Army wife tired of seeing prego chicks EVERYWHERE!!!


Everyone around me seems to be swimming in baby dust. My hubby is Army and we are stationed in K-Town Germany. It seems that every time I turn around a new soldier is showing up with a prego wife or little ones and I am asked to show her around, driver her here or there, it takes a bit to get a DL over here, or they need a sitter so lets ask the infertile one :grr:. The newest Sgt. in my hubby’s platoon just asked me to throw his wife a baby shower, they got married on a whim - after he cheated just because it was already paid for and why not then decided to try for kids, yep she got prego the day she got here!!! Seriously… ??? And I’ve been trying for over 6 years, more like 10, NEVER taken BC or used contraceptive devices at all!!! And our friends tell us we’re the lucky ones for not having kids… frustrating at how they take what comes to them so easily for granted! Hubby can’t understand why I don’t want to be around them but I tear up every time I see them… out of jealousy which is horrible but why should I continue to put myself through this? Is it wrong that I avoid all the prego people or the ones with babies? For my sanity I think not! Sorry had to vent!

Much love and baby dust to you all!


Hey Kristin,

i know the feeling! In the last year, i went to more baby showers than ever in my life! Every women’s pregnant and i hate it! the worth was when i had to organize my sister-in-law’s baby shower and the whole family was giving me wishes for me to get pregnant soon! i thought i was going to commit a murder!

[FONT=Verdana]Look, there’s no remedy to the way we feel because what we feel is only human! We want to be mothers so bad that it becomes uncontrollable. I think you should stop driving everyone around and take care of yourself first, mentally and physically.[/FONT]
Have you started any kind of treatments?



I feel the exact same way, and I feel bad for feeling this way too. In fact, just last night I received a thank you note from a friend for a baby shower gift and I made my husband hide it from me because it would upset me to read it! How horrible is that? This couple told us last December that they were not going to be trying anytime soon, and then we find out that she got pregnant in March. They said they were not trying but not protecting… Hmph. Then a few weeks later we found out our 22 year old niece was pregnant.

The only thing I know to do is to hide from all of this, which I know is not healthy. Anytime I see pictures of nurseries or bellies, I go into a bad funk.

Anyone have any good advice on how to deal with this?


Thanks ladies! I think the worst part about all of this is that I am the oldest child out of all my cousins and the only one to not have kids. One of my sisters has 4 and the other, 6 yrs younger then me has 2, then my cousin who is barely 19 already has THREE WTH??? She is doing great and a great mom but seriously? DH sister has 3, one of which she gave up for adoption. My thoughts are okay so you all have so many why don’t you send one this way? The hardest part is when they tell us we don’t need to have kids because we live the “single” life, going out, traveling and such… ummm… do they not understand we would give it all up in a heart beat!


me too

I am new here… but I actually went looking for this site because I am starting to have all these same feelings.

I already have a daughter. She is 14. For the past 3 1/2 years I have been waiting to become pregnant again. I thought, I already have one, another will surely come.

Within this time my cousin (who was 36 at the time) came up preggers with her 5th, my cousins daughters, my BF brothers, nieces and nephews.

Yes I am starting to get the sad, mad, and depressed feelings.

Baby showers, birthday parties, baptismals, Christmases, Halloweens… and the worst of all? My BF’s mother constantly asking when am I going to give her a grand baby from her son!

I know that I have PCOS. And I am trying to lose weight… but now I am seriously looking into buying medication online. I can’t afford all the tests for my blood work, for his semen count etc…

I just want to get pregnant. :mad:


I know how you feel!!!
I see pregnant women everywhere too. And it seems like everyone else can get pregnant when they want. Its heart breaking! Please remember you are not alone and vent whenever you need to. We are all going through the same thing.
:babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


cannot agree more

I cannot say how angry I get when I get at people’s insensitivity. I recently saw a movie which said, (a bit overdramatic, but still sadly true) " people with children do not understand the exquisite and intense sense of loss a childless woman feels"
I am done with baby showers and buying people gifts and asked to touch people bellies or show intense happiness at their incredible families…Being with people does not help the intense lonliness I feel in my life,:grr: rather people and their self involved lives actually highlights and exacerbates my lonliness. god this all sounds so bitter and i was never this way.

I am sorry about all you people like me…hope the new year brings us all luck! .:flower:

(been trying for over three years with one miscarriage a few months ago…a failed IUI and one to come in a few days)


I completely understand

I know exactly how you feel. I’m an army wife in VA and everyone I know is pregnant. My friend here just found out she is pregnant a few weeks ago. She didn’t want to tell me which kind of hurt my feelings a little more than her just coming right out and saying it. She tried for 2 months and complained about not getting pregnant after the first month. She has now made a new BF because they are pregnant together.
I know here, it’s like everyone by my age has at least one baby, especially in this life style. I just get really mad/depressed/sad because I really want one and I just can’t have a baby. After 2 years it’s just not happening. It just really hurts to see everyone around you pregnant and you unable to be. I completely understand how you feel. :grouphug: