August 2013 FET (Continuation of old thread)


Hi ladies, I don’t know about for everyone else, but for me our regular Aug 2013 thread will not load. But it seems like the threads with only a few posts load fine. So I thought I would try to start this as a continuation of our old folder. Maybe it will load easier??? It has been SO HARD not having this forum be reliable. Most of the time when I try to open it it simply spins and won’t load. SO frustrating!!!

Anyway, today is 4dp6dt. I am tempted to POAS. I know bookgirl said she was going to poas today, so I am dying to know, how did it go? i saw that you were the last to post in the other thread but i can’t open it to read your post!


That’s weird. I don’t have any issues with it loading. I’m on my phone most of the time and it still works. Maybe try clearing your cookies or something like that? Or try a new browser like Firefox?


Oh and book girl got a BFP!