April IVF


Happy Friday ladies!

Lily: You go on so many trips! I am jealous. I’m glad you had a good time at the concert. My cousin was in love with Joey McIntyre when we were kids. She had a Joey bedspread & pillowcases.

Sam: Did you get the elephant romper from A Children’s Place? I had a gift card there and that’s what I ordered. When do you guys find out about the jobs? Would Jazz get to work better hours?

Jen: What a great article. That was really thoughtful what you did for your mil.

AFM: I have a confession. I brought Nate to work with me this morning so I could take him for his monthly session in that infant development study. I put him on the sofa in my office and turned my back for a second and he fell off. I am totally a terrible mother! Luckily the sofa is really low, only a foot up from the floor, and the floor is carpeted, so he didn’t go far or hit anything hard, but he has a bruise on his left eye lid and I feel terrible! He is fine and doesn’t seem bothered by it, but I just feel rotten. He only cried for about a minute because he got startled, but everyone in the office heard it and came running so they all know what I did.


Thanks for the compiments!

Karen - Don’t beat yourself up! I’ve done it. I put my older DD on the boat seat and she fell off and bonked her head. It was awful. They are so quick!


Lily, wow sounds like you had a great time and now onto Vegas wooohooooo!!! never been but want to go so badly!

Sam, aww i hope the jobs work out for you guys that would be so great! Hows the new house?

Jen, how amazing that worked out for your mil because of you how great! I hope things work for you too on the job front, hopefully the next project wont be so stressful

Nat, Candi, Sara, Rosie, Sheri, Kristin, Mckenna, how are you girls???

Sara, happy birthday!!! how was your vacation btw?
anything on the adoption process yet?

Karen, aww i know you feel guilty but it happens to every mom these babes are so quick its gonna happen eventually!

Weekend is ok, some drama in my family which kinda rose my anxiety…my bil was hospitalized last week for depression/bipolar and it made me so upset. I saw him yesterday at family cookout and he looked good but it still made me so sad for him. I understand how hes feeling so it brought up alot of emotions in me which of course made me anxious! Hes had such a horrific life growing up in Ireland and I learned of some of things he went thru and it was very disturbing, so many things effect me that I wish it wouldnt ugh. Anyway, thats all im thinking about now is him so its bumming me out.

I"m also wondering if i’m a nut for wanting another baby so quickly. If I wasnt 40 I would definitely wait but now im questioning should I want more kids…its almost why rock the boat, am i being selfish?



So yesterday DH comes home from work and we were just talking about random family stuff. His great Uncle passed away yesterday. He and his wife gave Jack and I the wine glasses they used at their wedding 53 years ago and we used them at our wedding as well. So it’s really sad that he’s gone.

I am not sure if you guys remember me telling you that DH’s sister has saved ALL of her baby stuff from her 4 kids. She has a ton of money so she only buys the best. Well, the other day she called DH and was like “I am saving this for when you guys are ready, BUT we want to do something with the room that it’s stored in. I am not sure how you guys would feel if I sent it to you now…and you can just keep it until you need it.” Dh wasn’t sure about how I would feel about it. He said that when she first said it to him he was thinking that he wasn’t sure if he could handle seeing all of the baby stuff around, but that he would bring it up to me and see what I thought. I told him that it would be difficult, but I would rather have it here then have her give it to charity. So then he says…“She also said something else” I was like what… He goes She said, “I would need you to pay me back, BUT, I would like to cut you a check to pay for your adoption”

OMG…you guys I immediately started crying so hard. So, I told him I would accept it in a heart beat, but we need to find out the stipulations. When will she need it back, how will the payment arrangements go, etc. So DH is going to talk to her more about it and if we feel comfortable accepting the money based on what she says…then she’s gonna send us a check… I am in such a whirlwind right now…I am not sure what to think. Excited, scared…like screaming, crying… This is the first instance since starting this journey where I feel like I can almost feel my baby in my arms.

:pray:let this work out.


Carol- i remember Candi saying before she just felt her family wasnt complete… I think you just feel that right?

Meli- Whooooooowhoooooooo im excited!!! What a nice thing from your SIL… Hope the arrangement sounds good and you move on to adoptions next step NOW!!! Omgggg im excited for you =)


Karen~ sorry about Nate falling. don’t feel bad, I am sure it happens a LOT. i am just waiting for it to happen to me. i have to get rid of all of our coffee/end tables because they have sharp legs that could take girls’ eyes out. and i found them roll up so close to those legs!!! you’re great Mom, no doubt about that.

Carol~ sorry that drama brought on some anxiety. I hope it goes away soon.

Samantha~ how does it feel being back at work? So cool that babies personalities are starting to shine. It just gets better and better with them. What is that you love about cloth diapers (other than they look super cute!)?

Lily~ you’re having so much fun, I love it! Good for you for not googling about what your RE is doing. Your cycle will be great. I can’t believe it is just around the corner!!!

Melissa~ I would take baby stuff from your SIL. I had some baby stuff from DP’s sister way before we even started IF treatments. She offered and I took it. There were days I wanted to throw it all out but I didn’t and so glad that I didn’t. I never looked through the bags until I was very pregnant. Some stuff had to go to Goodwill, the other we used all the time. And it is awesome on the loan, assuming that her terms are acceptable to you. I can’t wait to hear more details.

AFM~ some days are better and some are terrible. Girls are doing great so I don’t understand it. I keep waiting for bad days to not come back… I had a visit from my ex-in-laws yesterday. They are wonderful people (and I still have their last name) and I love them very much. They’ve helped me the most when I was young and without real family in US. They used to live in Portland area but moved to NE Washington years ago. They are in town for their daughter’s weeding which will be on Tuesday. We are invited but I am not sure we can make it because it is at 6:30pm and girls’ bedtime is very close to that. I wouldn’t mind them staying up a little later but just don’t want to deal with fussiness all around. Their daughter is marrying her girlfriend so it is not legal in OR but it is in their hearts and we all support them. We also invited to BBQ to my BFF’s house tomorrow. So lots of things going on but I keep getting into this pissy mood that I can’t shake off.


Mel, omg thats amazing im so happy for you!!! Its wonderful how things can change in a minute wow:) I hope her terms are reasonable so you can start the process to getting your little baby!!

Nat, im sorry you’re having some bad days, you all know I have them to too its frustrating. I had to take an ativan at 3 am last night because I woke up and started thinking and thats not good for me. If having a hard day i would take half of a xanax to help, it wont make you super dopey like it did before (i think the wine contributed lol) it does help take the edge off when you need it. When does your mom leave?


Happy 4th of July!!!

Carol~ my Mom is leaving July 17th. Same days I simply cannot wait because she gets on my nerves so badly but other days I realize that I will miss her. My Xanax is 1mg each. A friend of mine who takes Xanax semi-regularly said her pills are 0.5mg each. Plus a glass of wine so yeah… I was knocked ou.


Mel- I am :pray: ing for you Sweetie!!! This made my day!


[B]Hi Ladies!! I have missed you and hope you had a great 4th of July!!![/B]

[B]Melissa:[/B] Wahoo!!! That is amazing news… OMG, that is better than amazing!! I would take the loan and pay back what ever, because like us (we are strapped and happy to be done) you will pay it back eventually! So, I would go for it and be thankful that it was not a bank that I had to pay interest too. It is so fantastic, and I will hope and pray it comes through for you!!! You deserve it!!

[B]Natasha:[/B] I have only used xanax for surgeries and it is yucky. I feel loopy. Two of my family use Wellbutrin and the other it the one McKenna uses. The are light and not massively effected by alcohol. My DH and daughter find it helps alot to get over stress and the blues. My DH’s is seasonal, but my DD’s is stress related. I would talk to someone about getting a more a different drug. I am glad to hear the nanny is working out. I can’t wait to hear how she does when you Mom is gone. I know you will miss her and enjoy your freedom…

[B]Sheri:[/B] Girl, you look good!! I swear I am going to be huge (like killer whale size!). You look fantastic and now you are almost ready. I can’t believe how close you are to finished. Next Month!!! How are you feeling. I think I should get my room ready sometime in August. After school starts, but before we get crazy busy. I have never set one up that early, but 2 months is not horrible. I will still have to buy clothes and all the other necessities (I have none!) I have seen the name Elin a few times, and it just stuck. I am struggling with a middle name… I guess I may have to look up some names. Have you decided on your sons name? Did you tell and I completely forget?? Are you using family names? I love picking, but my DH will throw out many of them. He wanted Renee last night and I threw it out. So, I guess we both do it!! Decisions… Decisions!!

[B]Kristin:[/B] I bet you placenta is moving as we speak!! You will have that beautiful natural birth… I bet you will be excited for your 32 week u/s. You will be fine, most move. So, have you started buying fun stuff?? I have bought nothing, but today I am buying a crib!! Names are so difficult. We can not decide on a middle name. I love middle names to be after family members. I love yours… Little M has Danielle after my DH’s middle name Daniel. Big M’s is my middle name, and Z’s is my sisters first name. I think first names are harder!! They are a labor of love… and we have until the last minute!! I think we are set, but DH could throw out something and it could change. I think it is fun trying to find one!

[B]Rosie:[/B] I am glad your uterus is happy and ready for baby!!! I can’t believe you will be starting soon!! Are you mentally ready for the excitement? You and your uterus can do this… You will make it to the end!!! I can’t wait to hear how everything goes!!! Your DD rocked at school… you are so lucky!! Once mine started high school, she is just average. She loves to have fun (not sure where she gets that from!!).

[B]LilY[/B]: You are a traveling woman!! I am glad you enjoying seeing the “boys”. Boy bands were such a fun thing… I bet they looked great grown up!!! Hahahahaha!!! I bet you will be ready to start a great cycle after your next trip. I have stopped bleeding and I feel really good. I can’t wait to hear about how your lining does… I bet it will be great since you will be using stims!!

[B]Karen:[/B] Nate did great at his baptisim and he is eating everything!!! I love it!!! I love my babies to fluffy and happy!! I bet your DH has enjoyed keeping the baby. I would be so jealous if my DH got to keep the baby (hahahaha!! It’s true, but one day would be nice!!) I hope you 3 are enjoiying all the summer fun!! And, each of mine have had a bonk on the head. My first rolled off the couch… I died!! I promise, he will not remember and he will be just fine. It is just awful for us!!!

[B]Carol:[/B] Girl, you did wicked good in the heat in Florida!! I normally go in the fall, during fall break. It is cooler and less packed. I know your DD loved performing, mine does too!! So, do you feel like you are missing one more little one. I have that the first year I have a baby. If it last after the first year, then I know it is real!! I was fine for a long time after the first, but the others… it drove me nuts!! Now, I know there will not be another. I could not handle the stress or the failure. So, 4 is going to be the perfect number! I think you should try the fun way, until you are ready to do IVF again. If mine was not out of pocket… I would have tried sooner!!

[B]Jazz/Sam[/B]: I hope you both get a new job!! You need something you love, when you have to go daily!! I am so excited that your little ones are all personality!! It is fun when they become all smiles, giggles and frowns (I call it pookie-pookie face). When they start to cry, it is cute. I know that is horrible, but I just love everything about babies.

[B]Kate:[/B] I hope you are resting and happy!!! Miss you and hope you are great!!!

[B]McKenna:[/B] Is your arm getting better? I am sure you are healing and have a really funny tan line!!!

[B]Jen:[/B] I loved the article, it made me cry. It was so touching that she found her mom. Did you have the discussion with your boss. Holy crap, it going to get busier and he going to expect more. You are working on vacation!! You are dedicated!!! My DH works to much and they know he will so they take advantage of him. He was in yesterday for 6 hours. It is crazy, but he feels like he must. So, I try to be supportive.

[SIZE=3][B]AFM:[/B][/SIZE] Did I miss somebody… Hmmmm!!! I have been doing great. We had a great fouth, filled with food and fun. My DH is starting to say, “Don’t we need to buy something?” Hahahahaha!! I have nothing!! I have not bought one thing. So, today I am buying our crib and bedding. I will need to look at crib mattresses sometime, but I am picky. I hate vinyl (they make a crunchy noise when they roll over), so I have to go feel every one. I figured I will get the crib, then work on the clothes & blankets in the last two months (Sept & Oct). I am having no showers, so I will pick up bouncy seats and bottles in those last three months. I only have 16 weeks left… I am so excited!!! It is enough time to get stuff done, but not rush. I am shooting for room, then bottles and accessories, then clothes. I have my 20 week appointment today. I feel good and can wait to starting ordering the crib and bedding. I went with a convertible crib and it is so pretty. I hope everyone had a happy 4th!!!


hi ladies!!!

mel: what an amazing offer!!! i’m so flippin’ excited for you! i can’t even imagine the elation you must be feeling.

happy: hahaha “pookie pookie face”. it’s extra funny cuz i dubbed harper “pookie bear” forever ago. we call crying “ugly face”. hahaha. glad you had a good 4th!

nat: they are super cute. we like not having to buy diapers every other week and i feel like i’m helping the environment. i’m a dork, but i like that.

carol: the new house is great. so much room and it feels like home. such a great feeling.

hi to everyone else!

AFU: babies are now sleeping through the night (6:30-5 or even 6). loving it!! the poor dogs were freaked out with all fireworks, but babies slept through everything. we cooked out all weekend (i made the best ribs evaaaaaaaaaah!!!). the only complaint i have about the new house is i think there may be mold in the ventilation. anyone have any experience getting rid of something like that (that doesn’t include spending 4000 for a professional)?

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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Candi – Thanks. That’s what I told DH… I don’t care what we have to do…we will pay her back. Saw the Jeep on facebook. What a lucky girl she is…. I cannot believe you’re 20 weeks already… WOW that went so quick. I am glad you’re doing so well, enjoying your pregnancy and getting excited for your new little girl. She will be just as beautiful as your others![/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Jazz – Elated is an understatement. I feel like I cannot get the sh!t eatin’ grin off my face!!! Yay for babies sleeping through the night. That’s awesome. You guys are doing so well. Those kiddos are lucky to have you.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]AFM - DH is talking to his sister today…. AHHHH. I wanna scream. I thought about it and I have quite a few friends that have adopted and they said they got ALL of the money back on their tax returns. Plus DH’s job gives him $2500 after a completed adoption and mine gives $5000… So that would go directly to her. We would be able to pay her off within a year of completing the adoption, which makes me super happy because 15K is a lot of money to owe someone. So, cross your fingers that the talk today goes wonderfully and we get a nice fat check in the mail in a couple weeks.[/SIZE][/FONT]


[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]AFM – Well, DH talked to his sister yesterday and she said she brought it up to her husband and he says…”whenever you’re dealing with family and money you might as well chalk it up as a gift because you’re never gonna see it again” Well, this is her own money that she has saved from when she used to work…and he is saying he is not going to ALLOW her to do this for us. However, she said to us that she doesn’t care what he says…it’s not going to hurt their finances and she is going to give us the money anyway so it will just have to be behind her husbands back. (they don’t really have a good relationship and to be honest should probably just divorce). She said that she cannot imagine not loaning us the money. So we have to get a little bit of information and she will be sending us a check. I will be forever indebted to her….and could never forget the kindness and selflessness that she is choosing to show. GOD IS GOOD. [/SIZE][/FONT]


Melissa - I am so excited for you! This is wonderful news and your SIL is so sweet! I hope everything works out and the process goes smoothly!

Jam- Yikes about the mold! I hope you find a solution so that it doesn’t cost so much.Glad you are getting settled and that the cuties are sleeping through the night! Can’t wait to hear about the jobs. I hope it all works out.

Candi, candi, candi! So good to hear from you. I am anxiously awaiting to hear about your u/s yesterday. How was your little pumpkin doing?

Nat - I wish the bad days would go away! How are the babies? Work?

Carol - How is the little Avery doing? Jess still has no teeth, but drools constantly and naws on her hands and toys.

Karen - How’s Nate?

AFM - We enjoyed the past few days. On Sunday, we went camping and saw all our old friends that we used to camp with a ton, but now only see once a year. Then Monday, we came home and my DH’s aunt and cousin returned from their trip to NM. We went out on our boat to watch the fireworks and then came home to our neighbors setting them off. On Tues, my DH and I went golfing. It was fantastic and I actually shot pretty well. My DD was playing kick the can with some of my friend’s kids at the lake and had a blast. I haven’t seen kids play that game in all my adult life. Anyway, she picked up a little attitude and has been rough the past two days (some of the kids are pre-teens). Oh well! I just wasn’t prepared for her to act 13 when she is only almost 4.



You are one HUGE step further of fulfilling your dream. Thank God for good people and your SIL… i cant beleive it!!!

Keep us posted on the adoption journey…


[B]Jazz/Sam:[/B] Congratulations on the babies sleeping through the night!!! You mommies rock!!! I felt like a new woman when I would get a good nights sleep occasionally!! I love Pookie Bear!! Your little ones are so happy in all of the pictures… they are amazing!!

[B]Melissa:[/B] Congrats!! I know it may stress the sister in law out a little, but she is doing such a wonderful selfless act. You two will be able to pay her a large portion upon getting your baby. I think it is a wonderful thing. You deserve a chance to start as soon as possible. I am glad that you have her to help you!!!

[B]Jen:[/B] I know… it seems like when family is in town, I can’t sneek away to post. Did you buy just newborn clothes or did you get some smaller? It is hard for me to imagine this baby not being huge. I know that at 36 weeks they will be smaller. So, I am not sure what to buy for clothes… My babies are normally toddlers when I give birth! This little one is 50% every time. So, it is normal size (or some other man’s… Hahahaha!!! Just teasing). Did yours have NICU time? They said it was not required if she is 36 weeks. But my last was 37 weeks and spent two days in the NICU. I am so excited about finally getting something for baby. Oh, and 4 going on 13 is normal around here. Mine all have the same maturity, so it does not matter if they are 16 or 3!! Hahahaha!! I am bad… Hehehe!! I love camping and boating, but it has been years. My DH wants a new boat. I keep telling him that we need to pay off some of our debt, before we purchase another thing. I hope to hold him off a while!!

AFM: My appointment went great!! I have gained a total of 3 pounds and my BP was 100/70. So, it seems I am doing well and still have no bleeding. The baby is measuring 50% and is kicking all the time. I feel her all day now :woohoo: . So, I may be in for a wild child. I am getting excited, and feel like 16 weeks is not that long. I keep remembering how the 3 months of DH taking clomid, just flew by!! So, she will be here before I know it!! I bought the crib and bedding… I can’t wait to get it in and post pictures. I went with a white crib and pink/brown bedding (it will match my brown glide chair & ottoman). It finally feels so real!! The OB/Peri asked if I will be having any more children. They will do different cuts in my c-section, depending on my decision. I said “NO!” I am pretty darn sure that I could not handle the failures again. It was too hard on me this time. I love children, but my body is stubborn. I am just happy to have this child!! So, we are doing really good.


Candi - It sounds like everything is progressing well! Yay! Jess didn’t spend any time in the NICU. They did an amnio to test her lungs before they took here. And when she was born, she weighed 5lbs11oz, so she was heavy enough and not considered that much of a preemie. However, I did have preemie clothes (I had some leftover from DD (she was 5lbs2oz) and my mom bought some). I swear she only wore them for a couple weeks. She grew fast. My other DD wore them a little longer if I remember. When is your due date? I didn’t notice if you had a ticker. I need to pay more attention!


Yes He is!!! :clap:


I have no idea!!! :confused:


So… my uterus is doing it’s job. The only problem is today is CD1 and I haven’t figured out the financial part yet. I have issue with the bill they sent me and I’ve been trying to get it sorted out. I will speak to the financial chick today after numerous nasty emails and messages. I get like that when people threaten my dream!