Are you eligible for IVF?


Who is the right candidate for IVF?

Ivf is helpful in treating many conditions and helpful for many couples suffering from:

  • Couples who have not got any success even after 6 months of trying.

  • Couples, who after a year and half of trying do not get pregnant naturally, conceive after going through IVF. Women have had a successful pregnancy after IVF, either with her own eggs or donor ones

  • Women who have been unsuccessful in other methods of fertility.

  • If someone has blocked, injured or no fallopian tubes. The process is a huge success as compared to other methods
    endometriosis. IVF is a boon for patients suffering from this disorder.

  • IVF is considered a potent treatment for PCOS.

  • Low sperm count in males, or problems in quality of sperm

  • Eggs not healthy. With the aid of surrogates and donors, this is possible.

Hence We can see that IVF is a boon for anyone suffering from fertility related issues. there are many IVF Centre, where you can get yourself checked, in order to get rid of all your problems and also for having a baby.


Thank you for sharing this. Just wanted to say that I’m very wary of clinics that use ICSI unnecessarily. There isn’t an evidence base for it to be used outside of male fertility issues. ICSI involves visual appraisal of sperms to choose the ‘best’ sperm. It requires expert selection. Nature has its own expert selection process. There’s no need to interfere with it unless there is an issue with sperm. So that’s the huge factor for me. Then one should check the clinic’s live birth rates. (Not success rates!!) Then, from my own experience, you should feel comfortable with the place you’ve been treated in. Having docs and nurses supportive and understanding definitely helps in the long run!! And if there’s even a single thing which makes you doubt about using the clinic, it’s always better to think things over and probably look for some other place. Here’s some of my background. I was 40 yrs young when we came into terms with the issues. Dh - 42. Got married in 2013, ttc since 2014. The issue was in me. Dx - pcos, blocked fallopian tubes. IVF 1&2 2015 -failed. Took a long break from treatments to recover emotionally. Dr felt it would be helpful to pass PGD testing as I faced mc, Plus the dr suspected me to be the carrier of Wilson disease - a very rare treatable disorder. Thankfully it was not proved. So then it went like If plan A fails - there are 25 other letters in the alphabet. So we went on with IVF, this time using donor egg. We passed treatments overseas at bio texcom, ukraine. Got success from shot#2 resulting in a beautiful baby girl. Looking back I can say without hesitation it was the best choice made ever. Guys had been always professional and just amazing people. May God bless them all.


Hi there. I’m among those who’ve been challenged to pass the way:smirk:. thought I need to share some of my background. Me 40; DH 45. DX - PCOS, endo, one ovary and tube; MFI. Oct 2008: Mike is here! 7lbs 14oz, 20.75 inches; C-Section.
TTC #2 since Sept 2015. BFN= 3 IVFs. IVF#4 – early mc @6w4d, June 2018. Last IVF #5 (5dt of two 2AA blasts) – BFP!!
Beta #1, 11dp5dt= 295.
Beta #2, 13dp5dt= 825 (doubling time of 32 hours!); progesterone 130.
Last time we were using donor eggs at Ukrainian clinic bio texcom. Quite far away from home. But the clinic is doing its best to make our say with them comfortable and the most effective. I’m currently waiting for the 7 wks scan.