August IUI buddies!


Didn’t see an August IUI post yet, so here we go!
Just a little background on myself… I’m 29 and have a 13 month old with the help of fertility treatments. We are starting Round 2 with new problems, but hoping the same treatment will work this time as well. I have never been diagnosed with any know condition. I test negative for everything, which is good and bad. I now have postpartum thyroditis, which is similar to hypothyroidism, but under control with meds. I also do not have periods or ovulate on my own since having my baby. I had my progesterone shot to jumpstart my period on July 15th and started my cycle today so IUI will be early August! Now join in with me!


Guess I will join in here. Wasn’t sure I was going to as I sometimes feel as if the forum makes me more crazy. But as this is our last try, why the heck not?

I am CD4 today. We are switching up protocol a bit this month. I’ve been doing Clomid CD3-7 but after looking at our successful December cycle, we are doing CD5-9 for this month. Hoping that egg quality will be better, even though the RE doesn’t think the cycle days matter for that. Anyways, here is our tentative schedule:

Clomid 150mg - CD5-9
OPKs CD9-13
8/2 - u/s (CD13)
8/2 or 8/3 - Ovidrel x2
8/3 or 8/4 - IUI

This is our last chance. Praying for a miracle for all of us.


Hi hopeless…
Welcome! just a question… why haven’t u guys done injections like follistim? Clomid worked for me in producing plenty of follicles, but follistim ended up working for me where clomid didn’t. just curious


Can I join?

Hi Mamma,

Thanks for the invite. To be honest, I’m pretty sure my IUI will most likely be early September instead but I would love to join your group!

A little about me. I have a wonderful 17 month old from round 2 of IUI back in 2011. At that time DH’s count was borderline normal but his motility and morphology was great. We had a SA about 2 weeks ago and the RE said it was his worse one ever. :frowning: It came back at 6 mil and only 22% motility. The RE wanted him to do another SA and I just got the call with those results. 13 mil and 26% motility. The RE says that would give us 1.4 mil :confused: I’m not really sure how they do the calculations. In any case RE is recommending IVF. He says the the minimum they want for IUI is 3 mil.

Well, we have no coverage for IVF so I told him that wasn’t an option. He says that we can go ahead and try with the IUI but he didn’t seem very optimistic.

I go in on Friday for my baseline and on next Wednesday for my HSG so I guess I’ll skip this cycle but I sooooo discouraged.

I wish you all the best of luck this go round and I just may be living vicariously through you all. :babydust:


Mamma – Unfortunately, our insurance doesn’t cover anything IF related. We’ve been lucky in that they have covered the clomid, ovidrel and the crinone. However, when it comes to anything other than that….nadda. So injectibles are out of the question at this point as we simply cannot afford them. Last month, I inquired about Femara and he said “not yet” because I am responding well to clomid. He isn’t concerned at this point that the clomid won’t work again. So here we are, emotionally and financially spent. We have enough money saved for one more try and that’s it. Sucks…

Fingers – You mentioned you are doing an HSG next week. Has AF already arrived this month? The reason I’m asking is because when I had my HSG done in November, we were able to try that month doing IUI. In fact, the RE encouraged it because it clears everything out and he sees many successes immediately following an HSG. His requirements though were to do the HSG after AF finished but well before possible ovulation. I’m not positive, but I often wonder if my HSG in November helped with our BFP in December. Maybe see if your RE will allow you to do an IUI this month too?


Question about FertilAid

Hi Hopeless,

I’m sorry the last cycle didn’t work out for you. I really hope this one is THE ONE.

Can I ask you a question about FertilAid. I see from your siggy that your DH has count/motility problems. How long has he been taking the supplement? Do you see a difference?


Unfortunately he says I am “sitting out” this cycle due to the testing. He wants to make sure everything is ok on my end. Today is actually CD1 for me so I’m having my HSG on CD8. I was really hoping to be able to do the IUI anyway but they don’t seem to be on board with that idea.


That sucks hopeless… There’s no other way to put it. I’m thankful that my insurance cover follistim for the most part. I’ve heard of people donating their unused meds but I don’t know how all that works… But if clomid worked for you once, just keep that head up and it might again. Do u do progesterone support after your iui?


Fingers – GAH! That is so frustrating that your RE won’t consider doing IUI this month after the HSG. The IUI can always be cancelled if something is not right with the HSG…but I sincerely hope everything is fine! There is no reason not to do the IUI anyways. I’m frustrated for you.

As for the Fertilaid, it’s difficult to say at this point. DH started taking it last month about a week before the IUI. His count did improve back to what it was in December, as it had been decreasing rapidly, but I am not sure that the Fertilaid had much to do with that. He was also increasing his water intake, eating healthier, wearing looser boxers and cooling down his showers (they use to be scalding). I wish I could give you a definitive yes or not, but we just aren’t sure. I ordered another bottle though and he’ll continue taking them. I guess the biggest test will be when we do the IUI this month as he will have been taking it for approximately 6 weeks at that point. I’m hoping it is working though!!!

Mamma – That is our hope…that it will work again. We’re switching CDs that I’m taking it because I’ve read it could make a difference in quality of eggs. CD3-7 gives more follies but of less quality whereas CD5-9 gives less follies but of higher quality…supposedly, of course. My RE doesn’t think so but said we could try it.

Yes, we have been using progesterone (crinone) after IUI since we started trying again in March. We didn’t in December and I often wonder if that would have prevented our m/c. Makes me angry to think it could have.

Ugh, I’m so irritated with our insurance coverage. The RE said we could do 2 triggers this month in case it didn’t make me ovulate….my concern, because of my weight. But the insurance will only cover one. I hate this…all states should be required to cover IF meds…and treatments. So tempted to move somewhere else.

Sorry, whine whine whine…


Boy do I have interesting news… Today was suppose to be cd1. I had brown spotting this morning and decided to go in bc I was off even though it wasn’t a full on period and tomorrow would have been hard for me to go. Anyways, the nurse called and said my hcg beta was 13.9. What?!? She considers that a very early positive pregnancy test. I have never been able to get pregnant on my own, so I was dumbfounded! I go back Friday for another beta praying it rises.



[QUOTE=MammaMEEEEa]Boy do I have interesting news… Today was suppose to be cd1. I had brown spotting this morning and decided to go in bc I was off even though it wasn’t a full on period and tomorrow would have been hard for me to go. Anyways, the nurse called and said my hcg beta was 13.9. What?!? She considers that a very early positive pregnancy test. I have never been able to get pregnant on my own, so I was dumbfounded! I go back Friday for another beta praying it rises.[/QUOTE]

OMG Mamma! You must have been so shocked! So wait a minute…fill me in on the rest of the details. Were uou going in for baseline today? I don’t know anything about the progesterone shot. Does it aid in ovulation or is it just used to start a period? Did you have a regular period before the baby?


I had a progesterone shot on June 17th to jumpstart my period (hadnt had one since my last progesterone shpt in february) and it started 4 days after that and then we decided to start treatments with the next cycle so I went in for the progesterone shot on July 15th. I had some spotting on Saturday and just a little today. I have no idea when I ovulated. Just praying it isn’t some fluke thing. I’ll find out Friday! Progesterone injections just make your period start. They won’t make you ovulate.


Yes, my baseline for treatment was this morning.


How exciting! :cross: for you. I’ve seen successful pregnancies with lower beta numbers so I hope they double on Friday.


I will let you know! Thank you.


Thought I’d join in. I’m taking the HCG tonight, and my IUI on Friday, so most of my two week wait will be in August. This is my second IUI, and last (hopefully due to a BFP!) but we will have been on this TTC journey for three years exactly in August so it’s time for a break! Don’t know when or where we will start back up again if this round doesn’t work…maybe one more IUI, but I doubt it as my doc told me if these two don’t work, it’s obviously a fertilization issue (love that she is honest with me, and not wasting my time or money…)
:bsv: for everyone!


Mamma – HOLY CRAP! I’m sending prayers, hopes and wishes your way. That is just so weird but, hopefully, great news! Did they do a beta before giving you the progesterone shot to make sure you weren’t pregnant, especially if it was being used to bring on AF? Do they have any idea when you might have ovulated given the details?

Keister – Here’s hoping we all have good luck this month as June and July were disasters.

AFM, I start clomid tonight. Bring on the crazy hormones, hot flashes and mood swings…poor DH.


Feeling- no clue when I ovulated and no real explanation on whether this is going to stick. I hope to get more answers tomorrow! Good luck with your clomid… I hated clomid. Wishing you the best!


Welcome keister! Hoping this cycle is your lucky one for you.

Hopeless - too bad about the side effects of the Clomid. I’ve heard some funny (and not so funny) stories about the joys of Clomid. My only experience was one cancelled cycle back in 2008 and I don’t remember if I had any side effects or not. I’m sure DH understands and hopefully he doesn’t hold anything you say or do against you, lol.

Mamma - good luck with your beta tomorrow. I’ll be thinking about you.

AFM - I go in for my baseline tomorrow and bloodwork. I’m really nervous that ghey are going to find that something has changed with me. I had a dream the other night that I had my HSG and the doc told me that I only had one tube. I’m obviously thinking about this waaayyyyy too much.


Well bloodwork is done and now I wait impatiently and pray! :cross::cross::cross:
They want to atleast see my number close to double seeing as its only been 48 hrs.

Best of luck to Keister on your IUI!