I was doing some research and couldn’t find anything about a shared risk program in NYC but I found a program called ARC. It’s a loan program where you can borrow money money to finance IVF. you can borrow $20k starting at 8% or $40k starting at 3%.

They also have a group of IVF clinics with varying prices but most of them contain the following:

$11900 1 fresh cycle 1 frozen cycle IVF, does not include meds but they have a pharmacy deal to get discounted meds.

$20k same but 2 fresh and 2 frozen cycles.

$30k same but 3 fresh and 3 frozen cycles.

With the $30k plan, they have an option like the shared risk program where you pay an additional $3k and if you don’t get pregnant within the 6 cycles, you get 70% of the money back.