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A while back someone posted about their experience where they had been scheduled to do a D&C, but due to traveling plans with family and such she didn’t have it done right away, then before they did the D&C there was another ultrasound that showed a live baby measuring about two weeks behind schedule. Anyhow the whole pregnancy she was told she was going to loss the baby and later she ended up giving birth to a healthy baby boy. Does anyone remember what I’m talking about or can the original poster please send me a link to her story. I want to share with my cousin who is having a difficult time at the moment with term oil about whether or not she is pregnant and whether or not she will miss carry. She too is having slow measurements Thanks.


I remember it but I can’t find it. Hopefully someone else will remember the specifics and be able to locate it for you. Good luck to your cousin!


I seem to recall that it was a link to an article or blog post from elsewhere.


It was definitely a link to another site. I remember it too.


I also sort of remember that some guy posted in response to it about how he didn’t want a story like that to lead women with potentially life threatening ectopics to delay – but I can’t remember his name. And I might be remembering incorrectly all together.


Demien or Demian I think


Demian - But I can’t find the post. Maybe if someone can figure out the right search words.


Thanks guys, I did try to locate it on here before posting, but this forum didn’t go back far enough. I’m not worried about her having an ectopic, she’s had multiple ultrasounds and they are seeing the sac in the right place, just having other issues. It was a link to either an article or blog post (I’m leaning more towards the article thing though. Anyhow, maybe the original poster will see this :wink: here’s keeping my fingers crossed


looks like all the threads prior to July are gone? at least they don’t show in the forum and when I tried to pull all posts by Demian, they only go to the beginning of August. That’s disappointing.

Anyway, for your friend, I found this :


Hmm . . . . I was just doing searches with his user name and key words but couldn’t come up with the right combo. The threads shouldn’t be gone so let me see what I can find out.
Maybe if we keep talking about him long enough he will re-appear! :wink:

edited to add: I just messaged my boss to talk to Development and see what I can find out because that is very odd. The threads are intact so it is a glitch in the profiles I think.


on the main IVF page the threads only go to page 20, but it has to be a glitch, because my cycle thread was started in several months ago and the thread is still here. weird.


I actually remember something like that from a Due Date thread–I want to say it was, like, June or July, 2011 or maaaybe 2012. It was a woman on here who actually went through that. I’ll look around briefly and see if I can find it again.

EDIT: I found it! It’s not the article you’re talking about, but it was the June 2012 group and it was MaybeThisTime1017. That part of her story starts on page 5, here: [URL][/URL]