August 2012 Due Date Buddies


I keep checking to see if anyone else has been bold enough to start a thread for the August ladies…I almost feel like I’m tempting fate, but I thought I’d go for it!

I will be 5 weeks tomorrow, due date August 22 if all goes well. This was our first IVF attempt so I feel incredibly blessed & lucky, what a great Christmas present.

I’m awaiting my first ultrasound in 2 weeks…


Hi! I have also been waiting for an Aug Due Date thread, but was too nervous to start one myself. I am currently 7w2d and got to see the heartbeat last week…so exciting!! My due date is Aug. 5th and I’ll be having another u/s this Thursday. I’m extremely worried that I won’t see the heartbeat again, but I do know that so far everything has looked perfect. I just get too nervous!

Yogaandshoes: good luck in your u/s wait…it seems like forever!


hello ladies and nice to meet u i’ve also been very scared to join a due date thread. i am soooo stuck on my nov. ivf thread that i almost feel bad for leaving my other ladies. but it would be ideal to discuss weight gain and symptoms with similiar due dates. i went in yesterday for my second ultrasound and baby measured 7 weeks 3 days… i am assuming i will be due august 2nd or so…

yoga- waiting for the 1st ultrasound for me was the worst even more than the 2ww… so welcome to ur second 2ww…

geneen- i am sure u will see and hear that little beans heart! 2 more days… mines seems like an eternity away i wont see my peanut till 12/29 =*(


[I]I’d love to join you ladies! :clap: [/I]

[I]I’m just barely preggo with #3. Had 2 beta’s this week (105 13dpER and 248 15dpER). Will get 2 more this week and possibly a scan to see the “bean” (which I’ve read is the size of a poppy seed right now) late next week.[/I]

[I]My EDD is something like Aug 26th, but I guess I’ll get a more accurate date once they do an u/s. [/I]

[I]Cautiously optomistic right now…but very hopeful this little guy/gal is sticky and healthy!!![/I]

MNJ - Great to meet you…congrats on your :preg: …how awesome that you’ve seen your little one 2 times already on u/s!

geneen - Wow, you have seen your babe’s heartbeat - that’s wonderful. Good luck with your next scan!

yogaandshoes - Thanks for starting a thread…I hope the next 2 weeks go by quickly for you!




MNJ - Thanks! I actually think my u/s will be the 29th, which I see is the same day as your 3rd u/s…looks like it’s a lucky day!:cheer:


Hi Ladies, may I join you?? :cheer: for all of us that finally made it to this point!! WE ARE :preg: !!

I will be 5 weeks on Friday and I’m VERY excited!! I had a high 1st beta of 689 at 12dp5dt so I feel confident this will be a good pregnancy:preg: EDD for now is Aug. 26th although I’m sure that will change at U/S which is 1/5/12!!! I can’t wait to see how many beans are in there!

abbydabby: Looks like for now we have the same EDD!! Congrats to you!


Hi everyone - so glad to have some company!

For you ladies who are already at 7 weeks - congrats! Just curious - how are you feeling? Any morning sickness yet?


Hi Ladies! I would love to join you also. You can see in my sig I have a 21 month old DD (also an IVF baby) and she is the light of our lives. We couldn’t wait to add another. Seeing what is possible through IVF motivated me a lot to keep at it through the next two cycles. Thankfully this one seems to be looking good…I only had 4 mature eggs this time (my worst response) but actually ended up with the best embryo quality yet so that was a huge blessing.

My clinic waits an insanely looooooong time for the first u/s. I am 6wks/3days right now and my u/s isn’t until the 27th (7wks/3days). I hate this wait!! I saw DD at 6wks/5days. Oh, well…thankfully Christmas is keeping us occupied.

I don’t have many symptoms yet, but I didn’t with my DD much either. I never did feel ill/sick to my stomach at all with her. Just tired. I feel about the same this time…I worried the whole first tri with her and am worrying now too, but trying my best not too. I am thinking that if I have two beans that I’d be sicker?? But who knows! One more week!

Happy to join you all and hope you are all doing great! Oh, I’m due Aug. 11th. Take care!


Hi ladies! im joining this thread too :cheer: I have basically the same timeline as yoga!! waiting for my 1st u/s jan 3rd. hopefully it will fly by with the holidays.

Is anyone feeling like there pants are fitting? mine are tight so either im eating like a cow (which could be true) or my belly is actually growing from a baby/ies. but im only just 5 weeks so i guess that would be a silly thought!


abbydaddy- awesome the 29th is around the corner and with xmas this weekend time should fly by… 8 more days =)

hoping4luck :welcome: =)

yoga- i am 7 weeks 5 day and i am having morning sickness almost every day all day dont know why they call it morning sickness it last all day… even though some days are wayyyyyy better than others… i am also absolutely exhausted most of the time… if i sit on the sofa for more than 20 mins i fall asleep lol…

hoping_again- :welcome: and congrats… how exciting… the 27th is almost there and as i said b4 with xmas this weekend it will be here before u know it… =-)

pitbulllover- :welcome: and i totally feel u on the pants part nothing fits me… we start having this problem way earlier than normal pregnancies due to our ovaries still being enlarged plus the embryo and a growing uterus… i am 7 weeks 5 days and urgh my pants are super uncomfortable.

have a great day ladies…


pitbullover & MNJ0901: I already broke down and bought “comfy” or “maternity” pants! I’ve been SO bloated since the transfer that I didn’t want to be uncomfortable. DH took me shopping :slight_smile:


AFM: Just trying to patient waiting for my next beta and then my U/S. I’m just DYING to know how many babies I have growing! We are hoping for twins but of course will take anything we can get :slight_smile:


hoping4luck- i too bought comfy pants not maternity just yet but i did buy some larger sizes and softer material…
the wait is terrible trust me i just went through it and though i hoenstly wanted twins i am grateful for my little peanut. the wait to know how many and see it/them is terrible it was the worst for me. the 2ww was not even half as bad. lol


Happy to join!

Hi everyone,

I’m glad this got started!My edd is Aug 20th. I’m almost 4 weeks. My last beta number was high and I’m just waiting for the results of my next one today. I had to wait a week between betas…why? I dunno. If they are supposed to double every 2 days, what are they supposed to do after 6 days? anyway, I am having tons of symptoms, and as much as I’m SOOOOO grateful and happy, I’m also weirded out that the symptoms are so extreme so fast!

I have: big very sore bbs, queasy feeling, cramps, bloated, tired and strange dreams. I’ve dreamed about sex, drugs and guns!
I was told not to have sex or orgasm until the heartbeat is seen via ultrasound.

Anyway! Talk to you all soon!:grouphug:



High Beta #s


I got the numbers today

22dp2dt 13,000

that’s high right? But that’s good right? No wonder I’m feeling so many symptoms!

Anyway:bsv:to all and love and congrats and let’s get through this together:woohoo::preg::clap::cheer:




Katie - Congrats on such a strong beta!!! A week between tests must be tough. I have many of the same symptoms as you.

Hoping4 - Keep us posted on your beta’s and your 1st U/S…:clap: Your first beta was excellent - and it’s nice to have an EDD buddy!:cheer:

pitbull- I am wearing all my “fat” pants. Dealing with a case of OHSS that’s making me literally look 4mo preggo. I hope the holidays keep you busy and FLY by as you await that first look at your little one on the 3rd!

hoping_again - Congrats…sorry you have to wait so long for that first scan. I actually don’t like early scans, because they’re stressful to me…the H/B can’t really be seen sometimes until later in the 6th week, and my clinic does a first scan in the 5th week…that week between those 2 scans is nerve wracking! Good luck with the wait!!!

yogaandshoes - no morning sickness here yet, but I’m only 5wks along (way too early for that).

AFM - Nothing new, same bloating and abdominal discomfort from the OHSS. I’ve had 3 beta’s so far…all looking good and doubling fine. My last beta is Friday morning. :cross:



I joined another August 2012 due date thread under “After Fertility Treatments” It’s not just IVF, lots of different experiences… I will join this one too :slight_smile: I am currently 6w2d and am feeling really great… I am worried that I am feeling a little too great… I am such a worrier at heart that I know I won’t be able to relax until the u/s, which isn’t until the 4, when I’ll be 8w3d… normally the clinic does it at 7w, but because of the holiday and such timing is off. At least there is a lot to do to keep busy…

I have been tired, sore boobs here and there, and discharge… oh and my skin has broken out in teenage style acne… lots of makeup over here! haha

Congrats to everyone… hope the good news continues!!!


bebe- :welcome:
i also saw that thread and noticed that it was a general due date buddy and not ivf… the good thing is that with all the holidays time will fly… =)


Bebe~ I felt great throughout my first PG with DD and worried the whole time. My RE told me I was silly…that he sees women all the time who feel great and it’s no indication at all about the health of the pregnancy. I am feeling the same way this time as well, and telling myself not to worry again. I know easier said than done…

Have a great weekend and happy holidays everyone! Will check in after our u/s on Tuesday!