April IVF


Hi ladies~

I am so glad to see posts here… like a dork, I was looking forward to reading them. I am working more these days. My nanny called yesterday (I had yesterday off so gave it off to her as well) and mentioned something to my Mom about another job. So waiting for her to get here today. Kind of irritated already because she was supposed to be here at 11am and called and said that her neighbor stopped by so she will be an hour late. Well, I needed kids fed at 11am and then shortly after put to bed. By noon, they will be asleep already and I don’t need her. So I asked her to come in at 1:30. I shall see what she has to tell me today but I have a feeling that I don’t have a nanny anymore.

My Juliet is so awful around people she does not know. She just screams and now even if we are holding her. We went to friend’s house on 4th and she had two MAJOR meltdowns. Not sure what to do with her and that’s what worries me most about daycare situation. I didn’t really need nanny all month of June but I paid her to come anyways so girls could get used to her and they have.

I’ll have to come back later… meetings and I actually have to get some stuff done.


Jazz~ congratulations on babies STTN! It is a huge accomplishment. What did you do that worked for them or did they just do it? Juliet has been sleeping through the night for a while now but Allison still does not. And last few nights, she wants to play after she eats. At least before she would just go back to sleep right away and last couple of times, she talks and talks and talks (and we ignore, ignore, ignore).


yep, nanny mumbles something about unemployment office and said that is best that we find new care for our girls because sooner or later she will have to take a real job. why she took this job, beats me!!! and she contact me, saying she really needs a job. i think she might have realized that with my mom leaving, she will be way over her head with the girls. arghhhh!!!


That sucks! You will find a much better babysitter, too bad you wasted your money on her for a month when she wasn’t even needed!


Rosie~ yep, it was a waste of money but most importantly TIME!!! I could have been looking for someone else during that month. Now I have less than 2 weeks before my Mom leaves and I have NO daycare!


I hope it all works out!


Nat - Crap! That is horrible about your nanny, but I believe it might be a blessing. You may find one that is just wonderful!

Rosie - Yay! You are ready to go. Stupid financials always get in the way. I hope it gets cleared up so nothing stands in the way of your dream.

Lily - How are you? You are probably in Vegas. HOpe you are having a blast!

Mckenna - How are the kiddos? Potty training? Are you busy working?


Hello Jennnn!!

Im still here in town… Im leaving to Vegas next week. Now im working on a baby shower cake that I have to deliver tomorrow, and some brownies for the same event.

On saturday I have a wedding cake to deliver, so Im busy with work, thats good! ha ha ha

Im having a hard time with this cake toppers… hope they turn out fine, Ill post pics on FB for you to see…


[quote=MommyAgain]Nat - Crap! That is horrible about your nanny, but I believe it might be a blessing. You may find one that is just wonderful!

Rosie - Yay! You are ready to go. Stupid financials always get in the way. I hope it gets cleared up so nothing stands in the way of your dream.

Lily - How are you? You are probably in Vegas. HOpe you are having a blast!

Mckenna - How are the kiddos? Potty training? Are you busy working?[/quote]


Lily - You are so busy! I will have to check out your pictures. Vegas is just around the corner. My DH and I have a place near there, but we have a renter in there. Some day we are going to just bump into each other. Still planning on Dallas, Houston in Oct 6-11.

Nat - Thinking about you. Any news on the nanny front?

AFM - Nothing new really. Getting ready for a block party this weekend. Finally starting to enjoy the summer.


Jen~ I’ve been looking at care.com for nannies and craigslist. I hope I find someone soon because this is driving me nuts!!! Block party sounds like fun. Have you lived in the same neighborhood for a while?

Carol~ I saw pictures of Avery floating in bath tub on FB. What is she floating in? My DP made a floatie for girls and Allison went in first and it came undone and she dipped her face into the water (he was in the bathtub with her and I was right next to her). Both girls loved floating in the bathtub, just loved it.


Nat~ I am sorry to hear about all of your nanny troubles. I really hope you can find someone dependable and that you feel you can trust before your mom leaves.

Mel~I am so excited for you and your SIL must be a wonderful, generous person. I can’t wait to hear what is next for you and DH.

Carol~adorable photos on FB of Avery!

Rosie~Did you get everything cleared up with the financial crud?

Candi~I am so glad to hear everything is going so much smoother for you. How fun that you bought a crib. I can’t wait to see it when you get it. We have decided to use a bassinett when the baby is born because we are limited on space. Then my sister has a crib for us when baby gets a little bigger.

Sheri~I want to know what is all going on with you and your little guy. Is he kicking hard? I still get little kicks but they are quite a bit more often during the day than before.

Jen~Wow you had tiny babies. I would like a tiny baby, but the size of babies my DH has had makes me nervous.

Karen~ You need to get on facebook, you are missing out on all of the fun with us over there.

AFM~I am pretty excited for next week. Monday is my last monthy visit to see midwife and then I go every 2 weeks. On Tuesday I am having my first baby shower with my co-workers. Three months from yesterday until my due date!


Karen- where r u??? Dont you wanna get a Facebook account?? Mckenna just did a nice private group for us there!!! Its easier to share pics and post and its private =)


[SIZE=6]KAREN!!![/SIZE][SIZE=2] (This is me yelling at you)[/SIZE][SIZE=5] You have to go to FB and create a fake account or something. Like Lily said, I created a nice,private group over there and it’s so much easier to reply to people, share pics, etc. We really, really, really, need you over there! We are all going to peer pressure you till you do it! :)[/SIZE]


AAAUGH! PEER PRESSURE! I won’t cave! But maybe my cat will agree to be on Facebook and let me use it. I’ll ask her.


Karen~Your cat said it would be ok, but just to be with your IF friends!!


My friend who just went through IVF had her beta a week ago but didn,t tell me the results. At first when she didn’t call I figured it was negative, but now I’m not sure. She got pregnant once a couple of yerars ago, but the ultrasound showed a very slow heartbeat and by a week later the heart had stopped. So her beta might have been positive but she might not want to tell me until she has had an ultrasound with a good heartbeat. I really want to know, but I know I can’t call her and ask if she doesn’t want to talk about it.


[SIZE=5]KAREN… DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT… Kitty says it’s ok[/SIZE]


Karen, I also vowed that I would never join fb and look @ me now. I won’t pressure you like the other pushy ladies on here but I will encourage you to tell that cat to hurry the heck up and join already so you can share hte account. I hate it when pets procrastinate!

Kristin- I’m working on it. I should know by the end of next week what will be. If I do proceed w/ the cycle I will have transfer the week of 8/29. I’m just leaving it all in God’s hands. I refuse to stress! If it’s God’s will it will come to pass :pray: .

Have a great weekend ladies!


[B]Karen:[/B] we refuse to let you go!! So, get kitty on board and get over there ASAP!! We have been together since Feb of 2010… And we aren’t complete with out you!!! Bring on Kitty!!! Oh, and I would contact your friend and tell her that you are thinking of her. She may not spill the beans, but she will know you care!! Hurry over to FB!!!


karen: peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer pressure!!! extra pushy tone