Are these BFPs?!? They are not getting darker?


Can someone share if they have had an experience like this? Got my first bfp monday 5dp5dt :clap: (the test on top SEE ATTACHMENT), the line was light pink and much more faint than control line, yesterday 6dp5dt (2nd test from top) it looked about the same. Tested again this morning @ 6am then 9 am, so i am 7dp5dt and still not darker they even look a little thiner to me? (bottom 2 tests) What do u guys think, bfps even though they arent super dark, and should they be getting darker by now?? Im scared that means it wont stick :confused: I KNOW i am such a worrier, i just want this little baby to stick so bad!:pray: BETA not till Saturday am. Any advice or past experience will be sooo appreciated! The pic doesnt do the tests much justice, i tried my best with my phone. (Also added a 2nd pic todays last test)


they kind of look darker to me.


so do they count as bfp’s even tho not super dark?


Yes, any line, faint or dark counts as a BFP. I thought they got darker as well, but it’s hard to tell in pictures. I hope you get a great beta #!


[FONT=“Century Gothic”][SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“Purple”]I think you last test looks darker than all of them. Congrats!:cheer: A line is a positive![/SIZE][/FONT]


A line is a line. Those tests are meant to be qualitative, not quantitative. Unless you could strictly control the dilution of your urine and the dye content of the test, you can’t really rely on the darkness of the line to show anything meaningful. Although they do look like they’re darkening to me.



A line is a line, you’re pregnant! You have to remember though, your HCG level is probably pretty low right now, and it is supposed to be. So from 5dpt to 6dpt I don’t think you’d necessarily see a giant difference in darkness. Now comparing 5dpt to 8 day or something I think you’d see a difference. Remember HCG doubling time is supposed to be around 48 hours…

With my ectopic my first beta was 74, and I would say on the FRER the test line was still lighter than the control, and by the time of my second beta which came in at over 300, the lines were closer to the same color for a point of reference.

Hope and pray this one stick, and congrats again!


My tests look like yours!!!

I took an el cheapo HPT at 4dp5dt and it was neg. Threw it away.

Took a FRER 5dp5dt. Negative. Put it back in box.

Another FRER 6dp5dt. Negative. Squinted my eyes, as I thought there could possibly be a line. After 30 min, nada. Put it back in box. That afternoon, something made me take a second look. That morning’s test, FAINTEST line. 5dp5dt test, FAINT line, as well. WHAT?! Both had been viewed after the “10 minute” window. So, I had to wait until today :frowning:

This morning (7dp5dt), faint, faint line appeared within 5 minutes!!! And it was the palest of pinks (like yours), not grey, not clear! I knew it must be true! I’m :preg: !!!

I took another one this afternoon. Same thing as this morning, faint line within 5 min. All of my tests, since 5dp5dt, look the same color. The only difference is that it is taking less time for them to turn. I am with you… I am expecting them to start getting darker, as well??? My beta isn’t until Tuesday (12dp5dt), so keep us updated on your results!!!