Article on Public Banking of Cord Blood


When I was pregnant, it seemed like I got so many ads for banking cord blood for my child. I was trying to be a “good” parent so I looked into it and realized that it would cost a couple of thousand dollars at collection and a few hundred every year after that. Initially, I wanted to do it for our baby…to protect her, but I started to become sceptical when I looked at the literature that was being distributed by the companies. While cord blood could be used to treat a number of genetic diseases, it needed to come from a healthy baby. In many/most cases, the baby’s stem cells wouldn’t be appropriate for treatment of that child if she/he had a problem. If the child were health, they would work for someone else who was sick. Once we rejected a private collection, I tried to look for a public bank, but they didn’t have one in my area (Philadelphia). On that note, we opted to not to bank our baby’s cord blood. To be honest, I felt guilty that I wasn’t doing everything that I could for our peanut even though I intellectually thought it was the right answer.

Yesterday, CNN posted an article on the use of cord blood and public banks versus private banking. It made me feel much better about our decision. I thought that you might find it an interesting read as you too see ads promoting private banking. If you decide not to do private banking and if you live in the right area, you might even think about donating to a public bank (CNN article), and that could save someone’s life!


Thanks for sharing, Kirstyloo!


My Godson is alive today thanks to a cord blood transplant to treat a rare genetic disorder. Public banking is such a great option…we donated our twins cord blood :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing that article! I wasn’t too familiar with public banking but it looks like such a great option! I thought it was interesting to notethat mothers with ratios could not publicly donate. I don’t have any tatoos but I know MANY people do so that cuts down on the amount of people that can donate. I wonder why? Anyways, thanks again for the info!


I donated my son’s cord blood here in Houston, TX. I’m an adult leukemia research nurse and cord blood is very valuable to our patients who do not have a stem cell match. Although cord blood transplants don’t work very well in most adults it does give them some hope and time to find a stem cell match. Cord blood transplants in kids have become very successful though.


The rules for the tatoos is that it has to be longer than 12 months since it was received. I was worried about this because I have a tatoo that I got over 15 years ago. :flower: