Are there symptoms with a successful IUI?


I am 3dpIUI and feeling a dull pain in my lower abdomen. This is my first IUI, with clomid, no progesterone. So I’m not sure what to expect but hoping and praying that it leads to a :bfp: …did anyone have similar symptoms and then have a successful IUI! Wishing all the ladies lots of luck! :pray:


I don’t have a success story but I’m in the same boat as you…I am 2dpiui and ever since the IUI I have had cramping and “twinges”. It’s strange bc this is my 2nd IUI and I had no pain at all after the first one(BFN). So i’m hoping its a good sign :pray:
It may depend on your follies too…with my first IUI i had 1 mature follie and with this IUI i had 4!
Good luck to you!:bsv:


Any cycle with medication is hard to judge…you never know if it is the meds or truly symptoms! I can say from experience the meds really play with your head. I’ve learned to deal by reminding myself that the majority if women experience NO symptoms until their missed period…so basically, the symptoms are side effects of the meds until proven otherwise. I know you don’t want to hear that but again from experience, symptom spotting can mess with your head pretty bad. It’s hard, but find patience and try to stay busy. Best of luck to both of you and :cross: you get your :bfp: . Join the 2ww thread for extra support, there are some wonderful women here!!


Good luck on your cycle!! I would say that anything like that that you feel prior to 5-6dpIUI is likely cramping from ovulation, especially in cases of multiple follicles. My RE explained that after ovulation the follicles fill back up with fluid and cause lots of twinges and cramps.

I’m one that feels I have usually felt symptoms that are different with BFP cycles but not until after implantation (usually between 6-10dpIUI). I will say some of the symptoms I thought were “different” with my first BFP fooled me when TTC#2 and I got my hopes up a couple of times because of them. The only for sure symptom I’ve ever had was implantation spotting. I have only had it with BFPs, but not many women have it so don’t count yourself out if you don’t have it. The only symptom I had with my 2nd BFP was no symptoms at all so every pregnancy varies for symptoms too.

Best of luck!! :babydust: :bsv: :babydust:


I had these twinges, cramps and backaches the last day as well. I never had these with my last 2 IUI’s so I was guessing what Kris had confirmed - that it’s from multiple follies, instead of the one. Hope you get a :bfp:


I always have twinges and very mild cramps right after IUI-I think it is from exactly what Kris said, ovulation.
With my 1 and only BFP I started getting sore nipples and breast as well as mid-day fatigue around 10dpiui. Other than that I had no other symptoms.


How do I find the 2ww forum? I am new to this site and find it a little confusing and can’t find the forum. Thanks!



After each IUI I feel some mild cramping for a about a day. Hope the best for you! :pray: