Asherman's syndrome


I have seen several signatures with the reference to Asherman’s syndrom and I have a few questions.

My dear friend was recently told she had this and is desperately trying to find a treatment for this. I told her I would ask here since I have seen a reference to this

Can any of share with me your experience so I can pass this along to her. Treatments, success stories, clinics. I know she will travel to where ever she needs to in find a solution and have a child of her own

Thanks! I really appreciate this.


I am really sorry that your friend is going through this. I have heard great things about Dr. Charles March at Calfornia Fertility Partners in LA. He does phone consults too. The advice I see again and again is do not let anyone operate unless she/he has extensive experience with Ashermans. There are a couple women in the over 40 forum who have been treated by him - you m


Dr. March is an “A” list doctor and one of the best doctors out there to treat Ashermans, I was treated by one of the other A listers his name is Dr. Olive and is in Wisconsin.
There is an ashermans support group under yahoo groups do a search for ashermans and you will find it. There you will find lists of doctors in different areas who treat ashermans. It was thanks to that group that I found Dr Olive, my uterus is scar free. Let your friend know that is so important to go to one of the specialists to treat AS. I wouldn’t let anyone else treat it because they could make it worse.


Thank you for the information. I’m going to share this with her and hopefully she can find some success. We all deserve that!