled c/s due to placenta previa. 5 lbs, 11 oz, 18 3/4" long
Chrissy: DD: 1/7/2011; BOY! Tanner Ryan arrived after two days of labor on 12/25 MERRY CHRISTMAS! @ 2:33am 7 lbs, 13 oz, 21" long
Karen: DD: 12/29/10 BOY! Nathanael. Induced on 1/5/11. Born 1/6/11 @ 10:41pm 8 lbs, 9 oz, 21.5" long.
McKenna: DD: 1/20/11; BOY! scheduled c-sec 1/18/11. Braden Samuel arrived on 1/18/11 @ 11:44am. 7 pounds, 15 oz, 20.5" long
Nat: DD: 2/11/11 TWIN GIRLS! Scheduled c-sec: 1/20/11 @ 37w d/t IUGR of Twin A. Alison arrived @ 4:28pm, 3 lbs, 14 oz & Juliet arrived @ 4:30pm, 5 lbs, 7 oz
Jam: DD: 4/22/11 TWINS! GIRL! BOY! C-section 3/31/11 due to pre-eclampsia. Greyson Freeman weighed 6 lbs, 12 oz; Harper Isadora weighed 4 lbs, 15 oz.
Kate: DD: 6/15/11 IDENTICAL TWINS BOYS!! Aiden Jack & Logan James born 5/27/11 scheduled c/s @ 37w 2d. 6lbs, 1oz each.


Mckenna - Thanks for the list. It is always nice to see where everyone is at. I hope your DD keeps up the good work! It will be so nice for you to only have to worry about one size of diapers. How cute is Braden! Jess is not a sweet potato fan, but I keep trying it. She is so off and on with food. Very strange. I don’t scrapbook anymore, but I do use digital photo books on snapfish. All my pics are loaded there (and friends pics of my kids), so I use it to keep track of the year and then I do a book just after my DD’s birthday. I will do the same for Jess. For my older DD, I did 3 books in her first year because there were so many pictures. Jess will get just one :(.

Nat - That is so tough. I completely understand wanting a Russian speaking nanny. And I also understand not wanting your kiddos sick. My older DD got sick once in her first year and it was just a minor cold. Once she started day care (at 17 months), she was sick constantly. I couldn’t imagine her being sick like that in the beginning. I hope she gets in the groove of things soon or do you think you are already over it?


Jen~ not totally over nanny yet. I will see how she does on her own w/o my Mom around.

Girls, I had such a rough day yesterday, just uncontrollable crying, came out of no where. Then DP invited his whole family over for dinner before they go back to MN. I just about lost it. Pulled myself together, drank some wine and was trying to be pleasant company. This morning woke up feeling even worse with whole guilt trip of pumping and dumping, crying like crazy so I decided to take one of prescribed Xanax and a glass of wine (since my doc said to pump and dump once after taking Xanax so I figured I might as well have a glass – big mistake). It completely knocked me out that I couldn’t even care for the kids. I slept through the door bell when my Mom came back from walking the girls, slept through their feedings but I had their BM bottles ready. I’ve never been so out of it. It stopped me from crying but at what price. And like an idiot, I have guilty feeling for feeding girls frozen milk because I’ve been pumping and dumping instead of giving them freash milk. And DP hasn’t been supportive at all. He thinks I am making up all my emotions and thinks I am crazy and just keeps making fun of me “oh, if you think it is so bad to feed them frozen milk, why do you even bother freezing?” For 5 months I fed them fresh milk and the only reason I have to do frozen last night and today so far is because I am an emotional wreck and can’t get a grip. Maybe I will take my own advice to Kate and run to get some long term pills. I have an appt on Monday. Girls are doing great and at times, i feel like they are the only reason I am willing to try to get better. Otherwise, I am a total mess yesterday/today.


Nat: Oh, I’m so sorry you are having a rough day. I totally get it about the frozen milk. Nate has been having some formula, and at first I freaked out. I accidentally left the refrigerated bag with the milk I pumped while at work in a client’s office and couldn’t get it until the next day, so the milk would be bad. So I pumped as much as I could while still feeding him that night and the next morning, but it wasn’t enough and he had to have a bottle of formula and I started crying like I was so mean! Now I haven’t been getting as much milk when I pump during the day (I don’t know if it is hormonal reducing my supply or if it is because he is just eating more in the morning before I leave) so oftentimes DH runs out of milk and has to give him a few ounces of formula in the evening before I get home, and I felt sooo guilty at first. The girls probably didn’t mind the frozen milk at all, so try not to beat yourself up about it. And eventhough you feel guilty, at least you know that your girls got taken care of even when you weren’t able to help, and that’s something! Go ahead and go to the doctor though if you need to. You can’t take care of your girls if you are not taking care of yourself. I am just in awe of you twin mommies. I know that I wouldn’t do half as well.


Nat: I am so sorry that you are feeling this way. I am also sorry that DP doesn’t seem to understand. First of all, don’t feel guilty at all about giving them frozen milk. That’s what you have been saving it for and it was used during a time when you needed to use it. I never breast fed, so I don’t know the guilt that goes along with stopping BFing, etc, but I do know that your girls have been getting the best of the best and it’s not like you are stopping BFing, they just had to have have frozen BM a few times, but it’s still BM. I am sure it has affected you more by giving it to them, than it did them by having it. Second of all, I bet you were knocked out after taking a xanax and a glass of wine! I was given xanax a few times in the hospital after I had DD and I was knocked out…I can’t imagine that paired with wine! I do think you may need something to help you to not feel so overwhelmed/anxious on a more regular basis. I was very skeptical about taking the zoloft after having Braden. I was offered it after I had DD, but declined it thinking that this feeling would just magically disappear, and it did, but it took a long while, and I do believe now that I could have been a better mom had I been on it. I feel like the first 6 months/year of my DD’s life is a blur and that I was just doing what I needed to do to get by. The whole reason that I decided on the zoloft this time is because I wanted to be able to function and be a good mommy to DD. I didn’t want her to see me crying all the time and wanting to do nothing but sleep and not eat. I wanted to be one of those “picture perfect” mommies that had two children and looked like she had it all together. HAHA! I now know that it was the right choice. Dh just commented yesterday how it’s like night and day since I have been on it and he never wants me to get off it. He said he has noticed a great decrease in my anxiety and I do feel better. Don’t get me wrong, I do still get anxious, but it takes the edge off and allows me to rationalize the real issue and see that what I am anxious about isn’t really worth it. Plus, like I have said before, my interactions with Braden have been so much different than they were with DD. I bonded so much quicker with him and am a happier, more relaxed mommy, and in turn, I think he is a happier baby. Of course it could just be his personality, but I also wonder if since he sees me happy and laughing most the time, if that’s not rubbing off on him…

Anyway, you do what you feel is right. Try to let go of the guilt because you have NOTHING to feel guilty about. And like Karen said, you can’t take care of your girls if you aren’t taking care of yourself.


Karen and Mckenna~ thank you both so much for your support, I really really really needed it. I think it is DP’s lack of support that totally got me but I guess he just couldn’t figure out why I had such an issue with feeding them frozen milk. And it is not that I think that frozen milk is bad for them, not at all, but WHY I had to do it – because I got drunk (well, not really drunk, but enough to feel good) to deal with having company over when I was totally not up to it.

Karen~ sorry that you felt guilty giving Nate formula. Breastfeeding is great but it does give additional things to stress/feel guilty about.

Mckenna~ I am sure you are a picture perfect Mommy. I am glad Zoloft is helping you. I wonder if it also makes it a little easier because you’ve been through this once? How long did it take for zoloft to take effect? It’s really weird because most days I am fine (I had a rough period before but I don’t feel like that on regular basis) so it would be really nice to have something I can take on occasional basis, although not sure that xanax would be it. I’ll have to try it next time without wine and maybe take half a pill :wink:


Karen~Your little man is so adorable. Please share more photos with us.

Rosie~Did you get the official results of your test yet? What’s next?

Jen~Thanks for sharing about your placenta previa. I am hoping for the best, but if that is the worst thing that happens during my pregnancy I am not going to complain.

Candi~You look beautiful!! Yaaaay Girls! Yes I will have another u/s at 32 weeks. I don’t see my midwife again until July 11, so we will talk about the details then. I am still working 4-10hr days and plan to up until the end. DH and I registered Wednesday. My first shower is scheduled for July 12th with my co-workers. I don’t know if I shared middle names or not, but we don’t have 1st names decided. Middle name for a girl will be Leona after my Grandma and DH had a Leona on his side to. Middle name for a boy will be Lee. DH and I both have that name in common as well in our families. Now to decide what first names should be.

McKenna~Thank you for the list. I love your idea of our group meeting up on FB.

AFM~I don’t have a busy weekend planned and I am so happy to just relax. Have a good one ladies!


Nat - I am so sorry you had to go through that. You are a great mom! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your girls are so lucky. I don’t know if you ending up reading that book, but the author tells a story of how she was just crazed and drove her and her kids to her parents house and told them that she needed a nap. When she woke, she was ready to feed the kids, but her dad told her it was the next day and the kids were fed and taken care of all day/night. I really can’t imagine twins and I really do think you are amazing! I wish DP was more supportive, but guys just don’t quite get the love and attachment that mom’s have with their children. Not that they don’t love or attach to their kids. It’s just different. Plus all the hormonal ups and downs that happen after having children. I know for me it makes even the little things extreme. Your doc may have answers to help even things out. I am really glad you share your stories, because I think back about my first DD and how I wish that I could talk to mom’s that were going through the same thing. All my friends already had their kids and have forgotten about the crazy days. There was one day that I was by myself and exhausted and my hormones had really gotten the best of me. I put my DD in the crib and she wouldn’t stop crying. I ended up going to another room and put a pillow over my head and just cried. Finally I got it together, but I felt so guilty for doing that and beat myself up quite a bit about it.

Kristin - Your pregnancy has been pretty smooth. I really think that the placenta will move for you! Cute middle names! I cannot believe we still don’t know the gender (but I have an idea…I am going with boy :)).

AFM - I decided not to work through the night last night, so I got some sleep. Still surviiving on coffee though from so many nights of just 2-4 hours of sleep. The project should be done next week, but no plans of slowing down. Absolutely crazy! Jess has got to be teething. She is just having some really miserable moments. I feel so bad for her!


Ok, ladies. Finally got a pic of the belly and was able to re-size it to fit this site. It was taken last week at 29 1/2 weeks.

Back in a sec with personals.


Kristin: Sorry about the placenta previa but glad you’re not experiencing any issues. I’m confident it will move in time. How are you feeling?

McKenna: Ouch! The broken wrist sounds painful. Good that no surgery was required but I am sure it is making life challenging. I like the group FB idea, too! Is it easy to set up?

Jen: Man, you’ve been working really hard. Hope this much work is really short term until the project is done. I’m definitely turning into a slacker at work. Gotta get my stuff together to plan and train my short term replacement.

Candi: A fourth baby girl!!! So glad things are calming down so you can enjoy the pregnancy and all her little movements. What do your youngest two think of becoming big sisters? Are you fully off bed rest now? Love the name Elin! A number of my close friends are Swedish…in fact, one is named Elin.

Kate: I cannot even imagine the amount of work and stress associated with newborn twins. As the others have said, please don’t second guess yourself. You’re an excellent Mom and the boys are always going to love you and DH best. I think a lot of people / family are well-intentioned in their desire to help but are simply more annoying than anything else. Hang in there!

Nat: I would be pissed off, too, if I had to constantly remind my nanny to do something as simple as washing her hands upon arrival. Hope things will straighten out with her soon. On a bright note, you seemed to have really turned a corner wrt the girls’ bedtime ritual. I hope that continues to go smoothly for you. I know you’re not excited about the day trip but will you be in Palo Alto overnight? It’s close to where I live and would be great if we could meet up!

Rosie: The sono doesn’t sound like fun but ‘yeah!’ for the good results so you can move forward!

Karen: Love the pictures of Nate! He is such a cutie and his crystal blue eyes are something else. Sounds like you’re enjoying the process of introducing him to new foods. Keep sharing the pics!

Carol: Hope you’re not getting overheated at DisneyWorld. I’m enjoying the pics on FB. If you only had one child, at what age would it make the most sense to go there? It’s on my list of places I want to go some day and I’d like to make it a family deal with my brother/sis-in-law/niece and, of course, baby.

Jam: How is the new house working out for you? Thinking of you ladies!

Sara, Melissa, Lily: Hope you’re enjoying your vacations!!!

AFM: I have been lurking more than posting, sorry. Sometimes I just enjoy hearing about all of you instead of posting myself. I finally set my training class appointments so I can get the CPR, baby basics, breastfeeding etc. stuff down. First class is tomorrow…infant CPR. Two showers are also on my calendar now. Two sets of close friends are hosting. Only crazy part is that the second set insisted upon having the second shower the day after the first. Finally finished my registries at Target and Right Start. Now I just need to find a child care provider and work out the training plan for my short-term replacement. Never a dull moment! Will try to be a better friend going forward. Just because I don’t always post doesn’t mean I don’t think of you all often!


Sheri - You are almost there! And so on top of it! Good for you! Two showers one day after the other. Wow! I would be exhausted. I wish my project was over. I thought I was close tonight, but again I will be working through the night. And I have family here. I just want to spend time with them! I can’t wait to see pics of your little one. I just can’t believe it is around the corner!


Sheri~You look great! It sounds like you are very organized and staying on top of everything. I am very happy for you. How nice of your friends to be giving you 2 showers. I hope you get everything you need. I am feeling good and can’t complain. The past few days the baby has been kicking really low and it is the strangest feeling. It just makes me smile everytime I feel the baby.

Jen~I can’t believe how much you have to work and with family visiting. I sure hope your project is over soon.



McKenna – Sorry about your wrist, but sounds like you are managing things ok and so glad that it’s getting better. So glad Braden is loving those sweet potatoes. So happy that Gracie is doing well and pooped on the potty!!! YIPPEE. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Jen – SO glad you had a nice camping weekend with the girls and didn’t have to think about work…

Kate – I am so sorry that you’re having such a rough time. It will take some time…you’re getting to know the boys and they’re getting to know you. Sorry MIL is driving you crazy. Sounds like you may have a little bit of Post partem depression creeping in… SO sorry honey,

Rosie – So sorry the sono was a disaster, but glad everything looks normal.

Candi – YAY for confirmation of team pink!!! I really like the name Elin…so pretty. You look great!!!

Karen – HOLY HE77… Nate is absolutely a GORGEOUS little thing… You’re gonna be beating the girls off with bats…lol

Nat – Sorry you had a bad day and that Xanax knocked you out.


AFM – DH and I had a FABULOUS time in NOLA. MUCH needed vacation. Bourbon street stinks to high he77 and I had NOT IDEA that there were stripes hanging out of door ways giggling their butts. I am by no means a prude, but that caught me off guard…BIG TIME. There is even this one place where girls perform sex acts on one another… CRAZY. We did a cemetery tour on my birthday and it was AWESOME. The cemeteries are so beautiful and it’s so sad that some of the cemeteries are in such bad shape. I will be posting pics on FB later. The next day we took a city and a swamp tour. Got to see the Eli & Payton Mannings house that they grew up in and Sandra Bullocks house… The swamp tour was awesome…got to hold a baby gator. Then is started to storm REALLY bad…thunder and lightening….our tour boat driver got struck through the wheel. He didn’t tell us that, but you could tell…there was a huge thunder clap and lightening really close by and he yanked his hand off the wheel and shaking it….then he didn’t want to touch the wheel after that… SCARY STUFF. We ate a TON and I am sure I gained some weight. I refuse to get on the scale until I can get in the gym for a couple of weeks…lol Out pet.house sitter did a good job…our kitty is still alive and she missed us so much. We missed her bunches too. Feels good to be home and can’t wait to sleep in my own bed. Now just time to recover financially from the vacation…UGH…. I hate being broke.


Hey girls!!!

I have lots to catchup on but i’m gonna try:)

Kate, omg honey so good to hear from you!! tell your mil that they boys are getting conjested after she leaves so you think they are allergic to her lotions/makeup (a little white lie but who cares!) cant wait to see pics of them soon!!

Karen, omg hes adorable!!!

Jen, its so hard being a working mom i have to say i dont miss it one bit. I was always so stressed and never enough time to do anything i hated it. I hope a jobshare works out wouldnt that be perfect!

Candi, yay for girl!! and Elin is beautiful love it!!! you look amazing, only 1 pound thats crazy!!!

Sheri, you look fantastic too!!! almost there i cant believe it.

Mel, so glad you had a good vaca you needed that!!
I hear ya on the scale thing, im not going to weight in tomorrow at ww plus I have my af so double whammy no thanks!

Nat, aww honey it was just a bad day and we all have them esp when we are anxious!! xanax is strong for some people so i would try ativan (did you have that at transfer?) i take it and its very mild, takes the edge off without knocking you out. It helps calm our emotions so we can function as normal. As for zoloft it its completely safe for bf hardly any passes thru the milk. I feel like you are trying to do too much and being so hard on yourself. There is no such thing as a perfect mother, we try hard and do our best but we are only human. You are a wonderful mother and you want the best for your girls but you have to give yourself a break!! So on monday at your appointment be honest with your doctor, tell her how you’ve been feeling and see what shes says. Like Mckenna, i wish I didnt wait to start zoloft with my other dd. It was hell and some days I couldnt stop crying for no reason and felt so alone. And like mckenna said too, I still get anxious but my mind doesnt run away as far as it used to and I can get over it quicker. You have so much on your plate and stress is a big trigger for how your feeling. Some days are great and some arent so much, thats how our emotions are on a rollercoaster, hormones!! It does get better but please ease up on your expectations of yourself you can only do so much.

Rosie, yay for good scan!!! cant wait for you start:)

Mckenna ouch on the wrist wow:( i bet that put a big kink in your pooltime this summer what a drag! Braden is so big now!!!

I dont know how anyone functions in the south in the summer lol. It was so freakin hot i was drenched all day in the parks. The lines were huge so we didnt get on many rides. The baby was awesome thru the whole week, what a good girl!! We were all kinda disappointed in the trip cause it just felt like we couldnt do much because of the heat so it was a bummer. Even the pool water was too warm so no fun there either. I came home and now want another vacation lol. ok gotta run princess is calling my name! bbl


Welcome back Carol and Mel! Carol, it has been hot as crap here in NC so I was wondering how you were doing in Florida. You must have been melting. Im glad Avery was such a good girl, though. You are so brave taking her on vacation already. I’d be so worried Nate would act up, when he is a pretty good kid most of the time.

Mel: I love cemetaries, so I’m jealous of your cemetary tour! What was the yummiest meal you ate?

Sheri & Candi: Look at your cute little tummies! You two both look really good. Sheri, I can’t believe how close you are. You sound really organized though, but I know you must be getting a little excited and nervous.

AFM: Tiiiired after the weekend festivities. We dressed Nate in a white onesie with a cross embroidered on it and little blue and white seersucker shorts. His little socks had crosses on them, too. I was up all night cleaning Saturday, so didn’t get to decorate too much. I got one of those nice Hallmark frames for Baptisms and put that photo of Nate that I posted here last week in it and just put that in the center of the table with the food all around. Right before church started the poor kid melted down, though. Everyone kept grabbing at him and kissing him, even people he didn’t know (old ladies can’t resist fat baby cheeks, apparently) and he got scared and started sobbing with big fat tears rolling down his cheeks. DH and I had to take him outside to calm down, and then he was happy again. The baptism is luckily early in the service. He was really good, and just sat in my arms looking at everyone while we were up near the baptismal font, and there is a part where the pastor blesses his eyes, mouth, heart, hands, feet, etc., by saying a little prayer about the good works he can do with each and making the sign of the cross. Everytime the pastor made the sign of the cross Nate reached out and tried to hold his (the pastor’s) fingers. It was really cute. Then the pastor took him and put the water on his head and Nate had a very serious look on his face, like he was trying to figure out why he was having 2 baths in one day, but didn’t cry. He also made it back to the pew before he pooped his pants (yep, through his clothes), so I had to go and change his outfit, but I was so relieved he waited until the baptism was over. He was happy at our house despite being passed around from person to person. He never cried, and took two naps upstairs while people were over. I was so busy I didn’t get to take any pictures so after everyone left I washed his clothes and put them back on and DH & I took photos of him in his little outfit on his baptism day to put in the pretty frame my cousin gave us. We also want to frame his baptismal certificate with the little towel that was used to pat his head dry and maybe I’ll put his little sockes in there, too. Or is it weird to frame socks?


Sheri~ you look beautiful! And you are so organized with everything!!! How was infant CPR class? For some reason, I was dying laughing during that class. I think it was the video that made me laugh hard!

Karen~ congrats on baptism! too cute that Nate waited to poop until he was baptized. what a good little man!

Carol~ I so know what you mean about going on vacation when it is too hot and you can’t catch a break. Now you need a vacation in a cooler spot! One year we went to Ixtapa, Mexico in JULY (the only time we could take older kids with us) and omg, it was so miserable. It was hot, humid and even the ocean was so warm, it wasn’t one tiny bit refreshing. I am glad Avery did very well!

Melissa~ your vacation sounds like fun. Welcome back!

AFM~ we went to Oregon coast for 2 nights with babies. Couldn’t have asked for better weather, it was just perfect!!! A bunch of my friends went as well and stayed at different houses. We shared a condo with my BFF. The girls did fine. I think I was stressed more than they were. They did eat or nap as well as they do at home but they did just fine at night. On Friday night, everyone came over and hung out on the deck at our condo which was great for us because they girls went down and we were free to party! I ended up pumping and dumping a LOT of milk but I had frozen stash that I brought with me. I had mixed feelings over it but then at the end, felt like I had fun and enjoyed my wine and my girls still had milk so all is good. We didn’t get to be on the beach as much but we had beautiful view off the deck while girls napped in the stroller. We carried them in baby carriers on the beach. Allison did better with naps than Juliet and when she was tired, she slept on the baby carrier. Juliet just wouldn’t sleep unless she was in the PNP or stroller or during car ride there and back. All in all, it was a good trip but next time we take a trip, I want to be done with breastfeeding because it was just an extra thing that was tying us down. I was planning on breastfeeding until 1 year and we were planning a trip to Mexico over Thanksgiving when the girls will be 10 months old and I thought I can continue breastfeeding. But nope, this trip was a good test and I am not going to be OK with pumping while on vacation for 10 days. So, we will either have to postpone our trip or I will have to give up breastfeeding by then. Tough decision… what would you do?

I also went to the doctor today. Main objective was to get my thyroid checked and to talk about anxiety meds. I thought my appt was at 9:30, had nanny come in early and went there. Well, it wasn’t until 2:30pm! There was no way I was leaving and coming back so they had me see physician’s assistance. I did get to say hi to my pcp but that’s about it. For now, they gave me another prescription for Xanax if I run out of it. She also suggested Paxil. Anyone heard of it or used it? I read mixed reviews online.

Juliet is having hard time with naps again and started waking up before Allison in the morning so she is getting much less sleep than her sister. Allison gave me a ‘nice’ reminder of what bedtime used to be like last night. Luckily, they were total angels at the beach because we were sharing a condo with my friends.